25 Perfect Father of the Groom Gift Ideas

From the day his son was born, the father of the groom had big plans. Like father-son baseball games and important life talks. You can show the father of the groom he’s appreciated by honoring him with a gift that pays tribute to this bond. To help, we’ve compiled a list of meaningful father of the groom gift ideas that he can proudly display in his office or home.

Gift Ideas

1. Chess Set

Set up some one-on-one time with dad with a challenging game of chess. If you’re particularly crafty in the woodworking department, consider a long-term DIY chess set project as an impressive personalized present. This gift spruces up a room and opens the door to years of monthly chess gatherings.

2. Key Ring

father groom gift key ring

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Some of the most appreciated gifts are ones that can be used on a daily basis. The Pewter Key Ring is a gift that fits into this category. With the option to showcase a special photo of the father of the groom and his son, he’ll be able to keep track of his keys thanks to the meaningful memory attached to this gift.

3. Hand-Sewn Fabric Tool Roll

Help dad keep all his tools organized with this simple hand-sewn tool and supply roll. Follow the sewing pattern in your fabric of choice and personalize with the father of the groom’s initials.

4. Memory Game

father groom gift memory game

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While he’s waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin, give the father of the groom a nostalgic activity to enjoy. You can personalize the memory game with family photos that are sure to keep him entertained. When his son has a free moment, they can reminisce about these special memories and share some laughs.

5. Espresso Beans

Does your FOTB have a taste for fine espressos? Gift him with a luxurious boost of energy right before the wedding with locally roasted espresso or coffee beans. Transform this idea into an elaborate gift set with an espresso French press and mug collection.

6. Beer

father of the groom gift ideas beer

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The craft beer scene is taking off. What’s a better way to bond with the father of the groom than setting up a handpicked craft beer tasting? Curate a selection of beers from local breweries and pair them with a monogrammed pilsner glass.

7. Nightstand Organizer

father of the groom gift ideas night organizer

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If there’s one spot you interact with every day, it’s your bedside table. With a simple, quality piece of wood, craft this multi-purpose organizer with a basic phone stand, charger station and a spot for odds and ends. Now, each one of dad’s mornings will be a bit easier because of you.

8. Photo Cube

father groom gift photo cube

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Think outside of the box when gifting the father of the groom with his favorite photos. Instead of opting for a classic frame, present unforgettable memories shared with his son in the Family Herringbone 4×4 Photo Cube. Whether he places it on his desk or uses it as a bookend, he’ll smile each time he comes across this gift.

9. Art Book

The art-savvy, father-of-the-groom can always expand his collection of books on art and art history. Do some investigating into a sought-after volume he’s been seeking, and gift it for some relaxed reading during the wedding weekend.

10. Apple Cider Caramel Syrup

father groom gift apple cider caramel syrup

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Perfect for a fall and winter wedding, combine sugar, water, corn syrup and vanilla into a caramel for a cozy addition to warm apple cider. Gift in a bottle with your wedding monogram or their initials. Dad can enjoy a hot cup of cider while winding down after the big day.

11. Savory BBQ Spice Rub

father groom gift savory bbq spice rub

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For the dad that loves to grill, this seasoning recipe combines eight herbs and spices for barbecuing throughout the summer. Package it all up in an airtight jar and customized label. Add a few recipe ideas for using the seasoning at the next family barbecue.

12. Keepsake Box

father groom gift keepsake box

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Give the father of the groom a gift that will help him reflect on his son’s life before the wedding ceremony begins. With the Keepsake Box, he can relive memorable moments as he recounts the good times they’ve shared. When it’s time for the ceremony to begin, he’ll be one proud dad watching his son start a new chapter.

13. Glass Frame

father groom gift glass frame

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Capture the father of the groom walking down the aisle on his son’s big day. Whether he chooses to display the Down the Aisle Glass Frame in his office or on his bed stand, he’ll appreciate the laser engraved personalization that makes this frame stand out. You can even include a sweet message to thank him for all of his support leading up to the wedding.

14. Brownies

No one can deny the power of chocolate. Right before the wedding, throw all your love into a favorite homemade brownie recipe, adding all of dad’s favorite toppings as a personalized touch. Wrap them up in a hand-decorated baker’s box to hand off right after the rehearsal dinner.

15. Fresh Pine and Rosemary Beard Balm

Crafted with beeswax, shea butter and a selection of crisply scented essential oils, this homemade beard balm is ideal for the bearded father of the groom. These simple ingredients will spruce up his morning ritual while reminding him of your one-of-a-kind gift.

16. Photo Mug

father groom gift photo mug

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Every dad can use a mug to start their day with a fresh cup of coffee. Make the father of the groom’s Dad Striped Border Mug stand out by customizing it with his name, a photo or unique message. These thoughtful details will give him the boost he needs to have a positive and productive day.

17. Bread

father of the groom gift ideas bread

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Nothing’s more personal than baking a special treat as a heartfelt thank you gift. Find your favorite sourdough, whole wheat, or simple white bread recipe and gift the father of the groom with a warm, homemade loaf of bread. Pair it with a collection of home-infused olive oils or butter, or even his favorite bottle of wine.

18. Mouse Pad

father groom gift mouse pad

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Brighten dad’s day in the office with a customized gift that he’ll truly appreciate. A desk supply like the Make Today Awesome Mouse Pad can be designed with a thoughtful message to remind him of what matters most. You can even add a photo of him and the groom from the wedding day to bring back warm memories.

19. Pencil Holder

Add some sophisticated flair to dad’s writing desk with these easy DIY wooden pencil holders and desk organizer. All you need is a set of wooden gym rings in the natural color of your choice, some wood glue and a handful of trimmed popsicle sticks. This minimalist-style set keeps his favorite supplies neat and stylish.

20. Charming Teacup Birdfeeder

Transform an ornate teacup and saucer into a bird feeder with ceramic glue and twine in this two-step gift tutorial. Hang the bird feeder in a spot where he can see it every time he looks outside his home for an elegant father of the groom gift idea.

21. Pilsner Glass

father groom gift pilsner glass

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If the father of the groom enjoys a nice cold brew on a warm day, get him a signature glass that he’s guaranteed to use. The Dad Script Pilsner Glass makes a memorable gift that features a customizable front and back to include his nickname or a heartfelt message. This glass is sure to become his go-to when drinking his preferred beverage.

22. Speaker

father of the groom gift ideas speaker

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A quality speaker can transform an entire room. For the father of the groom that loves music or tunes in to a daily podcast, make sure he’s listening to the best sound possible. Consider crafting a DIY stand with simple plywood and wood glue.

23. Record

father of the groom gift ideas record

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Did you know that you can cut your own personalized playlist to vinyl? Dad will love the classic look of a customized record just for him. Add the the first dance song from your wedding and all his favorite tunes to commemorate this joyous day.

24. Photo Book

father groom gift photo book

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As the father of the groom prepares to see his son get married, give him a gift that will walk him down memory lane. From your first camping trip to father-son fishing excursions, he’ll get a kick out of flipping through a Photo Book that includes his most treasured photos. By the end, he’ll be beaming with pride as he admires the man his son has become.

25. Pocket Square

father of the groom gift ideas pocket square

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Dad is definitely looking to be at the top of his fashion game on this big day. Check out his wedding day suit color and hand pick a complementary pocket square that adds a touch of class and pop of color. Embroider his initials or the date of the wedding as a special personal touch.

Dad doesn’t need much, but for all the support he’s given you he deserves the best. Whether it’s some new glassware to stock the home bar or some office wares to pick him up during the daily grind, these gift ideas will mean the world to him long after the wedding day.

Gift Ideas