50 Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts From the Heart

From your heart to hers! Create a homemade Mother’s Day gift just for Mom this year. It will make her feel treasured and appreciated to know that you added an extra personal touch specially for her.

Make one of our unique Mother’s Day ideas from the gallery of homemade gifts below. These Mother’s Day gifts are simple for all levels of crafting.

We’ve also added gifts that can be purchased with the click of a button to make your life even easier. So it’s easier than ever to create a personalized gift for mom with a handcrafted feel.

1. Homemade Bath Bomb

homemade bath bomb
Let Mom relax with homemade bath bombs from A Beautiful Mess made of essential oils and moisturizers. She’ll appreciate kicking back in the bathtub, soaking in the scents of lavender, eucalyptus or another favorite aroma.

2. Catch All Tray

catch all tray
Customize a glass tray that can be placed on a dresser, desk or decorative table. Your thoughtfulness will go a long way, because she can use this gift to store rings, bracelets, keepsakes and special mementos from her trips and loved ones.

3. Spice Things Up

spice things up
Who says Mother’s Day ideas can’t have a little spice? Make your own hot pepper oil with jalapeños or hot chili peppers using tips from A Beautiful Mess. She’ll be fired up!

4. Home Dinner Plate

home dinner plate
Personalize a dinner plate for a homemade Mother’s Day gift that will be sure to melt her heart. With a personal message and handcrafted image, she can put it on display as wall art or use it to serve breakfast, snack mixes or appetizers.

5. Styling Outside

styling outside
Add extra flair to your patio or front porch with personalized outdoor pillows. These pillows are a great conversation starter and keepsake to liven up any spring, summer or fall party.

6. Fabric Flowers

fabric flowers
Fabric crafted flowers stay fresh the whole year. Add them to a barrette, headband or brooch for something Mom can wear on special occasions. You’ll find the tips for this gift on Activity Village’s craft page.

7. Silhouette Brooch

silhouette brooch
Make brooches with a personal touch using a guide from Activity Village. Use silhouette shapes of children or grandchildren so she can show them off at dinner parties and community events, or frame them so she can enjoy them in her home.

8. Clean and Creative

clean and creative
Add spark to the dining table with these customizable placemats. Mom will be grateful to see these when she cleans up after a long day. Include photos from family vacations, holiday celebrations or trips to the park.

9. Hand Mold

hand mold
This plaster hand mold from Activity Village is the perfect homemade gift for the little ones to get involved in. Have your kids, nieces and nephews or grandchildren contribute to a gift that will leave mom touched.

10. Keepsake Quilt

keepsake quilt
Cuddle up! Create a keepsake quilt for Mom that will surround her with your love and care. Select family photos from a portrait session, family trip or everyday life. When your mom sees your creation, she’ll be thrilled to use it every day!

11. So Fresh and So Clean

so fresh and so clean
Freshen up her wardrobe and closets with Design*Sponge’s’s homemade linen spray recipe. Choose lavender, mint or eucalyptus scent for a magically clean and relaxing smell.

12. Chic Canvas Pouch

chic canvas pouch
Excite Mom with her own personalized canvas pouch where she can keep makeup, chapstick and lotion organized. Because of its stylish design, she can even use this gift as a hand clutch when running errands or meeting up with a friend.

13. Eco-Friendly Bags

eco-friendly bags
These eco-friendly reusable shopping bags are bound to be Mom’s new favorite go-to. She’ll use it often for groceries, the farmers’ market or picking up supplies for work. With her favorite photos on hand, she’ll be reminded of your fun times together, even on the busiest of days.

14. Heart Keychain

heart keychain
Create a keychain that she’ll always have by her side. Be Brave Keep Going uses heart beads to show Mom a little extra love. And with these bright colors, she’ll never have trouble spotting her keys.

15. Painted Print

painted print
Follow this craft from Be Brave Keep Going for the perfect gift for kids or grandkids. Commemorate your year with Mom by gifting her a footprint or handprint painted art. When the grandkids help make these, be sure to list their ages so she can recall the special year she’s shared with them.

16. Mom’s Mug

mom’s mug
Give a gift that will be used daily: a custom cup just for Mom. Choose a memorable photo and design that matches her personality. Every time she sips her iced chai latte or morning orange juice, she’ll think of you and your thoughtfulness.

17. Sweet Popcorn

sweet popcorn
Choose Mother’s Day ideas that are sweet and sincere with Molly Landreth and Jenny Riffle, from Butter & Scotch: Recipes from Brooklyn’s Favorite Bar & Bakery. Stir up a batch of caramel corn or cheesy popcorn and present it in a fun gift bag. She’ll appreciate this easy-to-grab, delicious snack.

18. Personalized Notepad

personalized notepad
Take note! Personalize a notepad for Mom to write cards, notes and special messages. Because your photo rests on the page, she’ll smile every time her pen hits the pad.

19. Treat Yo’ Self

treat yo’ self
Spoil Mom with a spa and pampering kit using tips from Classy Clutter. For all the work she’s done, this is a gift that recognizes the love and care she’s given to you. Include items like bath salts, hand moisturizers, shampoo and bubble bath.

20. Simple Hairclip

simple hairclip
This cute homemade Mother’s Day gift can be worn on many occasions, both casual and formal—like running errands, grabbing coffee with a friend or attending a charity fundraiser. A simple flower hairclip is something she can use time and time again. Try this easy tutorial at Craftiness Is Not Optional.

21. Hanging Artwork

hanging artwork
Create a decorative wall piece out felt, scissors, glue and a wooden dowell. Use your imagination along with ideas from Craftiness Is Not Optional to design a unique pattern that will go in your Mom’s dining room, back hall or guest bathroom.

22. Paper Flowers

paper flowers
Paper flowers last forever and make a cute homemade Mother’s Day gift idea. Arrange different colors like pink, white and purple using Creative Jewish Mom’s tips. Find inexpensive vases for your paper flowers at local shops and second-hand stores.

23. Homemade Stamp and Card

homemade stamp and card
Craft a special card or keepsake with okra and an inkpad. Use a range of colors like black, pink or orange following Curly Birds’ lead. Let Mom know you care by adding these simple touches to your Mother’s Day gift, card or wrapping paper.

24. Letters to Mom

letters to mom
Curly Birds shows you how to create a gift from the heart with a portrait and personalized message. Take time to write a note that includes stories along with heartfelt words about why your Mom is special to you. She’ll recognize the love and thoughtfulness you put into every word.

25. Flowers for Mom

flowers for mom
Go personal with pressed flowers, a handwritten note and other homemade goodies like cookies or chocolates. The best Mother’s Day gifts are straight from the heart, the hands and sometimes the kitchen. For extra tips, visit the Curly Birds blog.

26. For the Garden

for the garden
Add a boutique sign from Hello Good Gravy to a potted plant or flowers. Mom will appreciate the thoughtful addition to her personalized homemade gift.

27. Stylish Scarf

stylish scarf
Crochet a scarf that matches your mom’s style, color preferences and wardrobe. She’ll have you close to her heart every time she wears it to work, out with friends or spending time at home. Check out crocheting tips from Hopeful Honey.

28. Bright Bobby Pins

bright bobby pins
This easy homemade gift by Hopeful Honey only requires two items: bobby pins and nail polish. Create a set of stylish hairpieces for Mom’s special day. Add a variety of colors so she can match them to a variety of outfits.

29. DIY Earrings

diy earrings
Hopeful Honey helps put your craft skills to use with homemade beaded earrings. Include colors that match her typical wardrobe or eye color. If your mom doesn’t wear earrings, try this design with bracelets or necklaces.

30. As Sweet As Mom

as sweet as mom
Be a sweetheart and hand decorate an impressive cake for Mom. She’ll treasure the extra time you took to get the design just right. Use a boxed cake mix or try a recipe from I Am a Baker.

31. Ombre Vases

ombre vases
Spray paint jars like Kate Maree to make beautiful flower vases in a range of colors like blue, pink and yellow. Add a personalized note to the bottom for a unique Mother’s Day keepsake, and don’t forget to fill them with fresh spring flowers.

32. Keepsake Box

keepsake box
Make these cute homemade Mother’s Day gifts using paint and white keepsake boxes. Mom can store her jewelry, heirlooms and travel souvenirs in this handy, hand-crafted box. Let’s Lasso the Moon gives you tips and a list of project materials.

33. Handmade Bookmarks

handmade bookmarks
For a mom who’s an avid reader, these homemade bookmarks will warm her heart every time she turns the page. Use photos, favorite quotes or a note to Mom for a personalized touch. Follow tips from Marie LeBaron of Make and Takes.

34. Cork Containers

cork containers
Cover flower pots with cork for a fresh, stylish look from Paper & Stitch. Pin photos of you and Mom together or handwritten notes to personalize this Mother’s Day gift.

35. DIY Hair Wrap

diy hair wrap
Your mom will treasure wearing this handcrafted hair wrap. Using fun and festive colors, she’ll want to wear all the time, whether it’s to her book club, yoga class or night out with friends. Find the craft details from Petite Biet.

36. Photo Magnets

photo magnets
Add some fun to your fridge by personalizing your own magnets. Add a photo of each member of the family and it’ll act as thoughtful reminders for organizing homework, receipts and more.

37. Stylish Keychain

stylish keychain
With only leather and a simple snap, you can design keychains to match any style—retro, modern or festive. Mom will treasure this handy gift that will help her find her keys on those hectic days. See all the steps at Pop Craft Art.

38. Wall Art

wall art
Make a decorative wall piece like with favorite photos, quotes, sayings and more. A cute, homemade Mother’s Day gift like this will have her beaming every time she glances at your creative, heartfelt work of art.

39. Homemade Perfume

homemade perfume
Mix a batch of homemade perfume (made of florals, fruits or spices) for Mom’s special day. When she’s getting ready in the morning or gearing up for a big night out, she’ll have you to thank. Review the recipe from Katie at Skunk Boy Blog.

40. Scented Soaps

scented soaps
Homemade scented soaps are a lovely gift for every mom. Because moms do so much, they deserve some rest, relaxation and soaking in the bathtub. Add in a scent like oranges, peppermint or chamomile using tips from A Beautiful Mess.

41. Family Monogram

family monogram
Draw or paint a family sign that can be hung inside or outside. Mom will cherish how this represents family and the love you share together. If it’s an outside piece, be sure to protect it with proper sealant. For more tips, check out the Sugar Bee Crafts blog.

42. Simple Headband

simple headband
Using an old t-shirt, you can knot a headband for a cute Mother’s Day gift. She can wear it to run errands, head to the gym or lounge around the house. Thanks, Sugar Bee Crafts, for such a fun and easy DIY gift.

43. Jewelry Organizer

jewelry organizer
Make organization fun with this homemade earring holder from Sugar Bee Crafts. Paint it in Mom’s favorite color or a patterned design. She’ll think of you every time she uses it—which might be every day!

44. Welcome Rug

welcome rug
Customize a rug for Mom that lets all guests know they’re welcome. She’ll be excited to display this unique gift made easy by Sugar Bee Crafts. For extra fun, paint the welcome phrases in words from different languages like Spanish, French and Italian.

45. Favorite Lyric

favorite lyric
Embroider a phrase, quote or song lyric that will brighten Mom’s day. Frame your embroidery with wood and be sure to paint it for extra style. Learn how to make this yourself with tips from Sugar Bee Crafts.

46. Gift Card Holder

gift card holder
Tired of trying to come up with Mother’s Day ideas? Handcraft a gift card holder out of paper or cardboard and let the store or online shop do the rest. We love this easy tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

47. ‘Why I Love Mom’

why i love mom
Shower Mom with words of love and affirmation using this neat idea from The Creative Place. Put together a key ring full of reasons she’s the best mom for you. Use note cards, colored markers and stamps to personalize your design.

48. Power Balls

power balls
Get on Mom’s extra good side with yummy treats like these almond butter chai balls made by Gourmet Gab. She’ll know you care by the ingredient of love you add into the delicious batter.

49. Cloth Napkins

cloth napkins
Sew reusable cloth napkins that match Mom’s kitchen decor. She can pull these out for parties and everyday use, knowing she’s a friend to the environment. Find sewing tips and tricks at Sew Take a Hike.

50. Sweets for Mom

sweets for mom
Make homemade chocolates filled with coconut, peanut butter or caramel. Choose heart-shaped molds like Back Bayou Vintage to show Mom extra love.

Remember, you can say happy mother’s day hundreds of ways; just remember that whatever you create should simply come from the heart.