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Art Mugs

What customers have to say about our Mugs

January 27, 2019

Wonder Gift

"I purchased 2 mugs with pictures of my granddaughter and her best friends. They opened at Christmas. They were both so surprised and happy. FUN GIFT!"

January 27, 2019

Love it!!

"Love my coffe mug"

January 26, 2019

Perfect thank you gift

"We made a large coffee featuring a photo of us wearing a hand knitted gift and sent it to the friend who knitted our nose warmers. Delivered to US in less than a week. Double the Facebook posts and fun."

January 26, 2019


"Love these mugs!"

January 26, 2019

Once again, I am satisfied with the quality

"The image was perfect on the mug. Job very well done"

A Mug After Your Own Heart

It’s not easy to find products that truly align with your tastes. This is especially true with coffee mugs, as so many are cheap quality and mass-produced. Shutterfly doesn’t march to that beat, as we think that personalized mugs are much more pleasing to their owners and anyone else who has a chance to see them. With a cup that has a custom design, you can be sure you’re getting something you like the looks of.

Show Your Artistic Side

If you can afford to buy expensive paintings to hang about your house, more power to you. If you don’t have the funds to be an art collector, turning a coffee mug into a piece of art is an excellent alternative. Choose whatever striking visual you love the most and put it smack-dab on a coffee mug you get to drink from every morning. Whether it’s a famous painting or a series of squiggles your four-year-old drew, your favorite art will look great on your new coffee cup.

Make Coworkers Jealous

It’s not uncommon to feel a tinge of jealousy when someone walks into the office with a fresh cup of coffee. If you really want to stir up some envy, stroll up to your desk with a personalized travel mug. Drink that delicious mocha right in front of your colleagues while showing off an awesome picture from your last vacation. Afterwards, if you decide you want to make amends for all your showboating, a personalized mug also makes a great office gift. Time spent at work is a little more enjoyable when you’re drinking from a mug you like.

At Shutterfly, we have plenty of patterns and styles for you to choose from. The best options, however, are the personal touches you upload and bring to your design. Pick a favorite picture or painting and create a mug you will love forever.