55 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Your Girl Squad

Your bridesmaids have been your saving grace. From trying on dozens of dresses to stuffing wedding invitations and helping you pack for your honeymoon, there’s no task they couldn’t handle. Now it’s time to thank them for the countless hours they’ve devoted to you. While it can be difficult to narrow down the best bridesmaid gift ideas, we’ve put together a list of both meaningful and fun gifts that can help you show your appreciation.

Gift Ideas

1. Journal

Everyone can use a journal in their life. It’s a useful tool to express yourself and capture the experiences you want to remember. Depending on when you share this memento with your bridesmaid, she can document her journey as a member of your bridal party. These journals are hardcover, making them ideal to take wherever she goes.

2. Confetti Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcake with galaxy dark whipped cream on black party background.

Cupcakes are a crowd pleaser and if all your friends live nearby, it makes for the perfect sweet treat. Pick your favorite bakery and have them make cupcakes that match your wedding colors. Flavors are up to you, but keep in mind any allergies or food intolerance like gluten-free or vegan friends.

3. Motivational Sign

Give your bridesmaids a boost each morning with a thoughtful DIY sign. If you live near a beach, find driftwood that you can paint on. Or run to the local hardware store and pick up some wood planks you can cut down. Include uplifting words and phrases like “thankful,” “love,” “cherish” and more.

4. Candle

Candle set for a cute gift idea.

After all of the running around your bridesmaid did for you, help her relax by gifting her a Bokeh Heart Candle that you can personalize with a message. Whether she uses it to decorate her home or create a peaceful ambiance, she will appreciate the thought that went into designing this gift especially for her.

5. Box of Chocolates

We all know the saying—say thanks to your bridesmaids for being a part of your life with a box of chocolates. Pick from heavenly truffles, delectable toffee or classic bonbons for a selection they’ll be eager to dive into. These are also easy to ship, so are perfect gifts for friends farther away.

6. Floral Summer Hat

Whether celebrating on the beach or at a garden-themed celebration, sun hats are a classic touch to gift your bridesmaids. Both fresh or faux flowers personalize a wide-brimmed hat to keep your ladies cool and stylish during wedding prep and throughout the day.

7. Espresso Beans or Tea

mug with illustrations of dogs

For the caffeine lovers out there, purchase a bag of artisanally roasted coffee, espresso beans, or loose leaf tea. Your friends will love trying a new flavor and will be reminded of you while getting their pick me up. Include a gift card to their favorite local roaster or a personalized latte mug they can cherish each morning.

8. Leaf Earrings

bridesmaid gift ideas leaf earrings

Source: DIY in PDX

These delicate leaf earrings make for a great bridesmaid gift. Model the leaf shape off your favorite plant, like the classic monstera or a funky cactus. Take your gift to the next level by gifting it with a small plant modeled after the earrings you made.

9. Flask

bridesmaid gift flask

Source: Shutterfly

For your bridesmaid who is known to get the party started, get her barware that she can use for more than just your wedding day. You can personalize it with her name or a message that will forever remind her of the role she played in your big day.

10. Fleece Blanket

Fleece blanket as a great gift.

Everyone loves to snuggle and curl up on the couch. This makes the Fleece Photo Blanket a practical gift that will quickly become a favorite with your bridesmaid. You can customize it by adding her initials on the colorful design. Whether she’s enjoying a movie night or using her blanket for decor, this will be a gift she truly treasures.

11. Moscow Mule Mug

Can’t turn down a Moscow Mule at happy hour? Gift your friends a personalized copper mug so they can make them at home. Paint a fun pattern on the mug or try out your calligraphy skills and monogram each. Pair the mugs with a Moscow Mule recipe, a single serving of vodka and some ginger beer to get the party started.

12. Beach Towels

a selection of different towels.

If you’re having a wedding or bachelorette party near a beach or lake, gift matching beach towels for each of your bridesmaids. Pick a fun pattern and make it extra special by getting them monogrammed. They likely won’t have thought to bring one and this makes a great gift they can utilize every year.

13. Decorative Initials

These versatile decorative letters can be used as paperweights, bookends, tabletop decor or anywhere you need a little design “oomph”. Make a letter for each of your bridesmaids using their first name and paint them in any color or pattern you like! Include other fun monogram items, like a smartphone case, tote bag or notepad.

14. Donut

Donuts do no wrong. Either splurge on a whole dozen for each friend or pick up some artisanal ones from your local bakery. This makes for a great getting ready treat the day of the wedding. Make it complete with an order of coffee and a healthy spread of fruit to level out the sweet treats.

15. Body Butter

bridesmaid gift ideas body butter

Source: Poppy Talk

Give the gift of relaxation with a jar of invigorating body butter. Using a few simple ingredients, infuse the lotion with your favorite scents like rose or lemon. Pair the gift with a mani-pedi gift card, some cozy socks or DIY hand lotion. Your bridesmaids will appreciate the extra thought you put into their at-home spa day.

16. Makeup

Who doesn’t love a beauty haul? Gather a collection of your favorite must-haves and gift them to your friends. Find sample sizes of eyeshadows, lipsticks, mascaras, perfumes and more as a way to keep cost in check and give your friends a diverse sampling. Gather it all in a fun makeup bag for a gift they’ll be raving about.

17. Leather Pouch

These triangle pouches are perfect to keep odds and ends organized like loose change, house keys or lip balm. Even better, these pouches are no-sew! Pick different colors based on your girlfriends’ personal style and include a heartfelt note or gift card in each pouch.

18. Cord Organizer

In today’s busy tech world, your bridesmaids probably have more cords than they can count. Make life a little easier with these simple leather cord organizers. Pick their favorite color and use colorful snap buttons to make it pop. Include a gift card for a music subscription service or new smartphone case as well!

19. Sunglasses

For summer or beach weddings, gift your bridesmaids with some new shades they can wear before, during and after the wedding. Go with classic aviators or have fun with them and print your wedding date or bridesmaids’ names on the side of each one. They’ll appreciate a gift they can use long after the wedding is over.

20. Wine Tote

A selection of three wine totes.

Your bridesmaid will love these simple wine totes to carry their favorite label in style. Pair it with their favorite wine and a sweet letter about hwo thankful you are for their love and support. There won’t be a dry eye left in the room.

21. Custom Jewelry

bridesmaid gift custom jewelry

You and your bridesmaids have been there for each other throughout the years. Celebrate this bond with customizable jewelry like a bangle, bracelet or necklace. You can add a personal touch by finding your favorite photo of the two of you from your wedding day and including it as a charm on this Gold Vivienne Bangle.

22. Crystal Pendant

For the boho bridesmaids, a crystal pendant makes a great DIY that can double as wedding day jewelry. Using shell casings, find gemstones in your friends’ favorite colors or their birthstones. Your friends will be impressed that you pulled it off and even more excited to wear it on the big day.

23. Hibiscus Lemonade

bridesmaid gift ideas hibiscus lemonde

Source: Brooke Lark

Gift your bridesmaids a refreshing beverage like hibiscus lemonade or cucumber water. It’s easy to DIY your own or level up simple sparkling water by adding fresh-cut fruit. Gift it in a large carafe that they can reuse long after they’ve devoured your delicious drink.

24. Nail Polish

bridesmaid gift ideas nail polish

Source: Annie Spratt

Keep everyone’s nails looking and feeling great with an at-home nail kit. Include a favorite nail polish along with the necessities like a nail file, buffer, topcoat, and luxe hand cream. Even better, include a gift card to the spa near your wedding location so you can all get your nails done together the day before the wedding.

25. Macarons

Mixed color of French macaroons in box.

You can’t go wrong with a tray of macarons. This glamorous French dessert is perfect for any Parisian-themed wedding. Bake your own or run to your local bakery and pick flavors you know your friends will drool over, like coffee, lemon, matcha or vanilla. Serve up simple macarons or add in other French-inspired items like a small serving tray and an espresso cup.

26. Pencil Decorations

For the busy bridesmaid, make a fun and sweet pencil topper to brighten up their day. With this 2-ingredient clay recipe, shape the dough into anything you’d like. You can go simple with a heart or star or get creative with a cactus, rainbow or unicorn design. Fix them atop some pencils and pair with a personalized notepad so they’re ready to tackle the day.

27. Scented Room Spray

bridesmaid gift ideas scented room spray

Source: Swoon Worthy

Bring some fresh air into your friends’ space with an essential oil room spray. Good for anywhere that needs a boost, spray it on bed sheets, in the kitchen or over clothes. This DIY is inspired by the holidays with cozy scents like cinnamon, orange and cloves.

28. Yoga Mat

If your bride tribe can be found getting their savasana on every week, gift them a yoga mat they can use during their workouts. Pick one in an enjoyable color and include a fun workout tank top or water bottle. On the morning of your wedding day, you can even do some guided meditation with your bridesmaids to relax and center yourselves.

29. Wooden Picture Frame

bridesmaid gift wooden picture frame

There’s one thing that rings true about each of your bridesmaids—they hold a special place in your heart. Whether your favorite photo is the two of you in a middle school talent show or sitting poolside during spring break, showcase it in this Best of Friends Wood Frame. Engrave a thoughtful message that will make her smile every time she sees it.

30. Makeup Bag

Glam squad and TSA approved, this clear makeup bag is the perfect gift for any destination wedding. Make it easier for your bridesmaids to bring along their favorite necessities with this fun DIY. Include beauty essentials like lip balm, mascara, cotton pads and more so they travel fully prepared.

31. Hand-Sculpted Tassel Earrings

Combine your favorite colors of polymer clay and embroidery thread to construct playful bridesmaids earrings for the wedding or bachelorette party. Bridesmaids can wear them as a way to tie all their accessories together on the big day.

32. Sangria

Make your own sangria for a festive bridesmaid gift. Go either white or red and pick fruits that your friends will enjoy like oranges, strawberries, pineapple and more. This gift is perfect for a summer or spring wedding that will get your bridesmaids excited to party on the big day.

33. Little Things Tin

bridesmaid gift ideas little things tin

Source: Maker Mama

Your girlfriends can do it all—between work, play and home, gift something practical and personal. Decorate mint tins with cute washi tape and fill them with everyday essentials like bobby pins, hair ties, gum and more. Include their name or a thoughtful quote so every time they reach for it they’ll think of you.

34. Custom Magnets

Adorable magnets on a fridge.

Add some brightness to your friend’s kitchen or office with these cute magnets. This simple DIY can be done in just minutes! Your bridesmaids will have a gift that’s fun and practical. Include it with other organization items like a personalized notepad, or print out photos of you two so they can hang them easily.

35. Wine

Wine bottles in basket on brick wall background.

Wine never makes for a bad gift. Pick out a bottle of each friend’s favorite varietal and gift wrap it in a nice bag. Pair it with a personalized wine tumbler with their initials or a fun saying. Be aware that if you’re shipping to friends far away, some states do not allow you to send alcohol, so this gift is ideal for friends closer by.

36. Rainbow Cheese Board

bridesmaid gift ideas rainbow cheese board

Source: Studio DIY

Who doesn’t like a wine and cheese night? Make your next charcuterie display stand out with this rainbow inspired one. Pack it with other cheese essentials like cheese knives, a savory jam and cheese labelers so your girlfriends can become the hostess with the most-ess.

37. Catch All Tray

bridesmaid gift catch all tray

Your bridesmaid was there for you every step of the way, helping to keep you organized and focused. Return the favor by giving her a Tres Chic Catch All Tray that will provide a useful place to store her keys, jewelry or other loose odds and ends. This eye-catching gift will also bring to life any table in need of a mini makeover.

38. DIY Macrame

Macramé is all the rage today, but before you drop hundreds of dollars on a large wall hanging, try your hand at making your own! This DIY is simple to follow and is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. You can either go the traditional route of plain white fibers or get creative with colors or tie-dyed strings.

39. Hat

Whether it’s a floppy sun hat or a cozy beanie, hats make for a great and unexpected gift that most of your friends probably don’t have enough of in their closet. Gift it in advance of a beach getaway for your bachelorette party so that each member of your girl squad looks great under the sun.

40. Air Plant Planter

No green-thumb needed, these air plant pots make for sweet desk mates or sitting on a bedroom windowsill. Pick up air plants from your local nursery and find wooden bowls at a nearby craft store. By dipping each pot in a dye, each will come out a little bit different making it the perfect, unique gift.

41. Fun Patches

Make your girl squad a glam squad with stylish patches and pins they can add to their jackets, purses or backpacks. Pick a patch that reflects each friend’s personality like a whimsical donut, empowering quote or goofy smiley face. They’ll love customizing their gear and it’ll feel like they’re carrying a piece of you around wherever they go.

42. Wine Glass

bridesmaid gift wine glass

If you know the bridesmaid you’re shopping for is a wine connoisseur, get her a practical gift she’ll love. Whether she’s getting ready for a girls night in or entertaining guests, she can proudly whip out her Bridal Cheers Wine Glass. Not only is it stylish, but it’s an elegant way to thank her for supporting you when you needed her most.

43. Bath Bomb

Bath bombs will up the relaxation level of any at-home spa night. Mix up essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus and, peppermint and mold them into fun shapes like hearts and stars. Make it a spa gift set with other bathroom essentials like sheet masks, nail polish and body butter.

44. Waffle Mix

bridesmaid gift ideas waffle mix

Source: Taylor Kiser

Waffles are a great way to brighten up any Sunday morning. Find a DIY waffle mix you can gift in a mason jar and pair it with some high-quality maple syrups. Include unexpected toppings like sugar-coated pecans, cinnamon butter and chocolate chips for a truly delectable bridesmaids gift.

45. Beaded Barefoot Sandals

Finding the perfect shoes for a beach ceremony can be tricky. Gift these beach-ready sandals to your bridesmaids on the big day. String multi-colored beads onto elegant gold elastic to match your wedding color palette.

46. Soap Rocks

bridesmaid gift ideas soap rocks

Source: DIY in PDX

For a simple and cost-effective bridesmaid gift, try these DIY soap rocks. Pick your favorite colors you’ll be using for your wedding or get inspired by the nature around you. These soap rocks will not only keep your besties feeling fresh, but will make a great addition to their bathroom decor.

47. Monogram Charm

Make a truly personalized gift like a monogrammed pendant with their initials. It can be worn on the wedding day or strung onto a keychain, bookmark or other non-jewelry items. Swap out the monogram for other fun stamps, like their birthdays, nickname or heart symbol for extra special meaning.

48. Photo Book

bridesmaid gift photo book

Your bridesmaid wouldn’t be standing with you on your wedding day if she didn’t play a special role in your life. Surprise her with a custom photo book to reminisce about all of the adventures you two have had. It’s the best way to let her know just how much you care about her and how thankful you are to have her be a part of your big day.

49. Sugar Scrubs

Jar of chocolate sugar scrub with aroma orange oil and lavender blossom.

Lipsticks and harsh weather can wreak havoc on lips. Keep your girl squad feeling glamorous with a sugar scrub! Pick flavors that match the season, like peppermint or pumpkin spice, or go with classics like lavender or jojoba oil. Pair your scrubs with a lipstick or lip balm they can layer over it.

50. Hair Ties

Your girls probably always need a good hair tip. Keep your bridesmaids looking chic even on the windiest of days with this DIY. Pick colors that match your wedding color scheme so they can pull their hair back on the big day. These super soft elastics will ensure a secure ponytail that doesn’t fit too tight.

51. Cotton Tote Bag

If your bridesmaid is always on the go, get her a gift that will make her life easier. From last-minute beach trips to running errands around town, the Cotton Tote Bag will become her go-to travel bag. You can personalize it with her name or a cute message that will make her tote stand out.

52. Wooden Spoon

bridesmaid gift ideas wooden spoon

Source: Chinh Le Duc

For the gourmand girlfriends, gift a classic wooden spoon. They never go out of style and these handy tools are a godsend in the kitchen. Gift it with other kitchen needs like some fresh herbs, measuring cups, pinch bowls and more. Include some of your favorite recipes that you love making in the kitchen too.

53. Uplifting Bracelet

If jewelry stamping is your jam, make a simple bracelet with a heartfelt message. Include an uplifting quote, their initials or an inside joke you share with them. Keep it simple enough so they can match it with any outfit and think of you when they’re having a rough day.

54. Hot Cocoa Kit

If you’re having a winter wedding, gift some hot cocoa mix to warm everyone’s hearts. Assemble all the dry ingredients in a mason jar or mug that you can personalize. Then include some delicious add-ons like handmade marshmallows, syrup, and sprinkles so your friends can truly indulge.

55. Leather Sunglass Case

If your wedding is taking place in the summer, chances are your bridesmaids will need a place to store their shades during the ceremony. This chic and simple sunglass case can fit a variety of sunglass types and be personalized to each bridesmaid. Vary up the type of leather you use so each friend has a unique case.

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Your bridesmaids have stood by you through thick and thin and now get to watch you say “I do!” They’ve followed proper bridal shower etiquette and helped you make some tough wedding decisions over the last few months. Show your appreciation for all their support with a thoughtful gift. Don’t forget to also have them help out with any wedding planning along the way or bridesmaid duties like helping you pick out a dress or mailing invitations.