26 Groom Gift Ideas That He’ll Love

He found the love of his life, and it’s time to celebrate. You want to choose the perfect gift for him to commemorate this special occasion. Whether you give him a custom coaster set with photos of him and his bride-to-be, a custom flask or memorable photo mug, we’ve put together a collection of groom gift ideas to honor the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

Gift Ideas

1. Flask

groom gift ideas flask

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Before he sets off on his bachelor party for one last weekend with the boys, give him a simple and stylish way to store his preferred spirits. With this gift in tow, he’s sure to let loose with his groomsmen before he walks down the aisle.

2. Chemex

For the ultimate coffee lover, a perfect cup of joe takes time, it’s an art. Help him wake up the right way on his wedding morning with a pour-over mug of his favorite brew. Pair with all the coffee accouterment to round out his coffee set.

3. Glass Photo Print

groom gift ideas glass photo print

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When it comes to decorating his desk at the office or his bedside table, the groom needs a fun and creative way to showcase some of his favorite photos of his bride-to-be. With the Pictogram 8×10 Glass Print, you can include an array of photos as well as a monogram. He’s sure to love this personalized gift for years to come.

4. Pocket Square

groom gift ideas pocket square

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The perfect pocket square rounds out a classic outfit, especially in a highly photographed day like your wedding. Gift him a pocket square with an accent that he can wear with pride all wedding day long. Match his boutonniere and suit color or add a pop of color to make him truly stand out.

5. Exfoliating Cedarwood Soap

After all the wedding prep, it’s important to treat yourselves and focus on self-care. Pamper your groom after the busy wedding weekend with a cedarwood, clove and vetiver-scented oatmeal and French clay soap recipe. Package with a love note and personalized gift tag to let him know just how much you care.

6. Photo Mug

groom gift ideas photo mug

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Whether he’s pouring his first cup of coffee at the office or making you breakfast in bed, every husband needs a sturdy mug for his morning fuel. With the Gallery Monogram 16oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug, he can enjoy a warm drink at home or on the go. Design it with his initial and a photo of his bride-to-be, and he’s sure to enjoy this mug every day.

7. Cutting Board

groom gift ideas cutting board

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She may be a wiz in the kitchen, but he’s a master of the grill. Help the groom serve in style the next time he and his bride-to-be host a neighborhood barbecue. The King of the Grill Cutting Board allows you to include laser engraving so you can make this gift one-of-a-kind.

8. Cufflinks

How often does your groom have the chance to wear French-cuffed shirts? Today’s the day to go all out. Playful or classic, find the perfect set of cufflinks for him–or even make them yourself! He’ll have a reason to wear cufflinks to all your anniversary dinners.

9. Vintage Frame Photo Display

The wedding day is a beautiful time to look back at how far you’ve come together. Attach chicken wire to the back of a vintage frame and display all your loving memories leading up to the wedding day. Keep this in the heart of your home and add photos as each year passes.

10. Collar Stays

A small but important little accessory to your groom’s suit, collar stays will keep his collar loops crisp and sturdy. These often-overlooked items can be both handmade and personalized with his monogram. Make every part of his wedding day outfit special with this DIY project.

11. Work Bag

groom gift ideas work bag

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Of all the accessories he interacts with the most, a quality work bag could change his whole day. Let him start fresh at work after the wedding by gifting him with a high-quality bag that balances style with comfort. The bag will act as a daily reminder of your love and thoughtfulness.

12. Homemade Bacon Jam

Send an impressive homemade snack as your groom preps for the ceremony with his groomsmen. This bacon jam recipe, a mix of butter, sugar, vinegar, spices and—of course—bacon, makes a scrumptious gift idea on the big day.

13. Mason Jar

groom gift ideas mason jar

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After a day of working in the yard or flipping burgers on the grill, he’ll need a refreshing beverage to cool down. A mason jar allows him to sip in style while relaxing after a long day. You can design this charming glass with his name to create a truly original gift he’s sure to love.

14. Handmade Nautical Pocket Square

Wedding gifts to the groom are a lovely way to add to their wedding-day look. Hand-stamp your favorite nautical design on these customizable pocket squares. Now he can walk down the aisle with your gift close to his heart.

15. Gloves

When hosting a fireside, holiday wedding, keep your groom’s hands toasty with a new pair of gloves. While transitioning from the ceremony to the reception, he can bundle up in your new gift, making sure he’s comfortable the entire wedding day.

16. Paperweight

groom gift ideas paperweight

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At the office, the groom will want some mementos to remind him of his beautiful bride. After an intense meeting or a strenuous project, seeing her face will help to brighten his mood and lift his spirits. The customizable Heart Outline Paper Weight is a simple way to remind him of his true love.

17. DIY Adjustable Bow Tie

Add your own loving touch to his wedding day outfit. With your choice of fabric, follow this simple sewing pattern and combine with bow tie hardware to class things up for all your future dates as husband and wife. Go a step further and customize the bow tie to his wedding day suit.

18. Photo Book

groom gift ideas photo book

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Throughout the years, some of your best moments have been captured in photos. From your first date to first time meeting the family, each of these memories reflects your deep love. Before you walk down the aisle, help the groom take a walk down memory lane through some of the highlights of your relationship.

19. Water Bottle

Athletes and adventurers alike always search for the ideal water bottle. Find one that speaks to his on-the-go way of life, incorporating his style along with it. He’ll keep this gift close as he bounces around throughout the wedding weekend.

20. Watch

For centuries, the watch has been a gift-worthy item that speaks worlds of a man’s style and personality. Use your wedding day to surprise him with something that speaks to his unique sense of class and charm. Include a note of love about all the time you look forward to sharing together.

21. Turntable

groom gift ideas turntable

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Some types of music are just meant to be played on vinyl. When the groom is extra-passionate about his tunes, nothing will impress him more than a new or vintage turntable of his own. Pair this with his favorite records and even a record of your first dance song.

22. Growler

groom gift ideas growlers

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If he likes to frequent his favorite local brewery or if he’s taken up the hobby of homebrewing, a growler makes the perfect gift. Give a growler his signature touch with hand-sandblasted personalization. This stylish jug is not just functional, it will also look great displayed in a bar cart in the groom’s new home.

23. Handmade Wooden Wedding Band

As the ultimate handmade present, consider making wedding bands for one another from scratch with natural materials. Drill wood selections like Brazilian Walnut or richly colored African Paduak into the perfect size. Finish this with tung oil for a truly unique and lifelong gift.

24. Luggage Tag

groom gift ideas luggage tag

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Help get the groom ready for his honeymoon trip with a brand new luggage tag for his suitcase. The Well Traveled Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tag allows you to customize both sides with his name and contact information. He’s sure to travel in style with this unique and practical gift.

25. Fibonacci Sequence Scarf

Combine your cleverness with crafting to make this scarf for your math-loving husband-to-be. The knitting pattern incorporates the Fibonacci sequence throughout the scarf. Choose his favorite colors to personalize it to his style, reminding him of your love throughout the chillier weather.

26. Personalized Frame

groom gift ideas personalized frame

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While he’s working late one night at the office or when he rolls over and wakes up first thing in the morning, a photo you will help brighten his day. Give him a fashionable frame to display a beautiful photo of his true love. With the Rustic Wood Foliage Personalized Frame, you can add a custom message with the couple’s names and wedding year to commemorate your big day.

Whether he’s an outdoor adventurer, an at-home gourmand or a savvy urbanite, pick a gift that not only gets him excited to say “I do” but is something that he’ll cherish every day. Pair your gift with a heartfelt message that gives him the butterflies.

Gift Ideas