100 Easy Bathroom Ideas

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Bathrooms can come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the large master bathroom ideas that are fit for a king or the smaller bathrooms that may be short on space but aren’t on creativity. Whatever kind you have, we’ve compiled 100 bathroom decorating ideas that are bound to inspire your next redesign. From paint options to colorful tiles to space saving storage, we have a diverse list of options to get you started.

Once you’re ready to take on that plumbing job, find the perfect personalized bathroom decor like shower curtains, canvas prints and throw pillows.

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Instead of patterned wallpaper, try freehanding a simple pattern for a playful bathroom design.

Photo by: Mix & Match

Flowers don't have to make a bathroom feel messy. Try this elegant take by using just a few sprigs.

Photo by: 12 Oaks Blog

Instead of tile, next time consider a concrete or stone sink.

Photo by: 4 Men 1 Lady

Have a dark bathroom? Brighten it up with accent pieces like the yellow accessories in this dark navy bathroom.

Photo by: Addicted 2 Decorating

If you're looking for small bathroom storage ideas, try turning hidden areas into shelf space, like under the sink or above the toilet.

Photo by: Beneath My Heart

Get inspired by the view from your vanity, like how this rustic cabin brought the wilderness feel indoors.

Photo by: Bulhon Design Associates

Via: Home Design Lover

We love this massive sink that reminds us of gym class days—only much more chic!

Photo by: Carl Mattison Design

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If you love the look of wood, but fear the staining effects of hard water, opt for elegant faux wood flooring like linoleum.

Photo by: Centsational Girl

For bathroom cabinet ideas, look no further than this elegant design. Opt for tall cabinets to split up a Jack and Jill sink.

Photo by: Creekline House

Wood panels aren't just for the floor. Try it on your bathroom walls for a spa like effect.

Photo by: Financial Samurai

Utilize wicker baskets as bins or a wastebasket for storage that doubles as design.

Photo by: Four Generations One Roof

Via: Freshome

With such a luxurious tub, the bathroom decor in this room does it justice. Marble countertops, mirrored glass and long vanities are just some of our favorite features.

Photo by: Geoff Chick /Jack Gardner

Via: The Creativity Exchange

When searching for shower tiles, opt for a shade that matches your floors for a look that continues seamlessly.

Photo by: Hello Splendid

This simple black and white bathroom get a small pop of color from its framed photo.

Photo by: Home with Baxter

The olive walls in this bathroom are a unique departure from the majority of soft blue and grey rooms.

Photo by: Houseography

This small bathroom makes the clawfoot tub the star.

Photo by: I Heart Naptime

This symmetrical bathroom will put any stresses at ease.

Photo by: I Heart Naptime

If the space above your vanity doesn't get enough natural light, move your mirror somewhere else for a more flattering view.

Photo by: Inspired by Charm

Try painting stripes as a clever way to incorporate multiple bathroom color ideas.

Photo by: Jules Duffy Designs

Via: Freshome

Can’t decide on tile? Try this bathroom tile idea—pick one dominate design and one accent option.

Photo by: Lemon Thistle

If your toilet is in a small nook, make it more interesting by adding shelving spaces and indoor plants.

Photo by: Little Green Notebook

You don't have to break the bank to get marble countertops. Shop for marble alternatives like quartz or granite.

Photo by: Maison De Pax

Instead of one large mirror for the bathroom, try incorporating two. One for a full body view and one for close ups.

Photo by: One Week Bath

Bring some much needed freshness to your bathroom with a small herb garden.

Photo by: Our Fifth House

If you can't choose between tile, paint, or molding, take a tip from this bathroom that uses it all without clashing.

Photo by: Provident Home Design

Via: Freshome

A small bathroom doesn't mean you have to sacrifice that big mirror. Let it be the showpiece in your room.

Photo by: Rain on a Tin Roof

Incorporate chrome details to add automatic sophistication to your bathroom.

Photo by: Sarah Winchester Studios

Via: Elements of Style

Welcome to the shower of your dreams. The built in shelves keep this shower space clean and uncluttered.

Photo by: This Photographers Life

Play with patterns in every part of your bathroom—from the walls to the shower curtains.

Photo by: Live Love DIY

Mix brown and black in small doses as a way to add rustic touches to a modern bathroom.

Photo by: Sarah Gibson

Via: Room for Tuesday

Try a standalone bowl for a sink as an unexpected twist and to free up counter space.

Photo by: Beautiful Matters

We love the balance of bathroom color ideas in this playful space. If you want a colorful room without all the paint debates, find a brightly patterned tile instead.

Photo by: Cassidy Hughes Interior Design & Styling

The copper tub in this bathroom isn't the only statement piece. A stone fireplace, hardwood cabinets and artwork makes this bathroom feel truly regal.

Photo by: Ellis Custom Homes /VJ Arizpe

Via: Home Design Lover

Nothing beats a clawfoot tub. Except perhaps Tuscan villa inspired tile.

Photo by: Emma Lee

Via: Remodelista

This is full of bathroom decorating ideas. From graphic wallpaper to bold prints to small florals—take your pick for a dynamic bathroom.

Photo by: Erin Gates Design

Bring nature indoors for a relaxing spa-like experience.

Photo by: Hamilton Gray Design

Via: Home Design Lover

Area rugs don't have to stay in the living room. Bring one in the bathroom for an added coziness.

Photo by: K Welch

Instead of a curtain, try the industrial feel of these steel shower doors.

Photo by: Life Style La

Via: Sarah Sarna

If you're lucky enough to score a vintage mirror find, keep it the focal point as a conversation piece.

Photo by: Made By Girl

The crystal chandelier in this bathroom brings the entire elegant look together.

Photo by: Mali Azima/ Minhnuyet Hardy

Via: House of Turquoise

Can't come to a compromise on your bathroom tile? Pair a vibrant pattern with a neutral and you won't have to choose.

Photo by: Meghan Plowman

Via: House Nerd

If you're looking for bathroom remodeling ideas, try updating your artwork first as an option that's easy on your wallet.

Photo by: MLH Designs

We love the window treatment in this small bathroom as a way to bring in some fresh air.

Photo by: My Sweet Cottage

Via: Remodelaholic

This graphic wallpaper pairs perfectly with the modern fixtures in this bathroom.

Photo by: New Ravenna

Via: Material Girls Blog

Wallpaper doesn't have to remind you of grandma's. Find an updated version of a vintage classic.

Photo by: Studio McGee

Via: Little Green Notebook

Don't be nervous about big windows in a bathroom—all the natural light will be worth it.

Photo by: Tessa Neustadt/Amber Interiors

Via: My Domaine

Outline the way to your bathroom with a long area rug.

Photo by: The Effortless Chic

Instead of trying to fit one giant countertop, try finding two smaller sinks for a sweet his and hers design.

Photo by: The Greenwich Hotel

Via: My Domaine

Everything from the metal ceiling to the marquee lights bring interest and intrigue to this warehouse style bathroom.

Photo by: Wright Built

Via: Home Design Lover

The floating sink in this modern bathroom is just one of our favorite pieces.

Photo by: Bodie and Fou

Instead of facing the wall, try utilizing shower walls as the backdrop for your vanity.

Photo by: Cardello Architects

Glass showers really open up the small space, making this bathroom seem larger.

Photo by: Carla Aston

The clean white-tiled walls look great with this modern shower. Even though it is a smaller space, the lack of shower curtain helps open up the room.

Photo by: Cassidy Hughes Interior Design & Styling

The double sinks are a great addition to a larger bathroom like this, and the tiny, off-white tile gives it a very sophisticated look.

Photo by: Christopher Stark Photo

A golden shower head and matching door handle provide an added sense of luxury to this small space.

Photo by: Erin Gates Design

This unique bathroom tile idea brings the ocean right into the tub while you bathe in the sunset.

Photo by: Jeri Koegel

Via: Decoist

The shower tile in this bathroom aligns with the unique overhead light in the bedroom, sharing geometric ideas.

Photo by: Joe Schmelzer

Via: My Domaine

This luxurious bathtub is a perfect compliment to the enormous shower in this modern bathroom.

Photo by: Mary Prince Photography

Via: Style Estate

The sleek, black tile idea for this bathroom works amazingly well with the white tiled walls.

Photo by: Megan Brakefield

Via: Apartment Therapy

Within this white shower is a stripe of blue tile that is a great match with the blue painting sitting above the tub.

Photo by: Molly Frey Design

Foregoing glass dividers and shower curtains, this extremely minimalist bathroom leaves nowhere to hide.

Photo by: Stringdahl Design

Via: Home Adore

This modern tub sits alone in the corner alongside the sloping walls of this minimalist bathroom.

Photo by: Stringdahl Design

Via: Home Adore

This large bathroom embraces the outdoors with large windows, stone floor tile, and indoor plants.

Photo by: Susan Jay Design

Via: Style Estate

Building shelves above the toilet is a great storage idea for a small bathroom and a great use of space.

Photo by: The Yellow Cape Cod

Via: Freshome

This larger bathroom combines light, aged wood planks, painted white brick, and tan stone tiles below for the ultimate rustic look.

Photo by: Adrydog

Via: Decoist

Antlers overhead, exotic rug below and a view of snow outdoors make this bathroom truly rustic.

Photo by: Big D Signature

Via: Decoist

Although this bathroom is small, the ceilings are high, and by drawing the eye upwards with long shower curtains, it accentuates the height.

Photo by: Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Via: Freshome

Instead of tile, stone is a great way to give a bathroom a rich, exotic feel.

Photo by: David Howell Architecture

Via: Home Design Lover

The light turquoise flooring is a great compliment to the brownish orange wall pattern in this small bathroom.

Photo by: Jules Duffy

Via: Freshome

This lone tub in the middle of the room is a true statement, and a great way to draw the eye to the great view of the outdoors.

Photo by: Knudson Interiors

Via: Decoist

The countertop and large built-in sink are truly one of a kind in this rustic bathroom.

Photo by: Locati

Via: Home Design Lover

One great bathroom tile idea is to have plain white tiled walls, and contrast that with rich, exotic-patterned tile on the floor.

Photo by: Meghan Plowman

Via: House Nerd

This bathroom has some great color ideas, matching the white of the tubs with the light baby blue walls to give the room a nice calm feel.

Photo by: My Sweet Cottage

Via: Remodelaholic

With a bathroom for two, double sinks are a must, but double mirrors provide some great additional personal space.

Photo by: On Site Management

Via: Home Design Lover

The knobs and handles on the cabinets in this bathroom give it some real character.

Photo by: Our Fifth House

If you have enough room in the bathroom for extra furniture, a chair like this is a real eye-catcher.

Photo by: Salcito Custom Homes

Via: Home Design Lover

For smaller bathrooms, one long mirror like this helps make the room look a bit larger.

Photo by: Studio D

Via: Home Design Lover

A neat, rustic decor idea for a bathroom is to add an animal skull, like this deer above the toilet.

Photo by: The Pink Tumbleweed

These unique sinks give this bathroom some great character. The open area below is a great bathroom storage idea for smaller rooms.

Photo by: The Space Between Blog

The wooden siding in this bathroom cleverly draws the eye from the shower, out to the tub with the beautiful outdoor view.

Photo by: Weidmann Remodeling

Via: Home Design Lover

In place of bathroom tile, this heavy stone fits great, especially if you have a fireplace in your bathroom.

Photo by: High Camp Home

Via: Home Design Lover

This rustic look is achieved by combining dark and light stone with wooden elements. The shower also has great windows.

Photo by: MTN Design

Via: Decoist

Floor to ceiling mirrors make any space look larger. Combine that with a glass shower and your bathroom will look endless.

Photo by: Bagnato Architects

This sleek, modern bathroom look is achieved by striping away all excess decoration, and letting the colors set the mood.

Photo by: Bagnato Architects

This chrome tub and mirror frame add an extra layer of reflectivity in a bathroom with an already large mirror.

Photo by: Hamilton Gray Design

This fun, beachy bathroom decor uses three main colors, white, blue, and tan—the essential ingredients for a beach theme.

Photo by: Hamilton Gray Design

This large bathroom is almost a mirror image. Notice how it splits the two sinks, giving each person much more room.

Photo by: Lindsay Newport/LCN Interiors

Via: Apartment Therapy

The bold, marble tub is the true focal point of this bathroom. A great way to draw attention is by adding a large overhead lamp like this.

Photo by: Lindsay Newport/LCN Interiors

These interesting all-black cabinets follow the theme throughout with black framed mirrors and black rugs.

Photo by: One Week Bath

This bathroom tile idea is unique in that it continues through, even after the separation in the room where the shower starts.

Photo by: One Week Bath

We love the shapes of these unique mirrors, they provide an added element of movement and elegance.

Photo by: Scout and Nimble

This hanging lamp is an amazing way to draw attention to a uniquely designed, modern tub.

Photo by: Scout and Nimble

When coming up with bathroom decor ideas, try to think out of the box. This bathroom features a beautiful photo of a horse.

Photo by: Sparkling Footsteps

A great way to create movement and fluidity in the room is with this curving bathroom tile idea.

Photo by: Susan Jay Design

Instead of standard doors, this bathroom employs some amazing shoji style doors to give the room a very exotic look.

Photo by: Susan Jay Design

A great idea for bathroom tile is to think small and choose monochromatic colors like this bathroom.

Photo by: Union Studio

This very interesting bathroom design has a wooden tub and chicken wire safety glass for a truly unique look.

Photo by: Union Studio

A large bathroom draws attention to the tub with a great globe lamp hanging overhead.

Photo by: Weidmann Remodeling

A great storage idea for a bathroom, large or small, is to use a stacking washer and dryer.

Photo by: Weidmann Remodeling

A great bathroom color idea is to coordinate blues like this bathroom has. Everything from the walls to the tile in the shower is monochromatic.

Photo by: Weidmann Remodeling