Wedding Showers

The best wedding showers are those that come with unique invitations, decorations, wedding shower gifts, and most importantly of all, the friends and family that attend to celebrate the special occasion with the bride and groom. If you’re in charge of planning this celebratory day for the lovely couple, rely on Shutterfly to assist all your planning need to ensure their shower is one to remember.

Celebratory Wedding Showers

Called bridal showers, wedding showers, or engagement parties, events like these celebrate an engaged couple as their wedding approaches. From invitations and decor to keepsakes and gifts, the intuitive design tools you find at Shutterfly are just what you need to plan, host, and commemorate the wedding shower and every other piece of the wedding planning and celebration process. Whether you upload photos or adjust an existing template, you’ll have the exact end result you’re imagining with just the design it is you’re envisioning. Next to their wedding day, give the bride and groom the wedding shower they’ve always dreamed of.

Wedding Shower Invitations

All good wedding showers start with essential bridal shower guests. Of course, this means that custom wedding invitations are an important way to celebrate the bride and groom. Take inspiration from their guest list for the big day, if possible, or take some time to uncover which close friends and family members they’ll most want at a wedding or bridal shower. Then, turn to Shutterfly for all your invitation needs. There are plenty of designs available for whatever your theme or preferences may be, and each shower invite gives the opportunity to add photos, text, and other elements that will ensure their nearest and dearest find out about their wedding shower with plenty of time to ensure they’ll be in attendance.

Wedding Shower Decorations

Of course, you could certainly host wedding showers in an undecorated space, if you had to. But, with so many options for wedding shower decor, there’s all the more reason to dress up your chosen venue. A canvas print of the happy couple is one great way to begin decorating for a wedding or bridal shower. After all, the wedding and all that comes with it depends upon their love, and it should be celebrated. Upload one of their favorite photos and print it on canvas or another material. Join this with other decor you have in mind for a particular bridal shower theme, and you’ll put together the decorations quickly and easily.

Guests come to wedding showers to celebrate the guests of honor, but it’s always nice to offer them lovely gifts of their own. Design a creative favor, like custom-designed coasters, that your wedding shower guests can enjoy even after the shower and wedding have passed. You can add photos to the coasters, for instance, or personalize them with details of the wedding shower. Alternatively, you could decorate your favors with information about the upcoming wedding, acting as a sort of save-the-date for the couple even as it celebrates those who attended the wedding shower.

Wedding Shower Gifts

Even as you offer favors for attendees at wedding showers, they’ll offer personalized gifts to the honorees in return. There are plenty of potential gifts available amidst our customizable designs, including photo tiles, prints, housewares, key rings, and more. Take some time to choose the perfect wedding shower gifts with your beloved couple in mind. For some, this may be a small gift that showcases their love. For others, they may prefer a customized blanket or other accessory. Depending on your recipient, you can create just about any one-of-a-kind gift for the soon-to-be spouses and craft it with their unique preferences in mind.

Plan the Perfect Wedding Shower

Before guests even begin to RSVP to the wedding showers they’ve been invited to, the hosts have a lot to plan and put together. From materials that can help you plan this special occasion to gifts you can offer the guest of honor as a way to remember it, any number of Shutterfly designs can be just what you need to craft the wedding shower of your—and, more importantly, the bride and groom’s—dreams.

The items you customize with our unique designs can make planning wedding showers easier than ever before. For instance, you might design a photo-emblazoned monthly planner dedicated to the shower planning process and the other events that accompany it. Or, you can create a notepad where you can keep track of each part of the event planning process. By then, of course, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to design the other wedding shower essentials on your list, be it decorations, favors, or invitations that create an ideal event for everyone in attendance.

Remember Your Shower Forever

Wedding showers must always come to an end, if only so the wedding and the couple’s future life can begin. At the same time, though, the couples shower can come with plenty of memories. Consider creating keepsake wedding gifts with the event in mind, showcasing photos from the shower, photos of the couple, or other items looking forward to the wedding itself. A photo book, for example, can be a great way to feature their close family members and friends in a careful memento of this quality time they spent together while celebrating their loved one and that person’s future spouse.

Complete Your Pre-Wedding Plans

As the wedding date approaches, wedding showers are just one element of the preliminary festivities that the couple will put together with the help of their wedding party and loved ones. These same types of products can help to plan each of those events, too. For instance, you might use that same custom planner to arrange the details of a bachelorette party or other such aspect. Or, you could pick out similar personalized wedding favors, decor, and other details that will make every element, from the cocktails to the gifts, a special part of the experience of these pre-wedding events for the happy couple.

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