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Shutterfly offers a wide selection of Dynamic Rich Media (DRM). The Merchandiser product feed, individual product links, Storefronts, banners, and text links proven to drive increased traffic, promote higher conversion rates, and create more commissions for our Affiliates.

Once you are approved for our program, we offer you a variety of links and link types. Use your creativity and your knowledge of the people who come to your site to choose the types of links that will be most appealing and most likely to invite clicks. The more your links lead to sales on our site, the more money you will earn.

Banners and text links

We offer several eye-catching, high-converting text links and banners in a variety of sizes, including 120x60, 120x90, 125x125, 468x60, 300x250. Our banners are always updated on a regular basis. Below are samples of Shutterfly banners. In addition, we offer over 20 text links that get high conversion rates.

Flex links

Advertise Shutterfly Gallery through Flex links. Flex links allow the customer visiting an affiliate’s site to stay at the affiliate’s site and view sample Photo book, get inspired from them and create their own. This type of link helps take a different approach to reach out to customers. Flex links provide video and rich media links that support flash and other advanced code.

Dynamic Rich Media

With DRM, Shutterfly will automatically update dynamic text links and banners with our latest customer promotions. You won’t need to constantly update your links, remember offer expiration dates or search for the latest sales. We'll do all the work while you earn the commission.

Merchandiser product feed

Shutterfly’s product feed is available via the Linkshare Merchandiser program. The LinkShare Merchandiser™ allows you to integrate individual product links on your website without having to manually create links to each Shutterfly product. If you’re not Merchandiser enabled, you can learn more about Merchandiser online or via email at

Individual product links

Product links are proven to have high conversion rates — and that translates to more commissions for you! More than 50 unique Shutterfly product links (i.e. Greeting Card, Photo Book, Mug, Calendar) are now available for your use.


In addition, we’re offering virtual Storefronts to showcase an array of unique Photo Products and Photo Gifts that create more excitement — and sales — for you! Here is a sample of our Storefront.

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