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Legacy Family Room

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Legacy Family Room

Create a cozy room that celebrates family. Highlight keepsakes—old and newly made by you.

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Abour our Rustic Great Room

If you are looking for a way to transform that spare room in your home into a family room or to update that area into something more appropriate for your family, take a look at our diverse collection of family room décor ideas and gifts. We offer you everything you need to design, renovate or transform that special area in your home so that it tells your family’s history or story in a unique and engaging way. Every moment you spend with your loved ones counts. Even if you can’t be with them physically, every moment you spend thinking about counts too. And even if they don’t happen to live in your home any longer or are off away on a trip or living in another state, you don’t have to let the distance diminish the strength of your bond, memoires and feelings. You can prevent distance from affecting your moods and relationship by adding custom family room art in the form of pillows, prints and canvases. Create new treasures and keepsakes that are inspired by the love you feel for family. Transform your furniture, walls, tables and more with custom family artwork that you created to highlight your special moments with each other throughout the years. Don’t forget to add frames, and other special enhancements to give your new décor a classic and timeless appeal that won’t fade over time. With pillows, mugs, serving trays and carved glass, you can show off your favorite photo moments in an exciting way that creates unique effects throughout your home. It doesn’t matter what type of décor enhancement project you’ve decided to undertake. We have glass prints, photo cubes, woven and fleece blankets, and other home accents for you to use all throughout your home. And if you need more ideas as to how you can create certain effects and looks, visit the Shutterfly Design Studio for inspiration.