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Stylish Personalized Bags & Apparel

Looking for an overnight bag, toiletry bag or luggage tags for an upcoming business or leisure trip? Need a new apron, lunch bag, tote bag or grocery shopping bag for everyday use. Showcase your style and personality with Shutterfly’s custom bags, aprons and luggage tags. Browse our collection of personalized bags and apparel to find what you’re looking for. Shutterfly’s personalized travel bags make great gifts, but are also ideal for taking all your essentials with you. Personalized bags and apparel are stylish and sport eye-pleasing patterns. Travel the world in customized style.

Versatile Bags & Accessories

The perfect travel companion for any occasion, our cotton tote bags are ultra-versatile and great for running errands around town, day trips, carrying books and more. They’ll quickly become your go-to bag that you’ll bring with you everywhere! Our overnight bags are perfect for weekend getaways with friends, carrying your workout clothes to the gym or yoga studio and more. Shutterfly has a personalized travel bag for all of those special and everyday occasions! Shop our selection of custom totes, shopping and overnight bags in many shapes and sizes to keep all of your travel items organized and safe. Got a weekend road trip planned? Keep yourself or a loved one organized and reduce their clutter.

Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

For eco-friendly grocery shopping and farmers’ market trips, choose from our selection of personalized reusable shopping bags. These shopping bags are able to hold up to 50 pounds and are made with water-resistant polyester. Think beyond groceries too. Our reusable shopping bags can be used for a variety of other purposes. Thanks to their water-resistant material, these bags are great for carrying items to the pool, beach and swim lessons. With plenty of practical uses, our reusable bags should be a staple item in every home.

Personalized Toiletry Bags, Luggage Tags & Aprons

When traveling, two must-haves are durable, quality toiletry bags to hold all of your personal hygiene items and luggage tags to mark your bags in a distinct way so you can easily identify them. Shutterfly enables you to personalize these useful and necessary items so that, rather than looking like everyone else’s, they have the stamp of your style and personality all over them. If you or someone you know is an avid home chef (or just the one with the primary responsibility of cooking), then a personalized apron will be a great addition to the kitchen and will be worn often, if not daily. With all of our bags and apparel items, you can choose your favorite design template and then make it your own by choosing from our variety of customization options, including colors, font styles and text sizes. We also recommend uploading one or more favorite photos and/or creating a custom saying or message for further personalization.