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The following Affiliate selling tips have been gathered by Shutterfly and by industry experts; they can help to improve your conversion rates and increase your monthly commissions.

The Exit Window

There are a handful of Affiliate pages where most visitors leave your site (this can often be determined through their web statistics). We suggest that you try presenting your targeted pop-up offers to these people as they leave your site and earn commissions.

White List Your Affiliate Manager’s Email

Effective Affiliate Managers consider their Affiliate partners to be their sales team on the Web, and take advantage of the tools and support at their disposal. But all too often, the critical information from the Affiliate manager to the Affiliate is not getting through. So be sure you review and ‘white list’ your Affiliate Manager’s Email to ensure that he/she will receive it.

Affiliate Links in Your Email Signature

There’s a great space for advertising that most people leave barren — the space below their e-mail signature. When you send out e-mail to your site visitors, subscribers, or friends, take advantage of that white space at the bottom of the page, and include a Shutterfly text link to earn incremental commission.

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