Graduation is a big deal, so how you celebrate should be just as important. It doesn’t matter if your grad is six or 18—we have ideas for every stage. Browse through graduation party food or find the perfect message to express your excitement for your family member or friend.

Graduation Ideas

The Ultimate Senior Year Checklist

Senior year of high school is probably your most important year yet. From prom to graduation, the memories you create this year can last a lifetime with the right photos. However, this year isn’t just about taking graduation portraits or prom photos. You’ll want to capture photos of your first day of senior year, your […]

32 Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is a huge milestone in everyone’s life. One of the best ways to congratulate your friend or family member on their accomplishment is to give them a thoughtful, handcrafted present. It can be difficult to come up with original present ideas—you don’t want to just hand the graduate a check or a copy of […]

40 Graduation Party Food Ideas

You’ve walked across the stage, taken your diploma, moved your tassel right to left and thrown your cap into the air. Now, it’s time to celebrate! Graduating is a major accomplishment, and you deserve to have the party of your dreams whether you’re planning a college graduation party or a high school graduation party. You […]

30 Graduation Cap Ideas Just for You

Before you embark on the next phase of your life, take the time to soak it all in and appreciate how far you’ve come. Your graduation cap and gown not only represent all of your hard work and unique accomplishments but also, the person you’ve become over the past four years. Aside from pondering what […]

100 of the Best Graduation Songs for 2017

100 of the Best Graduation Songs Graduations are more than just a turning of the page. It’s a time of realizing that the days of pep rallies, cafeteria lunches and racing to make it to class on time are coming to a close. Between the mixed emotions and nostalgia, sadness, excitement and nervousness, it’s crucial […]

75 Unique Senior Photo Ideas

Senior year is a time of reflection on all the dedication and work that brought you here, but it’s also an exciting look toward the future. This special moment should be captured with a photograph that speaks to your life, your passions, and your potential. Since it can be daunting to find the best pose […]

75 Graduation Party Ideas Your Grad Will Love

The school year is at an end, which means that it’s time for a new class of graduates to walk across the stage, receive their diploma and throw their graduation cap into the air. If your son or daughter is graduating this year, celebrate this huge milestone with a fun party. To help you plan […]

75 Creative Graduation Photo Ideas

All the cramming for exams, late nights studying, and early mornings running to get to class on time has finally paid off. Graduation day is the culmination of a dream that deserves to be captured in a perfect picture that lets everyone share in your accomplishment. It can be difficult to distinguish yourself from the […]

How to Wear a Graduation Cap: What Side Does the Tassel Go On?

As your graduation day approaches, there will be plenty on your to-do list. Along with getting your high school graduation party ideas or college graduation party ideas together there are a couple of things to figure out before walking across the stage. After sending out your graduation announcements and party invitations, getting your graduation cap decoration […]