Wildly Adorable Jungle Baby Shower Ideas

Plan the perfect celebration with this collection of jungle baby shower ideas.

If you are planning a baby shower and want to assure maximum cuteness then a jungle theme party is the perfect way to go. The jungle has always been a source of inspiration for everything baby related – from nursery décor to baby clothes to plush toys. There is no better way to celebrate the coming of a new baby-cub than with a jungle baby shower!

A jungle theme party is ideal for anyone who loves wildlife. Amazing yet adorable, animals like lions, giraffes and elephants make great subjects to feature in all party decor.

When it comes to colors and accents, this theme has endless options to choose from. Large palm leaves, playful baby animals and incorporating a large letter of the baby’s initials to the backdrop are all wonderful ideas.

Jungle Baby Shower Invitations

Picking out the perfect baby shower invitation will be the beginning of curating the look and feel of the party. Jungle themed invites come with precious baby animals, fun colors and accents that can help you settle on a color-scheme and any special details for the baby shower. Plus, they are appropriate for baby girls, boys or even when the sex is being kept secret for a surprise once the baby is born. The invitation will also inspire guests to come up with some wild gift wrapping ideas or opt for baby gifts that go with the party theme.

Jungle Baby Shower Centerpieces

A jungle themed baby shower goes hand-in-hand with wild baby animals and shiny big leaves, ideal items to decorate your tables with. Table centerpieces can become a focal point for your guests, so think about what would create that type of experience. Make a great impression with personalized glass jars as centerpieces and consider engraving a sweet baby lullaby quote or the baby’s initials.

You can fill each jar with lush green leaves and incorporate an animal figurine. Tree branches would make a stunning arrangement, add some moss and bark pieces to serve as a base. You can also fill it with fun snacks like animal crackers or animal gummies.

A centerpiece raffle amongst the guests at each table would be something fun to incorporate into the party activities!

Jungle Theme Baby Decorations

Incorporating the jungle theme into other party areas will bring cohesiveness to every corner of the party. Think about the gift, cake and food table decorations. Bring the jungle centerpiece ideas into those areas by decorating with vases arranged in a similar fashion.

Enhance the décor in these areas by placing metallic big-cat figurines and baby animal plush toys. Consider creating a basket of rolled up onesies and baby socks in colors that go with the theme. Add a selection of wall art pieces, like charming canvas art of sweet jungle baby animals to finish the look. All these items would make fantastic take-home gifts for the parents-to-be!

Jungle Baby Shower Food Ideas

Baby shower food can range from a sit-down meal to an array of heavy appetizers, finger foods and desserts. Whatever you decide on will depend on the party’s time of day, location and budget. Add a jungle themed placemat to tie in your dessert and appetizer table. Here are some ideas for your party menu that you can serve at a jungle baby shower:

Also, give some thought to what beverage options you will offer. Along with soft drinks, iced teas and sparkling water consider coming up with a fun non-alcoholic signature “mocktail” to serve throughout the party – this surely will add something extra fun to the festivity!

Bring the theme and color scheme into the serving presentation of the day’s food and beverage menu. Wooden bowls, boards, plates and utensils would be perfect for a jungle shower. Serving platters in the form of large tropical leaves will definitely add a special touch. Adding leaves or cinnamon sticks to beverages should be a complementary addition.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Cake And Dessert Ideas

The cake table is where you can really get creative. This is the perfect opportunity to forgo the traditional route by stacking an array of glazed donuts, cupcakes or mini-crèmes bruleés on a tiered cake stand. Decorate with small leaves, twigs and mini-animals. Add plates at the bottom of jungle themed cookies or macarons to delight your guests.

If traditional is more your style, a jungle themed cake will provide an additional dose of cuteness to the entire celebration. Whether you order the cake at a bakery or do it yourself, the décor ideas are abundant. Setting a branch with a few leaves and an elegant animal figurine as a topper to a naked cake is always an option – a simple yet very chic way to decorate the cake yourself!

Here are a few more jungle theme cake ideas to inspire you:

You can decide to go with flavors that most people enjoy like vanilla and chocolate, but don’t be afraid to explore more adventurous flavors like matcha green tea or lemon-basil. Bottom line, you want to make sure the dessert tastes just as good as it looks!

If you are wondering when to plan a baby shower, then make sure to get the availability of the parents and other organizers participating. Once the date is set, go full force into planning mode. Looking into what to do at a baby shower and finalizing decor details is all part of the show. You will have as much fun putting this safari jungle baby shower together as the fun you will the day of the party.

The most important thing is to make this party special for the parents-to-be as they prepare to welcome their little cub into the world!