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Samsung Galaxy Cases

What customers have to say about our Samsung Galaxy Cases

August 6, 2017

Samsung Galaxycase...

"I love it but I made a mistake and ordered the wrong cover size. I have a Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge and I ordered a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge by mistake. And the 7 Edge is just a bit too long for the 6 Edge. I thought I had a Galaxy 7 Edge..."

July 30, 2017

Samsung galaxy S8+ phone case

"Love my custom phone case for my Samsung galaxy s8+"

July 30, 2017

Ok thanks

"I love my new phone case"

July 30, 2017

Love their phone case

"Bought this case for my son but have bought myself 2, one for my husband, and one for my mom. They fit perfectly and are perfect!"

March 9, 2015

Love it!!!

"I love the quality of the pictures and the item. Came out better than I expected. LOVE IT!!!"

About: Samsung Galaxy Cases

As the owner of a Samsung Galaxy 6, you waste no time showing off your new smartphone to your friends, family and anyone else who?s interested. After all, it?s so technologically advanced that you don?t have to use a computer or tablet when you go online. Your new phone is so sleek and thin that you want to do everything possible to protect it from drops, spills and other types of damage. When you order a custom Samsung galaxy case from Shutterfly, you gain the additional benefit of adding your own colors, photos, and messages to it so your phone reflects you.

Nothing is more interesting and stylish than having a personalized galaxy 6 case. Our cases do not interfere with your ability to charge your device. You can still charge it wirelessly without disturbing the finish or removing the case.

Amaze all of your friends and family with how well you keep your Samsung galaxy in great condition. Its style is enhanced in a way that doesn?t take away from its functionality or appeal. Whenever you whip out your phone to talk or use it, you?ll leave many admirers in your wake.

Pick your favorite colors and designs with our design studio and upload your photos to give your case its own personality that won?t be found or duplicated anywhere else. Make an extra custom Galaxy 6 to give to a family member or friend for their birthday, a special occasion or for no reason at all. No matter your reasons, a fully functional and stylish Samsung galaxy case that you designed is something that everyone will love.

Visit Shutterfly anytime you want to design more phone cases and other photo gifts for yourself and your family and friends. No matter how old your photos are, let us enhance them so you can use them again in a brand new way.