Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are fantastic gifts to anyone who loves to cook, including your inner chef. Cooking is an art and hobby loved by many, and a wonderful way to bring families and people together. Our wooden cutting boards at Shutterfly come available in different shapes and sizes ranging from small to large, making it the perfect surface to chop away at ingredients of all kinds. If you or a loved one spend a lot of time in the kitchen, we have a wide variety of unique cutting boards to make the best housewarming or birthday gift for any grill master. Take cooking to the next level with unique cutting boards and accessories to compliment your kitchen.

Get Cooking With Custom Cutting Boards

If you need a simple way to protect your kitchen counter, tabletops, and other hard surfaces while you’re cutting food to make delicious meals, our custom cutting boards will handle your needs while doubling as stylish decorative items for your kitchen. These engraved cutting boards will help you fly through delicious ingredients for burgers, like tomatoes, cheese, onions, and more. Craft a vegetarian or vegan meal plan with black beans and rice with our decorative cutting boards, or use them for support when you cut into your delicious sugar-filled desserts. Ensure you have the exact amount of peppers, herbs, and spices you need as you cut them for optimum flavor. Here are some of our best designs for cutting boards for any menu.

Best mom custom cutting board featuring a tea towel trivet and wooden utensils

Cutting Boards for Every Occasion

You’ll feel like the chef of the house as you follow along making Test Kitchen specials on TV or learning new things in your cookbooks with our best cutting boards with stylish family engravings. Our rectangular custom wood cutting boards measure 10×14 and are made of high-quality bamboo wood. They feature laser-engraved personalizations, and they’re great for new home cooks or those who have spent a long time cooking alike. Personalize handmade cutting boards with your own stylish family engravings, so everyone can try out their fine cooking, and you’ll have an additional heirloom to pass down. They also make great housewarming gifts for new families moving in.

Speaking of moving in, if you’ve recently gotten married and are starting your new life with your spouse, or you’re planning to move in with your significant other, we have some great personalized cutting board designs for couples, so you can follow along with your cooking recipes together. Whether you need to practice your food preparation skills for an anti-inflammatory diet or you’re trying out one of your partner’s chickpeas recipes, we have LOVE stack small cutting boards, carved heart large cutting boards, and heart pair cutting board designs to bring you together in the kitchen. Hand wash our unique cutting boards together after each use to avoid contamination or viruses from meats, and remember to dry thoroughly before storing.

If you have a favorite recipe for watching your sodium intake and carbohydrates, or you want to preserve one of Grandma’s best recipes, then try out one of our cool cutting boards with an engraved recipe design. Whether you’re getting serious about your cooking skills or you’re just experimenting with a glass of sherry, these bamboo boards ensure you’ll remember every detail. Whether you need to dice up a whole chicken or chop some hot spices, you’ll have every step recorded right on your personalized cutting boards. Add your name or a giftee’s name to the top of the cooking cutting board, label your recipe, and record the steps in our simple text editing tools.

Round Cutting Boards

If you’re frequently serving homemade pizzas or desserts like pies and cakes, or you have fun experimenting with appetizer trays, you’ll enjoy one of our personalized round cutting boards. These 10″ diameter handmade cutting boards are made of rubber wood and are knife-friendly. We have plenty of gorgeous designs for our round decorative cutting boards, including classy foliage monograms, family stamps, wood heart designs, and more. Detailed, laser-engraved personalizations are hand-drawn, so you know you’re getting unique cutting boards with the highest craftsmanship. These are perfect for carrying out party platters while you’re entertaining guests, and you can even choose to make your own statement on your custom cutting boards if you have funny party quotes.

Pair Our Wooden Cutting Boards With These Accessories in Gift Sets

Our custom wood cutting boards make excellent additions to any kitchen, and if you’re giving some as gifts, they’re even better when they’re paired with some of our other kitchen accessories. With all this gear for indoor cooking and outdoor cooking on the grill, you’ll make any recipient (or yourself) feel like a master chef in record time. Here are just a few suggestions to go with our best cutting boards.

Our handmade cutting boards are perfect tools for any kitchen, and cooks preparing their finest hot dishes will love our personalized trivets as well. These can make great pot stands on cooktops, and they’ll protect your dining table and other surfaces from high heat when your delicious meals are ready. Our ceramic tile trivets can be personalized with one to nine photos or a heartfelt message, and the tile insert is simple to remove for easy cleaning. We also have beautiful marble trivets that support up to five photos, and they’re made of real marble stone, so each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Add one of our photo pot holders to the set, and your recipient will have everything they need to prevent burns.

Our wooden cutting boards on the other hand, are great for cutting raw meat and ensuring safe food preparation. When you pair them with our custom wood serving utensils, your giftee will have tons of fun serving home-cooked meals. These 100% natural beechwood utensils are ideal for hosting holiday dinner parties, and we even have a holiday design featuring the quote “Baking Spirits Bright” that’s fun for serving classic desserts like Christmas cookies. We also have a design for first-time homeowners that can be personalized with their family name that makes a perfect housewarming present.

Make Them a Grill Master With Outdoor Cooking Gear

If you or a recipient is a big fan of outdoor cooking, then our grill master cutting boards are the ideal choice when paired with our other outdoor grilling gear. Make sure they can protect their clothes with one of our personalizable cooking aprons that declares them the king of the grill, along with their name and one of their best photos for proof. Our grill-out marble trivets can be personalized with two outdoor cooking photos, and they’re perfect for moving hot plates of food off the grill to make more room. Ensure your recipient can enjoy a cold brew for a Sunday cookout with a personalized can cooler with a fun, rustic design that fits any 12oz can.

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