52 Fun Groomsman Gift Ideas They’ll Love

Before you found the girl of your dreams, your best friends were the ones who stood by your side through thick and thin. As you take this exciting step with your bride-to-be, show your boys how much their friendship has meant to you over the years. Whether you give them a personalized pilsner glass, custom playing cards or a cool new iPhone case, we’ve got a list of groomsman gift ideas that are sure to make the members of your wedding party feel extra special.

Gift Ideas

1. BBQ Sauce

If your friends can’t resist a plate of ribs, send them your favorite BBQ sauce from a local restaurant. Go spicy, sweet, tangy or all of the above with a gift set. Include other irresistible BBQ items like salsa, coleslaw and more.

2. Flask

groomsman gift flask

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Your bachelor party just wouldn’t be complete without the right spirits in tow. The Whiskey Business Flask lets you customize the front and back with their name, monogram or initial to commemorate your last celebration as a single man. Your best friends are sure to have a good time with this gift by their side.

3. Polaroid Camera

If your group of friends leans on the artistic side, gift each of them a polaroid camera to play with. Encourage each of them to bring it for the big day so they can snap their own photos to accompany your professional ones.

4. Pocket Square

groomsman gift ideas pocket square

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Chances are your groomsmen will be in a suit and tie on your big day, so upgrade their attire with a dapper pocket square. Pick a vibrant pattern that will go with the suit they’re already wearing, but something versatile enough that they can wear it for any special occasion.

5. Popcorn

Popcorn can make for the perfect sweet or savory treat depending on which direction you choose. Easy to ship, this makes for a great groomsmen gift no matter where your friends reside. Save money by making your own gourmet flavors at home, like sea salt, caramel or spicy curry.

6. Smartphone Case

groomsman gift smartphone case

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You want your wedding festivities to be filled with tons of candid photos of you and your best friends. Make sure your groomsman always have their phones handy to snap a memorable pic by giving them a brand new iPhone case. You can design it with their name or initial to make this gift just for them.

7. Video Game

groomsman gift ideas video game


If the days of LAN parties made up your weekends growing up, gift your friends a new video game that they’ve been meaning to play. Pick a multiplayer game for your whole group to play together leading up to the wedding, which doubles as an icebreaker for groomsmen who may not have met yet.

8. Savory Spreads

groomsman gift ideas savory spreads

Source: James Sutton

If you’re at a loss for what to gift your groomsmen, run to your local grocery store and check out their dips and spreads. Chances are they have a lot of choices that you’ve never tried. Pick your favorites and pair it with pretzels and crackers to make a snacking gift set they’ll enjoy.

9. Throwing Axe

The ultimate sign of manliness, a throwing axe makes for a cool, unique gift. Find small axes online or at your local home improvement store. Get the wooden handles engraved with their initials for an added touch. Next time you’re all in the same room, sport your best Ron Swanson ‘stache and head out into the wilderness together.

10. Coffee Bean Bar Soap

Combine your favorite coffee grounds with vitamin E and a pour-and-melt soap block to provide an invigorating start to the wedding day for all your groomsmen. Pair with other coffee-themed gifts to make a fun collection of gift ideas for your wedding party.

11. Watch

What time is it? Wedding time! Splurge on a nice watch for you and each of your friends to wear on the big day. Get matching armbands or select different ones based on your friends’ style. Gift these the morning of the wedding as you and your friends get ready together as a special shared moment.

12. Moscow Mule Mugs

If Moscow Mules are always on the menu, gift some personalized copper mugs so your groomsmen can level up their bar at home. Include ginger beer and an airplane bottle of vodka so they don’t waste any time trying to mix the perfect mule. You can apply this to other fun drinks too, like margaritas or an Old Fashioned.

13. Simple Leather Wallet

For guys that like simplicity, cut and sew this minimalist leather wallet pattern for a classy groomsmen accessory. Consider embroidering initials on the front of the wallet for a personalized touch.

14. Comic Books

groomsman gift ideas comic books

Source: Mitch Rosen

Scour the Internet or local comic book store for a book or graphic novel you enjoyed when you were kids. Whether you find a rare artifact or just stick to the classics, your friends will love a throwback to their favorite pastime.

15. Guilty Pleasure Kit

Can’t think of just one thing to gift your groomsmen? Try gathering all their favorite treats and sweets like jelly beans, chocolate bars, cereal and more for a guilty pleasure box they can indulge in. Nothing beats a sugar-induced food coma.

16. Customized Clip-On Bow Ties

Consider a personalized gift idea that adds a special touch to the groomsmen’s matching outfits. Hand sew one-of-a-kind bow ties from your choice of fabric and connect the bow-tie feature to the back for easy wear. They can wear these unique accessories long after the wedding day itself.

17. Passport Holder

If you’re planning a destination wedding outside the U.S., DIY a passport holder for each of your best mates. They’ll put it to good use traveling to and from the wedding, as well as wherever their future wanderlust takes them. Make it a full travel kit with an eye mask, neck pillow and luggage tag.

18. Pilsner Glass

groomsman gift pilsner glass

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A custom glass is a timeless way to commemorate any special occasion. Give your groomsmen a pilsner glass they can use throughout your wedding festivities and continue to enjoy for years to come. With the hand-sandblasted design, the Wedding Party Personalized Pilsner will help you and your friends toast in style.

19. Espresso

If your crew loves coffee, consider buying some artisanal beans or a monthly coffee subscription. Your friends will appreciate the thoughtful gift that will keep them alert day after day. Send the beans with a photo mug and your favorite picture of the two of you.

20. Nightstand Organizer

groomsman gift ideas nightstand organizer

Source: Jeff Sheldon

Keep where your friend rests their head as organized as possible with a nightstand organizer. Perfect for storing their smartphone, wallet, keys and loose change, this is a great and functional gift they’ll appreciate years after.

21. Natural After Shave Spray

After giving so much support leading up to this big day, your wedding party deserves to relax and rejuvenate. Spoil your groomsmen by combining skin-softening essential oils and aloe vera into this natural after-shave spray. Include this easy recipe so they can make it part of their daily ritual.

22. Rich and Creamy Hot Chocolate Mix

Thicker and richer than standard hot chocolate, combine cocoa powder, semi-sweet chocolate, cornstarch and sugar for this Italian-inspired hot chocolate mix, perfect for winter weddings. Gift these to your groomsmen in personalized jars with notes of thanks.

23. Beard Balm

For the bearded crew, a DIY or store bought beard balm will keep them looking and feeling fresh. This DIY includes nourishing jojoba oil and shea butter for a luxurious beard. Not to mention refreshing cedar so your groomsmen are left smelling great. Pair the balm with a beard comb and other manly necessities to complete the package.

24. Cord Organizer

Technology today makes life a lot easier, but it also creates a lot of disorganization. Keep your guys’ lives a little more together with these simple leather cord organizers. Easy to make, send multiple ones to use for a smartphone, laptop and ear bud cords. Pair it with a cool new smartphone case for the tech savvy crew.

25. DIY Eucalyptus Shave Cream

Treat your party to a refreshing shave by whipping together a natural shaving cream by hand. With just four ingredients, blend together a refreshing mix of eucalyptus, natural oils and shea butter for an excellent and practical groomsmen gift idea.

26. Beer

groomsman gift ideas beer

Source: sydney Rae

You can do no wrong with a cold beer. Buy a pack of their favorite craft beer and replace the labels with a clever saying or their name. Include koozies or their own personalized pint glass so next time they reach for a cold one in the fridge they’re reminded of your friendship.

27. Bottle Opener

For your college buddies, create a bottle opener using your alma mater’s logo. Your groomsmen will be extra excited next time they reach for a brewski. Include this with the gift of a growler or six-pack of their favorite craft brew.

28. Ballcap

groomsman gift ideas ballcap

Source: Andrew Neel

Purchase ball caps for your team of best friends. It can either be a favorite sports team, a local landmark, hometown or embroidered with your nicknames for one another. They can wear them after the ceremony if your reception is mostly outdoors as a fun substitute for boutonnieres.

29. Basic Wallet

groomsman gift ideas basic wallet

Source: Noodlehead

If your friend’s wallet is looking a little weathered, DIY this simple one that they can swap out. Pick a fabric that matches their personal style, like flannel, striped or a solid color. On the wedding day, they can keep just the essentials like their credit cards, some cash and ID without having to lug their whole wallet with them.

30. Salsa

Head over to your local gourmet gift shop and pick out a selection of hot sauces and salsas to ship to your friends. Shelf stable and easy to pack, your friends will love trying out the new flavors at their next BBQ or game night.

31. Brownies

Nothing hits the spot like a tray of fudge-y brownies. Indulge your groomsmen’s sweet tooth by delivering some brownies made by yourself or a local bakery. Pick a variety so each friend gets their favorite flavor. They’ll be devoured in an instant as they anticipate joining you on your big day.

32. Portable Charger

groomsman gift portable charger

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When it comes to planning ahead and being prepared, your best friends can sometimes use some help. You want to make sure they’re set and ready to go for all your wedding festivities. Giving them a portable charger will ensure they’ll have their phones equipped to capture a great photo or to communicate about any pertinent details leading up to your big day.

33. Playing Cards

groomsman gift playing cards

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Whether you’re playing a friendly drinking game or getting together for a poker night, a deck of playing cards is an instant way to get the party started. Your groomsmen are sure to love the Game On Playing Cards once you make them one-of-a-kind with your favorite photos and their name. They’ll make a great addition to your bachelor party or a future boy’s night.

34. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a classic groomsmen gift. A classic style that is easy to gift, have fun finding cufflinks that match the personality of your groomsmen. Go with the standard silver or gold, try a monogram or style it after a favorite pastime like dice or football.

35. Whiskey

groomsman gift ideas whiskey

Source: Tim Wright

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of whiskey. Gift each of your groomsmen a bottle of their favorite liquor—bonus points if you pair it with a personalized flask or tumbler. Remember that mailing alcohol to some states isn’t allowed, so this is best for local friends or saving it for the night before the wedding when everyone is together.

36. Chopsticks

Personal chopsticks are a unique gift for any sushi-loving friends. You can find reusable, authentic chopsticks online and pair it with a sushi set like a serving tray and soy sauce dipping platter. Or find the local sushi restaurant in each of your friend’s hometowns and send a gift card for their at-home enjoyment.

37. Thank You Note Tie Boxes

groomsman gift thank you note tie boxes

Source: Evermine

Providing custom accessories for your groomsmen makes the wedding day simpler and easier for your party. When gifting groomsmen ties for your big day, package them in personalized boxes, thanking them through handmade stickers for all their support.

38. Photo Mug

groomsman gift photo mug

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Your best friends are always on the go. Whether they’re traveling for work or heading out on a weekend camping trip, they can keep any beverage hot or cold wherever life’s adventures take them. With this 16 oz Stainless Steel Mug, you can upload your own photo to make it uniquely designed.

39. Water Bottle

After working up a sweat or just working hard at the office, keep your best friends hydrated with an insulated water bottle. Pick one in different colors or get them printed with your wedding date. This is a perfect gift that can keep them cool during a summer wedding and the years to follow.

40. Workout Armband

Get fit with a DIY armband holder. Perfect for the groomsmen that can be found running a 5K, at CrossFit or just doing their everyday workout, this simple workout band can be made from an old workout shirt. Include a protein bar and water bottle to encourage more healthy competition leading up to your wedding day.

41. Magazine Subscription

groomsman gift ideas magazine subscription

Source: THE 5TH

If you have an eclectic group of friends, gift them each a year-long subscription to the magazine of their choice. It can be food, fashion, finance—anything that matches their personality. This a great gift that you can personalize to each groomsman’s preference.

42. Donut Poker Chips

Bring some fun to your next poker night with these donut themed poker chips. Using just a few simple materials, you can whip up some fun themed poker chips in an afternoon. If you’re not into donuts, try painting their nicknames, alma mater logo or fun pattern instead.

43. Tie

It’s a classic, but never goes out of style. If your groomsmen are sporting a suit for your wedding, buy them all matching ties to wear on the big day. Match them using the same color and pattern or just stick to the same hue and switch it up depending on the friend.

44. Record Book

For the music buffs, make your friends a record inspired notebook. Leave the inside blank for them to fill with their favorite music memories or start some of it by including photos of you and friends at the last music festival. Include concert tickets, album covers and a gift card to a music subscription to keep the tunes rolling.

45. Winter Beanie

If you’re having a winter wedding, these classic beanies will keep them warm and stylish during your wedding weekend. Go classic with a neutral-toned beanie or make it fun with a goofy pom-pom on top. Your bros will love it regardless and use it for many cold months to come.

46. Coffee Stencil

For the coffee addicts in the bunch, these DIY coffee stencils make for a fun add-on for any aspiring barista. Make the stencils show their first initial, an uplifting message or a fun shape. Next time they reach for a coffee, they’ll pause to remember your wedding day and the years you’ve spent together.

47. Growler

groomsman gift growler

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Whenever you get together with your best friends, there’s usually beer involved. You’ve always enjoyed hitting up a local brewery, and one time, you even tried making your own brew together. Your friends can keep their favorite beer fresh and stylish with a specially made, stainless steel growler.

48. Mini-Bar To Go

groomsman gift mini bar to go

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Extend the party with class by combining all your favorite spirits in a personalized groomsman jar. Include a monogrammed glass for making pre-wedding cocktails. Tie the whole gift together with a handmade thank you tag and festive twine.

49. Apron

groomsman gift ideas apron

Source: Lilly Ardor

If your groomsmen love to grill or get dirty in the workshop, an apron keeps their clothes clean and free of debris. Try this simple apron DIY and decorate it with their tools of choice, like hammers or spatulas. Include a gift card to their favorite housewares or home improvement store depending on their personality.

50. Personalized Groomsmen Cigar Holders

Just before the ceremony, it’s important to slow down and enjoy a moment together as groomsmen by having a cocktail or lighting a fancy cigar. Spruce up your celebration cigars with these groomsman and best man printouts, topped off with a leather tie and cigar case.

51. Travel Bags

groomsman gift ideas travel bags

Source: Erol Ahmed

A weekend duffle bag is a must for any globetrotting friend. Purchase each of your friends a getaway bag—perfect if you’re hosting a destination wedding to stay in tune with the travel theme. Get them excited for the big day, the upcoming bachelor party weekend and any future travels.

52. Luggage Tag

groomsman gift luggage tag

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Over the years, one thing has been certain—your best friends are always up for an adventure! From the time you went rock climbing to the spring break trip where you learned to surf, you and your friends can turn any excursion into a memorable experience. The Adventure Awaits Luggage Tag is a functional gift to commemorate all the exciting journeys you’ve had together.

Your groomsmen have been with you through thick and thin and now they’ll be supporting you on your big day. Say thanks with a thoughtful gift that they can use for years to come (and always smile and think of you).

Gift Ideas