30 Wedding Shower Gift Ideas Couples Will Love

Your favorite couple is about to tie the knot and you couldn’t be happier to be a part of their big day. As they begin this exciting journey together, you want to show them how much you love and support them. Whether you give them a custom cutting board, a specially designed glass plate or a photo collage frame to store their precious memories, we’ve compiled a list of wedding shower gifts they’ll absolutely love. Also, browse our list amazing list of bridal shower gifts to give to the future bride to be in honor of her special day.

As your favorite couple continues on with their wedding planning festivities, you can take this time to  to find the best wedding shower gifts and bridal shower gifts to celebrate their marriage. Whether they have a simple elopement, minimoney wedding, micro wedding or traditional wedding, these gifts are on every couples wedding registry list.

Gift Ideas

1. Customized Scroll Art

Show off your calligraphy skills by writing a love message or quote on a rolled craft paper. Secure it with a thick selection of rope for a rustic feel, rolling up each end like a classic scroll. The couple will be reminded of their big day every time they see the loving message in their home.

2. Baked Clay Ring Holder

Supply a safe spot for those new engagement rings on this oven-bake-clay ring bowl with the couple’s monogram. Add a couple of hand-sculpted lovebirds to look over the rings, and etch their wedding date into the base of the bowl.

3. Catch All Tray

wedding shower gift catch all tray

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Every couple needs exciting accents to decorate their new home. The Classic Hostess 4×10 Catch All Tray can be designed with their names and wedding date to commemorate their big day. Whether they need a place to keep the keys to their new house or a place to put their wedding rings before bed, the happy couple is sure to find a special place in their home for this stylish glass tray.

4. Etched Cork Trivets

With years of meals and hosting ahead, consider these customizable trivets for keeping surfaces safe from hot pans and platters. Inscribe a handmade design into cork discs with a scanner and X-acto knife. Personalize the trivets with names or the wedding date for an added touch.

5. Wedding Day Clothing Hangers

Bride and groom hangers are lovely for wedding-day photos and memories. Attach 12-gauge craft wire and a wooden hanger to gift personalized hangers for the upcoming big day. And what’s more, they can use these throughout their home after the wedding has passed.

6. Glass Plate

wedding shower gift glass plate

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When it comes to entertaining for a special occasion or creating a romantic date night in, every couple can use a stunning serving piece to enhance the meals they prepare in their new home. The Simple Monogram 6×6 Glass Plate gives you different options to add colors, photos, and text so you can customize the gift just for them.

7. Wine Glass

wedding shower gift wine glass

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Sharing a glass of wine at the end of a long workweek or before a romantic date night is an intimate way for any couple to reconnect. The Perfect Pair Heart Stemless Wine Glasses make an elegant gift for the bride and groom. With an etched design, you can customize these stunning glasses with the couple’s names to make this gift just for them.

8. Photo Mug

wedding shower gift photo mug

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Curling up with a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning or cozying up by the fire with a cup of cocoa on a cold winter night are best spent with your partner by your side. Give the bride and groom a gift that’s out of the ordinary with the Love Script Organic Dots Border Mug. You can add a message or photo to make it unique and just for them.

9. Vase

wedding shower gift vase

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Flowers are the most beautiful way to make a house feel like a home. Whether they’re used to decorate for a special occasion or just to add a pop of color to a room, a bouquet of flowers makes an ideal accent to a married couple’s first home together. Give the gift of a timeless glass vase that the newlyweds can use for all the blissful years they’ll share together.

10. Heart-Shaped String Art

Create a one-of-a-kind display of love with nails and red string on a dark, natural piece of wood. Weave the strings in your own desired pattern to personalize the string art and add hardware to the back of the piece for easy hanging.

11. Hand-Woven Area Rug

Impressive yet simple, give the gift of a cozy rug for the newlywed’s new home. With just four materials, weave and secure cotton piping through multi-use netting to build this large, soft area rug. Alternate piping colors to make the pattern of your choice.

12. Cutting Board

wedding shower gift cutting board

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Cooking together in the kitchen is an intimate experience every couple can enjoy as they’re building a life together. Having a personalized cutting board with an eye-catching laser engraving is a welcomed addition to any bride and groom’s kitchen. With the Eat Drink and be Married Cutting Board, you can help the happy couple commemorate their big day by including their names and wedding date.

13. Decanter

wedding shower gift decanter

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When the bride and groom sit down to enjoy one of their first meals together as a married couple, they’ll want it to be special. Whether they’re popping open a bottle of wine for a candlelit dinner or enjoying brunch on a lazy Saturday morning, small touches can make any meal memorable. The Bracket Monogram Name Decanter will help them elevate every meal they share for years to come.

14. Photo Book

wedding shower gift photo book

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Leading up to the bride and groom’s big day, there’s nothing better than reminiscing about the journey of their relationship. From the first vacation they took together to the moment she said yes, all of their memories tell the story of their love. Highlight some of the standout moments from the happy couple’s relationship before they say “I do!”

15. Repurposed Pallet Welcome Sign

Cozy up their new home by painting or stenciling a welcoming message on a repurposed rustic piece of wood. Consider including their names or a personal message in the design. Add a strong piece of twine to the back to be hung in their entryway, great for welcoming their guests for years to come.

16. Photo Collage Frame

wedding shower gift photo collage frame

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Over the years, every couple has countless photos they want to display in their home. From the days when they first started dating to their wedding and honeymoon, these special memories deserve to be celebrated. The Happy Joy Love 9 Circle Collage Frame is a creative way for the bride and groom to showcase their favorite photos.

17. Two-Toned Concrete Vase

For a unique wedding shower gift idea, spruce up the couple’s new home with these DIY two-toned concrete vases. Stain the base with the color of your choice of acrylic paint and fill with a bouquet of flowers on the day of the wedding shower.

18. Coasters

wedding shower gift coasters

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Little details make all the difference in a couple’s new home. Help the newlyweds add a charming accent to their coffee table or bar with a fun set of glass coasters. The Cheers Glass Coasters allow you to easily customize your gift with etched personalization of the bride and groom’s names.

19. Candle

wedding shower gift candle

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No matter what the occasion, a beautiful glass jar candle is a great way to create an inviting ambiance. When they’re hosting a game night or decorating for a holiday party, the happy couple is sure to love a unique scented candle for their home. With the Forever and Ever Candle, you can add a memorable photo of the bride and groom for a special touch.

20. Jam

wedding shower gift jam

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Homemade jams–made from locally picked strawberries, raspberries or blueberries–make for impressive and personal wedding shower gifts. Cook up a pot of each variety and arrange a gift basket for your favorite couple, complete with jam-worthy treats and tea.

21. Cast Iron Skillet

As the newly engaged pair gets ready to start a new life together, gift them with a kitchen staple that will be passed down for generations. The cast iron skillet only gets better with time—making it a great gift for this exciting transition.

22. Candlesticks

A truly timeless gift, light up the couple’s many candlelit future dinners together with a classy pair of candlesticks. Match your candlestick choice with their home decor taste or shine up a unique antique find. There’s no going wrong with a gift steeped in tradition.

23. Planters

Fill their home with vibrant plants by bringing a collection of stylish planters to the shower. Planters do more than fill a house with natural decor, they speak to the style of the couple and tie the room’s color scheme together.

24. Books

wedding shower giftbooks

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Often-overlooked gift ideas for wedding showers, the well-read couple can never have enough books. Cater your collection to their particular passion at the moment, or gift a variety of topics that will help them build a new home together.

25. Espresso Cups

wedding shower giftespresso cups

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This pair of newlyweds can’t wait to host friends and family over for coffee. Help them keep it classy with a matching espresso cup set of their own. If you know their home and personal style quite well, pair the set with their kitchen decor.

26. Serving Bowl

wedding shower giftserving bowl

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While gathering around the table for dinner, a serving bowl acts as the centerpiece of any meal. At this juncture in their relationship, give them an item that will be used for a lifetime. If you’re particularly crafty, hand paint your own personalized serving bowl.

27. Ice Cream Bowl

Give your favorite couple a reason to cozy up on the couch and share a bowl of ice cream over a movie. Ice cream bowls are fun and useful additions to any kitchen, and easy to customize to each individual style. They’ll love the excuse to indulge with their stylish new set.

28. Throw Blankets

Woven or knit, a quality throw blanket changes the aesthetic of a room. It’s even an accent piece that switches a couch from fall to winter. Gift the newly-engaged pair with a comfy addition to their home together, upping their decor game in the process.

29. Decorative Jars

Every room of the house has a need for creative storage. In the bathroom, kitchen, office or bedroom, a matching set of decorative jars and containers ties the decor together in a new way. Match them to the couple’s individual home style or add a personal touch with your own artistic talents.

30. Luxe Cleaning Supplies

Just because cleaning is necessary doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Help the newlyweds match their chic home with an equally chic set of cleaning supplies. The right set of dustpan and broom can blend seamlessly with the room around them, making it a complementary part of the decor while remaining practical.

With your gift in tow, make sure you pair it with a thoughtful bridal shower card that expresses your excitement for their upcoming nuptials. If you’re hosting the shower for the bride, read up on some helpful shower etiquette tips like what to bring, where to host it and when the ideal time is to celebrate.

Gift Ideas