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Art Coasters

What customers have to say about our Coasters

January 17, 2019

Excellent Printed Quality

"I've been purchasing these with my artwork on them for the past 8 months now and have had no issues. EXCELLENT print quality and my customers love them."

October 31, 2018


"It is toooo pretty to be a coaster. I got these four small coasters but as soon as I saw the pictures with it, I don't want to use it anymore. LoL! It just too cute to use. Satisfied!"

August 28, 2018

Very Nice!

"Beautiful vivid colors on a nice substantial coaster. Excellent!"

August 16, 2018

Much better than Expected

"These turned out way better than expected. They are for gifts, and I do not expect them to be used as "coasters" so much as a memento, so I can't talk to the quality as a "coaster". I will say that the pictures came out way better than I thought- often when I get gifts with pictures, I find that the image I upload is of less quality than I should use- but in this case they came out great. And people complained about losing a bit on the edges- I wasn't sure how much would be lost, but I simply planned for more dead space along the outside. No big deal. Very pleased. I ordered twenty and may do it again for future events!!"

July 24, 2018

I would buy more of these

"Prevents water rings on furniture"

Art Coasters for At-Home Cool

Art coasters make the every day a little more special. Of course, you need a basic set of coasters to help protect your counters and table surfaces from those crazy wet rings drinks leave everywhere (have you thought about new cups?), but it doesn't mean basic has to be boring.

You can find a cool set of coasters that get the job done easily and offers a glimpse of your creative soul, too. Art coasters can include unexpected colors, word art, and amazing design effects and still be exactly what you need when they feature a classic, reliable, no-slip cork backing. 

Design Your Own Art Coasters

You can design your own art coasters or you can adorn your home with a set that features Art Library assets for an incredible design that's been vetted by the pros -- and they know what they're doing. Think about sunset colors to match those sunset drinks on your veranda, balcony, or even in just your favorite chair in the kitchen. Think about how inspiring word art can be. You know the type. You see quotes on social media and think, "I needed that."

You might even comment to your friend about the great timing. Now, your coasters can do the same thing. Inspirational quotes make a big difference in your day, so knowing where to turn to find them makes life easier -- even if where you turn is your own drinks cabinet, refrigerator or the drawer or a side table. Custom selection is always fun, too. 

Coasters Make Great Housewarming Gifts

If you're ever at a loss for a housewarming gift, coasters are amazing. Everyone can always use an extra set to protect their furniture and make guests feel welcome with a full set-up drink. If your friends are big entertainers -- or if you think they might be now that they've announced their big move -- a set of coasters is a great way to share your congratulations and also jokingly let them know that you plan to share in libations and maybe even dinner.