25 Gifts for Your Bride That She’ll Love

You found the perfect woman and decided to commit your life to her. For the past several months, you’ve stood by her side and supported her as she’s poured her heart and soul into planning a dream wedding for the two of you. Now, it’s time to get her the first gift you’ll exchange as husband and wife.

As you begin your next chapter, make sure you give your wife a gift she’ll always remember. Whether it’s a beautiful necklace, stunning vase or photo book filled with memories, we have something she’s sure to love. Below, you’ll find gift ideas for your bride that she can cherish for years to come.

Gift Ideas

1. Photo Book

bride groom gift photo book

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Over the years, you’ve captured so many memories with your bride-to-be on camera. From your first road trip together to the moment you proposed, these milestones deserve to be celebrated and showcased. Help your fiancé relive the journey of your relationship that led you to the altar. Create a story with the photos that highlight your undying love for one another.

2. Leather Purse

gifts from bride to groom leather purse

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Has your bride been eyeing a particular purse leading up to the big day? If there’s one time to splurge, now’s the moment. Fill the purse with love notes and send it over to her room on the morning of the wedding.

3. Flowers

gifts from bride to groom flowers

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You can never overdo it with flowers on your wedding day. Deliver an impressive bouquet in a beautifully woven basket or purse that she can use time and time again. For an extra special touch, add some flowers from early in your relationship. Be sure to include a love letter tucked into the arrangement as well.

4. Crocheted Cowl Scarf

Select your bride’s favorite color of soft, comforting yarn, and follow this easy crocheted cowl pattern to keep her cozy in the winter. This stylish scarf follows a beginner-friendly pattern, so it’s perfect for those that are crocheting for the first time.

5. Customized Leather Journal Cover

From journals to planners, homemade covers make each book even more personal and special. Choose your bride’s favorite color of leather, elastic thread and accent beads and transform a new or existing journal as a lovely wedding day gift.

6. Necklace

bride groom gift necklace

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You can never go wrong with the gift of jewelry. It’s a romantic gesture that shows your bride-to-be how special she is to you. When picking out the first piece of jewelry you give her as husband and wife, you want it to be something she’ll never want to be without. The Rose Gold Seema Necklace allows you to choose her birthstone, a photo charm or the initial of her new last time. Whether on your honeymoon or at your next date night, she’s sure to hold this necklace close to her heart.

7. Cake Stand

gifts from bride to groom cake stand

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Once the wedding weekend has come to a close, present her with the top of your wedding cake on an elegant cake stand. Cake stands are a timeless staple in the home collection, and now this one will hold a rich sentimental value from the very beginning.

8. Journal

bride groom gift journal

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Throughout your new life together, your wife will want to recount all the memories you make. From the adventures you take on your honeymoon to the day you buy your first home together, she needs a way to capture these monumental moments. Give her more than just a typical notebook. The With Love 6×8 Lined Journal can be personalized with a collection of photos of the two of you on the cover.

9. Vase

bride groom gift vase

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Every woman loves receiving flowers, whether it’s an important occasion or just to remind her how much she means to you. Throughout your married life, you’re sure to bring home countless bouquets for your bride-to-be. Give her the gift of a gorgeous glass vase she can use over and over again that will remind her of your everlasting love.

10. Bed Sheets

gifts from bride to groom bad sheets

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Your wedding day is an opportunity for a new start throughout your home. Freshen up your bedroom with a new set of high-quality, high thread count sheets. Once all the wedding plans have passed, a crisply made, cozy bed awaits you for rest and rejuvenation.

11. Spa Day

gifts from bride to groom spa day

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After accommodating hundreds of family and friends and running all over town to make your wedding happen, a spa day is just what your bride needs. Treat both her and yourself to a day of hot tubs and massages. Now it’s time to focus on you!

12. Heels

gifts from bride to groom heels

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Buying a quality pair of shoes takes research and care. The effort of this thoughtful gift will not go unnoticed. So, take the time to buy her a fun pair of heels that she’s been holding off on buying herself. Then, take her out for a night on the town for your first date as a married couple.

13. Clock

Steeped in opportunity for sweet symbolism, give the gift of time to your bride on the morning of your nuptials. Match the special clock to her style and decor tastes—choosing either a sleek, modern model or a vintage, antique design.

14. Wine Glass

bride groom gift wine glass

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Building a home with your life partner is one of the greatest joys of marriage. As you’re settling into married life, nothing beats sharing an intimate glass of wine at the end of the day or before a romantic dinner. Your bride-to-be is sure to adore one of these Mrs. Stemless Wine Glasses with etched personalization. What better way to help her celebrate her new last name and becoming your wife.

15. Beaded Hair Pins

Truly timeless, your lady will adore a set of hand-wrapped gemstone hair pins, perfect to accent a curled updo. For a special touch, match your chosen gems to her birthstone or her favorite colors. These pins work well on all occasions and can be worn from your wedding day to your romantic honeymoon.

16. Handmade Moccasins

Show off your crocheting prowess with these handmade moccasins for your bride. Follow this step-by-step pattern and gift them before the big day. Your bride can wear them around her room while prepping for the wedding.

17. Hat

Whether she’s off on a stylish afternoon in town or for a fun-filled date night with her new husband, a new hat rounds out her outfit. Each hat speaks worlds to each person’s unique personality, making this an incredibly personalized option for a gift for your bride.

18. Wooden Picture Frame

bride groom gift wooden picture frame

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After your big day, you know you’re going to have an array of amazing photos of you and your wife that you’ll want to display throughout your home. Give her the perfect way to showcase one of the standout moments of the day, whether it’s your first dance or the moment you cut the cake. You can customize the Falling Foliage Wood Frame with your names and wedding date to commemorate your best day ever.

19. Golden Charm Necklace

Gift this handmade statement necklace by wrapping gold wire around a ball of soft merino wool. The chain attaches with ease to complete the piece. Send over this lovely gift with a love note as she’s getting ready for the ceremony.

20. Margarita Mix

gifts from bride to groom margarita mix

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As your bride and her wedding party dance the last night away before the wedding, send over a basket of party favors to show your love. Include margarita mix, fresh limes and a fine tequila to ensure a fun night ahead.

21. Polaroid

Your wedding day will fly by faster than you know it. Send her a classic way to capture every moment with her bridesmaids with a Polaroid camera. The printed photos will make excellent additions to a scrapbook or photo display after the wedding.

22. Scarf

Saying your “I Dos” in the heart of winter? Give her the gift of a fine quality or even a handmade scarf to keep her cozy during all the wedding preparations. With a soft and warm addition to her wardrobe, she’ll keep you close no matter how busy the weekend gets.

23. Catch All Tray

bride groom gift catch all tray

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Your bride-to-be needs a special place for her beautiful wedding set when she slips them off before heading to the gym or getting in bed at night. Give her a gift that’s functional and stylish with the Scripted Love Memory Catch All Tray. You can customize this stunning glass tray with your favorite photo of the two of you or an intimate message that will remind her how much you love her each time she uses it.

24. Gem Hair Pins

Send your bride a surprise “something blue” on the morning of the wedding. These simple yet eye-catching jasper hair pins fit elegantly into any wedding hairstyle or can even clip to her bouquet. And what’s even better: these versatile accents can be worn in all stylish situations post-wedding.

Whatever you gift your soon-to-be on your wedding day, make sure it’s something she’ll love for years to come. Don’t forget to include a thoughtful note that shares how much she means to you!

Gift Ideas