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White Coasters

What customers have to say about our Coasters

February 23, 2018

Beautiful gift

"The quality of the product and photo are fantastic! The boarder colors are beautiful and this was the perfect gift for my mom."

November 20, 2017


"I expected flimsy coasters because I got them for free and I was pleasantly surprised. They're made of cork board and I expect they'll last quite awhile. The pictures look great and I get lots of compliments on them. Thanks!"

October 22, 2017

So pretty.

"I got this design and use the two full pic of my in-laws and the two multi-prints for my husband & my family. I've got pics of myself and my mom from school photos, pic of my husband below our two nieces and one of my husband & I in western dress when we first married. I may frame them. If I'd gotten the glass ones I might use them but these I just want to look pretty."

October 2, 2017

Love them!

"I love our coasters! We have one with a picture of everyone in our house so the kids know who's is who's and they love it as well! Always showing guest who come over their pictures"

August 16, 2017

Did a set of coaster and they turn out wonderful!

"I did a set of coasters with pictures my wife liked from the 1920 and 1950s style dresses. They turned out looking really great. You do not have to include text - but you still get the little heart. She liked them so much we ordered another set to include in a gift basket for her sewing guild."

Great Coaster Ideas for Use and Gifts

Coasters can do so much more than protecting the surface of your table. With great photos and designs, your white coasters can also be beautiful to look at and great conversation starters. Here are some ideas, including child gifts and funny jokes.

Coasters for Childhood Tea Parties

Here is an idea for coasters you can give as a gift to a child who loves tea parties. Use some stuffed animals dressed in their tea party finest as photo subjects. Place these on coasters to make a set for all future tea parties. If these coasters are gifts your child is giving to a friend, get your child involved in the design process so he or she can feel ownership of this great gift.

Classic Themes

Photo coasters are often used in a party setting, so why not use some party pictures? These can range from rowdy, all-night parties to classy, sit-down brunches. Photos can include group shots of you and your friends having fun or posing with glasses raised. Other pictures can be of actual beverages, either alcoholic or kid-friendly. Choose a theme or color so your coasters match.

Whimsical Coasters

Your coasters can be funny additions to your table setting by using pictures staged to break the fourth wall. Imagine the shocked and then amused faces of your guests when they begin to place a glass on a coaster where the photo shows someone shielding themselves from the lowering glass. Other ideas include someone reaching out to hold your glass or an open mouth about to drink your beverage.

White coasters and white tea towels work in a variety of settings. Whether cute, classic or playful, these coasters make great gifts and additions to your own decor. You can also rotate your coasters by having multiple sets that suit different occasions. Shutterfly's tools are easy to use and feature a lot of options for you to make coasters that are uniquely yours.