33 Heartfelt Mother of the Groom Gift Ideas

She’s watched her son grow throughout the years and has been his number one fan since the beginning. From kindergarten to his college graduation, there isn’t a moment she’s missed. While she’s grown accustomed to being the most important woman in his life, she can’t help but be excited about the adventure that’s to come. Help mom celebrate her son’s wedding by browsing our mother of the groom gift ideas. They’re sure to warm her heart!

Gift Ideas

1. Woven Tote

Perfect for a beach-side wedding, send mom off to lounge by the sea with this hand-painted woven tote. Perfect for carrying a great book, a towel and some sunglasses, this sunny accessory can be painted in any color palette you choose.

2. Seedlings

The wedding day is the beginning of a beautiful new phase in life. This touching, mother of the groom gift will speak worlds of how much she’s done to nurture and shape who the groom is today. Add personalized planters or planting instructions to round out the gift set.

3. Personalized Menu Card Box

All of your family recipes deserve a customized space to be stored and cherished. Personalize a menu card box with wooden monograms and your choice of a chalk-finish paint for the mother of the groom. Consider combining recipe cards from both sides of the family as a special wedding-themed touch.

4. Lip Scrub

mother of the groom gift ideas lip scrub

Source: Club Crafted

As mom preps for the big day, every bit of pampering goes a long way. This natural, three-ingredient lip scrub can be customized with your favorite seasonal spices. Keep things autumnal for a fall wedding or light and zesty for a summer event. Personalize the label so she knows it was made just for her.

5. Glass Magnet

mother groom gift glass magnet

Source: Shutterfly

One thing the mother of the groom can’t get enough of are photos of the boy she raised. Instead of printing out her most treasured photos, you can include them in the Floral Accent Magnets Set. These magnets will be a lovely way for her to start her day as she passes them in the kitchen or her office.

6. Scarf

Make sure mom is warm and cozy throughout the whole wedding weekend and for many winters to come. Scarves are an excellent beginner project for new knitters, guaranteeing this DIY gift will truly impress. Package your handmade scarf with a care package of warm treats for a winter wedding weekend.

7. Flowers

When planning your floral arrangements for the wedding, add an extra-special order for the mother of the bride. Spruce up her room with a vibrant bouquet to show your love and gratitude for all she’s done. Pair with a ceramic vase, jug or planter to be used for years to come.

8. Homemade Cookie Mug Lids

Elevate tea time with these practical and flavorful mug-lid cookies. As the tea steeps, the shortbread, hazelnut and chocolate cookie warms to the perfect temperature. Gift them to the mother of the groom as a unique and tasty post-wedding treat. Package them up with a message of love and her favorite coffee or tea.

9. Basket

mother of the groom gift ideas basket

Source: Annie Spratt

For the passionate gardener–or as a rustic touch of decor—consider a handwoven basket as a timeless present for mom. Fill with a festive bouquet, flowers or her favorite picnic goodies. You may even add your own special design with paint or ribbon.

10. Soap

From lavender and mint to coffee and cocoa, handmade soaps can be made in a variety of ways–perfect for a personalized gift for mom. She’ll love the opportunity to pamper herself throughout the wedding weekend. Make your own or check out local soap makers in your venue’s area.

11. Marbled Bowls

mother of the groom gift ideas marbled bowls

Source: Say Yes

Mom will be thrilled to host a lunch party while showing off her new hand-painted serving set. Swirl a customized marble design on the base of white, porcelain bowls, mugs and plates, creating a set of one-of-a-kind dinnerware. Choose your wedding colors for an extra-personalized touch.

12. DIY Lip Balm

After being such a strong support in your lives together, the mother of the groom deserves to have everything taken care of on the big day. Gift this customized, natural lip balm, made with calming and mood-boosting essential oils, perfect for a day of busy celebration.

13. Photo Book

mother groom gift photo book

Source: Shutterfly

While the groom-to-be is embarking on a new life chapter, give his mother a way to recount their early memories together. By turning her favorite photos into a photo book, you’re guaranteed to bring a smile to her face each time she opens it. She’ll enjoy flipping through the pages while getting ready for his big day.

14. Woven Blanket

mother groom gift woven blanket

Source: Shutterfly

While enjoying a movie night with her husband, the mother of the groom likes to stay warm and cozy. You can gift her with a beautiful blanket like the Damask Woven Photo Blanket that will do just that. She also has the option to use this blanket to refresh her decor as a bed throw or wall tapestry and can even pack it for a picnic in the park.

15. Mug Cozy

Right after the wedding, mom deserves to simply kick back and relax with a warm cup of coffee or tea. These easy-to-knit mug cozies will protect her hands and keep her beverage warm longer. Choose her favorite color yarn and add a stylish button for the handle. She’ll adore this luxurious touch to her morning coffee.

16. Ornament

mother groom gift ornament

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Moms enjoy spreading cheer—especially around the holidays! The mother of the groom is no different and probably has a few decorations that hold endearing memories. You can add to her collection by gifting her with the Botanical Frame Glass Ornament. It’s handcrafted, and she’ll love the monogram or thoughtful message included just for her.

17. Cork Planter

Year-round bouquets and arrangements can now grace mom’s home with this rustic cork planter. On the morning of the wedding, fill her cork vase with a personalized bouquet to deliver to her room. She’ll have so many reasons to fill the vase with floral beauties in every season.

18. Pottery

mother of the groom gift ideas pottery

Source: Liz99

Whether you’re crafty with ceramics or are looking to support a local artisan, handmade teapots will transform the way mom takes her afternoon tea. Hand paint your own design or group the gift with handmade teacups and spoons.

19. Tablet Case

mother groom gift smartphone case

Source: Shutterfly

If the mother of the groom can’t bear to be separated from her iPad, give her a personalized gift for her favorite gadget. Whether she’s browsing the web or packing it for a trip, the folio-style I Heart You iPad Case will keep her iPad nice and secure. By customizing her case with photos of the bride and groom, she’ll be able to keep track of her most cherished device.

20. Serving Tray

mother groom gift serving tray

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Perhaps the mother of the groom likes serving guests in style or needs a storage idea for her craft supplies. The Dark Floral Serving Tray makes a great multifunctional gift she will definitely put to use. You can include her favorite wedding day photo of the bride and groom in the design to remind her how happy you were on this special day.

21. Simple Necklace

What’s more personal than gifting mom with a handmade necklace for the wedding day? Layer two gold chains with blue crystal beads and a large, stylish pearl for this elegant, handmade piece. Now, mom has her own “something blue” to match the bride.

22. Wooden Spoon

mother of the groom gift ideas wooden spoon

Source: Chinh Le Duc

If the mother of the groom adores cooking, give the gift of one of the most useful tools in the kitchen–a large wooden spoon. Explore countless ways to personalize the spoon with a trendy design, her monogram or the date of the wedding. Package it all up with her favorite spices and a family recipe card.

23. Placemats

mother groom gift placemats

Source: Shutterfly

Whether she’s setting the table for dinner or preparing for the holidays, the mother of the groom pays special attention to every detail. From the silverware to the plates, her place settings are selected with care. This makes the Home All Around Collage Placemats a gift she can proudly display. By designing each placemat with family photos, she won’t be able to wait to show them off.

24. Chocolates

You can never go wrong with chocolate. Explore the local area around your wedding venue for some hometown goodies, or make a box of your own truffles. Play around with variety and flavors so mom can pick out her favorites throughout the wedding weekend.

25. Baking Dish

mother of the groom gift ideas baking dish

Source: Erol Ahmed

The avid baker can never have enough unique pie and baking dishes. Pair a new dish with a collection of recipes, specialized baking ingredients and customized packaging. Set up a date to bake together once the wedding has passed!

26. Herb Garden Kit

Nothing freshens up a meal more than newly picky, homegrown herbs. For the mom that loves to both garden and cook, gather her favorite seeds in this artistic DIY case for the planting season ahead. In just a few weeks, she’ll have all the fresh herbs she needs to all her favorite recipes.

27. Hexagon Serving Tray

Make a date with mom post-wedding to catch up over a cup of hot chocolate. This modern serving tray can be hand designed with plywood, hexagonal tiles and your favorite color paint. She’ll be blown away that this stylish tray was all your doing.

28. Honey

What is more decadent than a jar of local honey? As mom settles into the wedding festivities, gift her a jar of locally sourced honey for her tea and baked goods. Add a personalized label and even pair with a collection of teas and scones.

29. Serving Tray

For an afternoon of tea or a night of wine and cheese, this simple DIY serving tray makes a stylish gift for mom’s home. Paint and customize with your own design, or take the cue off the mother of the groom’s own home style.

30. Muffin Mix

Surprise mom on the morning of the wedding with a basket of warm apple muffins as a breakfast treat. Baking is truly a way into everyone’s heart, and these sweet morning goodies will start the day off right. Switch up apple flavored muffins for peach or blueberry depending on the wedding season.

31. Planter

mother of the groom gift ideas planter

Source: Corinne Kutz

Add a daily reminder of love to mom’s desk with a personalized planter. This special plant will grow a bit more every day after the wedding, reminding her of this incredible time. Match the planter’s style with her sense of decor and personality.

32. Table Runner

mother groom gift table runner

Source: Shutterfly

Help the mother of the groom make a statement with a gift that catches the eye of every guest who sits at her dinner table. Whether she’s cooking a family dinner for Thanksgiving or celebrating her husband’s birthday, the iKat Monogram Table Runner features a gorgeous pattern that will add to the festivities.

33. Candlesticks

Truly timeless and elegant, candlesticks play into the tradition and style of a classic wedding. The mother of the groom can now adorn her family’s dinner table with these candlesticks for decades of Thanksgivings and family reunions. Repurpose a pair of antiques or even make your own variety from wood.

Mom has always been there for you, so say thanks on your big day. Have her partake in other fun parts of the wedding day, like picking the out the mother-son dance or helping the bride find her dress. She’ll appreciate the extra thought of including her in the process.

Gift Ideas