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Travel Placemats

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What customers have to say about our Placemats

January 11, 2019

I have bought this three times!

"Simple, but durable placement"

January 10, 2019

Great Placemats

"I have a spectacular view of Glacier National Park and it looks great on the place mat."

January 10, 2019

Go To Toddler Gift

"When in doubt I purchase a placemat for the 2-3 year old set. Kids love to see their picture and this placemat is how my daughter learned to spell her name and the letters of the alphabet over meals with me. Great quality. Repeat buyer of this product several times over."

January 10, 2019

We already have two and just got our third

"We originally got one of these to have picture reminders of our kids that live out of town. Then we did a second with scenic taken by a son-in-law who is a great photographer. Our third is some favorite pictures of the family from this year. Possibilities are endless. Friends who come over are always admiring our placemats. They are also incredibly durable."

January 10, 2019

Great value

"Loved the placemat."

A Travel Placemat Is the Perfect Vacation Memory

For people who love traveling, there is no greater feeling than coming home from a great trip and going through favorite photo memories. Looking back at your shots of you and your family posing in front of the world’s top sites and in dreamy settings can help you momentarily go back to these incredible spots.

As time goes by, memories fade and pictures sometimes get left on cameras or put away and forgotten. At Shutterfly, we can help you keep your travel memories always on your mind by incorporating them into your home’s decor. Every time you sit down to eat dinner, you could remember those experiences with a travel placemat.

Add Personal Style to Your Dining Area

Besides helping you reminisce about your travel moments, a custom placemat is a great style addition to any dining room or kitchen. The formal dining room in your home can get a much-needed simple facelift if you choose a few sentimental accessories to add, such as personalized art placemats. Then, you could pick out additional pieces for your formal dining table and room design, such as centerpieces, custom tablecloths, elegant light fixtures and more.

Relive Your Greatest Travel Moments

The best thing about a travel placemat is it offers you a new way to display your personal photos in your home. While it’s nice to have pictures in a gallery wall and frame them for display on end tables and other parts of your space, it can be even more refreshing to choose a unique way to show off your favorite memories. Your moments from your travels will be captured forever and keep you and your guests talking about your trips.

Make a Unique Keepsake

Most of all, you can create a unique keepsake that helps you celebrate a special moment from your life with a custom holiday placemat. You can preserve your most treasured moments in life for everyone to enjoy every time you visit your dining room.