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What customers have to say about our Art Prints

January 7, 2019

Be careful how this company ships stuff!

"I had some prints made, and they were shipped in only a same size flimsy envelope. Nowhere on the envelope does it say "fargile", or "do not bend". When the envelope arrived at my post office they FOLDED the evnelope so it would fit in my box, and the images all had a slight crease in them! Shutterfly had to reprint and send again -costing them money."

June 8, 2018

Would definitely use this again!

"Received a free 8x10 art print on signature cardstock from the coke rewards thing. Used Wallpaper I downloaded from one of my favorite games and it turned out a lot better then I expected and I framed it. Definitely going to do more for my room if I get any more freebies from the coke rewards."

August 6, 2017

So cute!

"I had never ordered the art prints before this one (and a few others in the same order) and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the print, and how sharp and clear the photos were, even though they were small to fit in the design. I chose family photos, and moved them around until I liked the way they appeared (making sure the overlap didn't cover someone's face, etc.) and took the chance of ordering. I love these prints, and will be ordering more, both for myself and as gifts!"

May 23, 2017

Love this product!

"I use this product to showcase my own Artwork..........and my grandkids! Makes it look so much more professional!"

March 2, 2017

Great for a college dorm!

"I used the Art Library to create encouraging prints for my niece's dorm room. What a great resource!"

1 Photo Art Prints

Art prints can tell a lot about your favorite memories, from displaying your most cherished wedding memory to your solo portrait graduation photo; art prints will proudly display your photos. As you create your one photo art print, you can proudly put your 1 photo art print anywhere in your home or office to create a space you will remember forever. 1 photo art prints are great to display your favorite photo with your spouse or a family picture on your most recent vacation, the options are endless of what photo you can display in your one photo art print.

How to Print Art Prints

Printing art prints is easy and simple on Shutterfly. As you upload your pictures to your Shutterfly account, pick the best photos you want to display in your art print and choose a template to best match those pictures. You can choose from a variety of templates that showcase one photo to multiple photos, the options are endless. As you finalize your art print, add any additional embellishments that will enhance your art print to make it to the next level. Each embellishment you add to your art print will make it customized to your individual style. When you finish designing your art print, choose the different type of paper medium you would like it printed on, and if you want a frame included you can choose from different frames that will add to your art print. Once you’ve added it to your cart, find a special place to display your art print and get excited about your brand new custom art print.

Best Places to Display Art Prints

Find the best places to display your art prints can be in the places you least expect. When you buy an art print, traditionally they are hung on the wall, but there can be places where you can display art prints that will also enhance any space. When you display your art print on your wall you can find a wall that doesn't already have wall art, or you can display it on a wall that doesn't have any wall decor that will make your art print the center of attention. Your art print can proudly stand on a table or nightstand that displays as tabletop decor. No matter where you display your art prints, it will be a custom design of you and your amazing art print.

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