100 Creative Kitchen Ideas

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Bright backsplashes, drool-worthy stainless steel and pristine countertops. The inspiration for kitchen decor is endless. But instead of browsing through photos that don’t fit your style or your space, we’ve built a collection of 100 kitchen decor ideas to help you find options that match your needs. Is it a complete remodel you’re willing to undertake? Or just seeking small touches to upgrade your space? From modern and minimalist to cheerful and dazzling, use the filters below to find inspiration.

With an idea in hand, make your kitchen yours with home decor options like wall accents, serving trays and personalized glassware.

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Personalize your kitchen by creating your own chalkboard mural that you can write family schedules, recipes and inspirational tidbits! You can achieve this look by sticking adhesive chalkboard contact paper to a bare wall in your kitchen.

Photo by: CF With Grace

If you're looking to add your own personal touch to a simple kitchen, incorperate your favorite colors and patterns in the decor! The rug, stools and light fixtures are great spots to add pops of color.

Photo by: Le Blonde Chateau

Exposed shelving can give your kitchen a natural look and encourage cooking! Using natural colors will also allow you to play with intricate flooring like these gray and white patterned tiles.

Photo by: Golubka Kitchen

Using the same material for the countertop and backsplash creates a cohesive and chic look. If you're trying to achieve this look, but want to refrain from using marble since it's known to stain easily, quartz is a great option.

Photo by: What Emily Does

These lucite stools make for great optional seating that don't take up space when not in use.

Photo by: Fahling for Fabulous

We love the mixture of warm a cool tones in this kitchen—from light blue walls to darker hardwoods.

Photo by: The House House

Sleek white cabinets paired with a white marble island make these beautiful dark wooden floors pop.

Photo by: Finding Home

The wooden topped kitchen island is the perfect pairing with the hardwood floors. Chrome appliances add a nice contrast.

Photo by: Hello from the Natos

Via: No Biggie

The geometric wall patterns, repurposed glass lampshades, and pastel blue all come together in this classic design.

Photo by: Hi Sugarplum

A kitchen fit for a wedding, this beautiful white kitchen even has white appliances to match.

Photo by: Made In Persbo

Via: Made In Persbo

This kitchen brings a lot of old-school character with its retro black stove. The surrounding shelves a great use of space and make for a great small kitchen idea.

Photo by: Amy Sklar Design Inc.

Via: My Domaine

This white farmhouse sink sits snuggly within white cabinets and marble tops in this open kitchen design.

Photo by: Tracey Ayton

Via: Style Me Pretty

Check out the beautiful white hexagonal tile wall in this minimalist kitchen design. The wooden shelves are a nice touch.

Photo by: Chandler Kim

Via: Design Sponge

The marble is the real star of this classic kitchen. Sunlight from the bay windows makes breakfast fun.

Photo by: Artistic Tile

The sea foam green tile is an amazing backdrop for this classic kitchen. We also love the island's chandelier!

Photo by: Welcome to the Mouse House

Great use of color with the utility chairs-turned-trendy yellow bar stools for this kitchen. They really stand out in a good way.

Photo by: I Wash You Dry

Via: Four Generations One Roof

This small kitchen is full of big ideas as it coordinates the pastel blues all over, from lampshades to the mugs.

Photo by: Tidbits

The chrome color appliances perfectly match the knobs and handles on the white cabinets in this classic kitchen.

Photo by: Cherished Bliss

Beautiful cooper metal lamp shades and the black island offset the white cabinetry with marble pattern wall.

Photo by: Katie Martinez

Via: Saavy Home Blog

A square kitchen island houses the stovetop in this classic kitchen. The lime green wall provides a nice contrast.

Photo by: Nicole Crowder

Via: Apartment Therapy

Getting creative with industrial light casing, this kitchen design also features two chrome sinks to match the sleep cabinet door handles.

Photo by: Designer Trapped

Via: The Kitchn

A small kitchen with a lot of countertop space. The red-knobbed oven and the zigzag rug give it some real character.

Photo by: Clark Collins

Via: My Domaine

The two unique potted plants attached to the cabinets make for some great kitchen wall decor ideas.

Photo by: Go Haus Go

Via: Four Generations One Roof

A small working kitchen has all the essentials. The white tile backsplash gives it some real class.

Photo by: Hummingbird High

Via: The Kitchn

This larger kitchen plays around with whites, grays, and silvers - from the cabinets to the backsplash.

Photo by: Jenn Lifford

Via: Home Talk

The stovetop is the center of the action in this white kitchen. Contrast that with the beautiful slate bar chairs.

Photo by: Pinch of Yum

A large kitchen with a multi-tiered bar top and island that both sport the tan countertops. An amazing venue for cooking or entertaining.

Photo by: The Blissful Bee

Black countertops meet all white cabinets. Look closely and you'll see the sink has its own white hanging lamp as well.

Photo by: The Graphics Fairy

A small kitchen that features a black metal faucet and deep black sink. A few pieces of simple framed art make for great wall decor ideas.

Photo by: Bright Green Door

A true chef's dream, this huge kitchen has an industrial stove and beautiful white marble backsplashes.

Photo by: Artistic Tile

White bar stools, gray lampshades, and tan cutting boards all match the colors in these unique counter tops.

Photo by: Rooms for Rent

A great small kitchen idea is to keep things simple and clutter-free, like the one pictured here.

Photo by: Brittany Makes

The turquoise around the room perfectly matches the kitchen table. Now spot the wild hanging chandelier that gives the room so much character.

Photo by: Biblical Home Making

This is a beautiful kitchen from top to bottom. Everything from the hanging chandelier to the tiny mosaic tile floor oozes luxury.

Photo by: Artistic Tile

A huge kitchen island doubles as a sink and bar top. The beautiful hanging lamps also look great with those white flowers.

Photo by: Marsh and Clark

Via: Apartment Therapy

Brown cabinets are the star in this Euro, minimalist kitchen. We really love the ram wall art as well.

Photo by: Katya Grozovskaya

With metal trimming as far as the eye can see, this kitchen has a real industrial vibe to it.

Photo by: Officine Gullo

Via: Home Adore

We absolutely love the wire frame bar stools and the complimentary hanging lamps. The copper and marble backsplash are made for each other.

Photo by: Jeff Schlarb of Green Couch

Via: Saavy Home Blog

An electric stove is barely noticeable on this smooth, slate counter top. Also, notice how the lampshades match the cabinet handles.

Photo by: Jenna Sue Design

Via: The Kitchn

This kitchen has endless space, and looks even larger with that beautiful view of an outdoor garden.

Photo by: Katya Grozovskaya

Via: Architect Art Designs

Just the lampshade alone in this kitchen is enough to love it. Then, add the exotic-looking rug that is peeking out.

Photo by: Tessa Neustadt

Via: My Domaine

This unique faucet leaves no messy pipes to look at in the pristine marble sink and countertop.

Photo by: Lincoln Barbour & Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This kitchen is the ultimate in minimal design. To add some flavor, they've hung a guitar, which makes for a fun, unusual kitchen wall decor idea.

Photo by: Dervish Group

Via: Home Adore

The duet farmhouse sink is a perfect centerpiece for this small kitchen. We also love the tiny hanging lamp.

Photo by: Hummingbird High

Via: The Kitchn

Very unique bar stools and matching black lampshades really stand out in this beautiful kitchen.

Photo by: Lynn Morgan Design

Via: Quintessence Blog

This minimalist kitchen smartly utilizes hooks to keep the countertops free and wall mounted lamps to illuminate the workspace.

Photo by: Made In Persbo

A small kitchen with an ultra modern black faucet and beautiful green hanging lamp that compliments the lime accent wall.

Photo by: Southern Hospitality

This very modern, minimalist kitchen makes beautiful use of the small space and angular walls.

Photo by: Black and Milk

Via: My Domaine

When thinking about kitchen remodeling, try incorporating a rug into the design. This kitchen coordinates the colors of the cabinets with the rug.

Photo by: Jenna Sue Design

Via: The Kitchn

A modern kitchen has ample cabinet room to hide any clutter, leaving room for beautiful vases and jars to accent the space.

Photo by: Katya Grozovskaya

This larger kitchen has wooden everything, except for the white counter tops and matching bar stool cushions.

Photo by: Kitchen by Maric Homes, Winnipeg Manitoba

Via: Architect Art Designs

We love the turquoise color backsplash and the rustic wooden floors and counter tops of this smaller kitchen.

Photo by: Jessica Sowyrda

Via: Briana and Kaylor

This coastal inspired kitchen still has a rustic feel with wooden countertops and navy cabinets.

Photo by: Primitive and Proper

The pastel yellow lamp and light turquoise island are a great pairing with the rustic wooden feel of this kitchen.

Photo by: Simply Maggie

Via: The Kitchn

The yellow chandelier and and pink flower box are obviously the stars of this otherwise all-white kitchen.

Photo by: Tatertots and Jello

We love the heavy ropes that make up the hanging lamps in this rustic kitchen. The dog is a great touch!

Photo by: Colleen Duffley

Via: My Domaine

The white, wooden island is a great centerpiece for this kitchen, especially paired with the globe lamps hanging above.

Photo by: I Heart Naptime

Look above the oven and you'll see the bust of a brown cow in a fantastic green wreath, a unique kitchen wall decor idea.

Photo by: Miss Mustard Seed

It's hard to miss this beautiful wooden island in this kitchen. It's a perfect extra workspace and looks fantastic.

Photo by: Paper Daisy Design

Via: Four Generations One Roof

Truly rustic, this kitchen sports a stone oven and large island, all beneath massive wooden ceilings.

Photo by: Kogan Builders

Via: Hick Country

A massive kitchen in this log cabin looks even bigger with such high ceilings and a beautiful fireplace.

Photo by: Lands End Development

Via: Hick Country

We love this massive slab of lumber that makes up the bar side of this kitchen's eating area.

Photo by: SF Architecture

Via: Decoholic

A modern, minimalist kitchen is nestled within the old, rustic frame of a barn. It is the perfect combination.

Photo by: Kitchen Architecture

Via: Home Adore

This small kitchen feels like a farmhouse with its wooden counter tops, but has neatly designed classic white cabinets.

Photo by: Cherished Bliss

Wooden counters, exposed brick, and retro bar stools make up this rustic farmhouse kitchen.

Photo by: Froufrugal

Via: The Kitchn

The hanging pots and pans above this old wooden table give this kitchen a great rustic feel. The hanging 'Warehouse' sign makes for a great wall decor in this kitchen.

Photo by: Our Vintage Home

Via: Style Me Pretty

This old school kitchen sports a lovely miniature table and pair of benches right in the heart of the action. Beautiful, simple tulips also make for a great kitchen table decorating idea.

Photo by: Faded Charm

Via: Funky Junk Interiors

The white cabinets and the chrome appliances really bring out the beautiful wooden floors and hanging mirror in this kitchen.

Photo by: SF Architecture

This unique tile floor looks great with the trio of hanging lamps and wooden cabinets in this semi-rustic kitchen.

Photo by: SF Architecture

A very unique pairing of browns gives this kitchen some real character, from the floor tile to the copper oven backsplash.

Photo by: SF Architecture

Black cabinets and metal trim give this kitchen an industrial look, but the green and tan walls tie it all together.

Photo by: Officine Gullo

Although this kitchen is compact, the golden trim cabinets and high ceilings make it look twice the size.

Photo by: Crown Point

This large kitchen has a very unique layout, but every part gets lots of light no matter where you are.

Photo by: Crown Point

These dark gray cabinets are beautifully paired with the wooden window frames and chrome appliances.

Photo by: Crown Point

The stars of this kitchen are definitely the hanging globe lamps that illuminate the island while you work.

Photo by: Crown Point

White cabinets, white counter tops, and white tile are accented with a chrome dishwasher and chrome hanging lamp.

Photo by: Julie Blanner

Via: No Biggie

This luxurious kitchen makes great use of black and gold pairings throughout. Note the beautiful white hanging lamp.

Photo by: Kirsten Kelli

Via: Sarah Sarna

Sleek and minimalist, the dark navy kitchen island is a bold statement in an otherwise white kitchen.

Photo by: Nicky Ryan

Via: The D Pages

The open shelves pictured here are a great small kitchen idea and an amazing use of space. Definitely something to consider for your next kitchen remodeling.

Photo by: Rooms for Rent

These baby blue cabinets look beautiful when paired with this classic farmhouse sink and white tiled backsplash.

Photo by: Momtog diaries

Via: Four Generations One Roof

Black countertops and white cabinets combined with deep brown wood floors look amazing in this classic kitchen design.

Photo by: baahouse + baastudio

Via: Home Stratosphere

This uniquely designed kitchen features a marble island beautifully paired with globe-shaped hanging lamps.

Photo by: Dan Cutrona

Via: House of Turquoise

The dark blue cabinets look great with the rustic wood floor, and the natural light from the windows really brings out the white countertops.

Photo by: deVOL

Marble is the centerpiece for this long, modern kitchen, flanked on either side by white and black cabinets for the perfect match.

Photo by: Obumex

Via: The D Pages

Black countertops pair beautifully with this unique red cabinetry that reaches all the way to the ceiling on one wall.

Photo by: D Mesure

Via: My Domaine

We absolutely adore the Spanish-style arch paired with the yellow-gold tile. Each provide great kitchen wall decor ideas.

Photo by: White Webb/Art Gray

Via: Real Estate Book

This exotic kitchen has so many great details, from the yellow clock to the two-tone blue bar chairs.

Photo by: White Webb/Phillip Ennis

The wooden barstools and sleek electric stove are amazing touches to this minimalist kitchen design.

Photo by: Angus McRitchie

Via: Home Stratosphere

These miniature hanging lamps and stark white barstool cushions pair beautifully with the light tan bar top.

Photo by: Sandro Clemes

Via: Home Stratosphere

This small kitchen has a tiny oven but loads of activity in this amazing backsplash pattern.

Photo by: Sandro Clemes

Via: Home Stratosphere

What this kitchen lacks in counter space, it makes up for in character. Check out the rustic wooden storage below.

Photo by: Jola Skóra

Via: Home Stratosphere

This white kitchen features a charcoal backsplash and beautiful navy upper cabinets. The bar window neatly peeks into the living room of the house.

Photo by: Brain Factory

Via: Home Stratosphere

The bold black colors of this kitchen are easily overmatched by these amazing gold cabinets.

Photo by: Brooke Holm

Via: My Domaine

We absolutely adore the Spanish-style arch paired with the yellow-gold tile. Each provide great kitchen wall decor ideas.

Photo by: Ben Pentreath

Via: My Domaine

Bring the jungle to your kitchen table by customizing dishes with your favorite pattern.

Photo by: Danae Horst

Via: The Jungalow

This kitchen uses classic wooden barstools that look amazing in front of the green underside of the marble bar.

Photo by: Chandler Kim

Via: Hither and Thither

This small rustic kitchen has beautifully aged wooden cabinets and a fantastic view of the great outdoors right from the sink.

Photo by: Audrey Hall

Via: Live Love in the Home

This classic kitchen is a beautiful mix of white, gray, and black, all tied together by the striped rug below the sink.

Photo by: Design Dining and Diapers

Via: Four Generations One Roof

Bring the jungle to your kitchen table by customizing dishes with your favorite pattern.

Photo by: The Jungalow

Via: Shutterfly

Bring the jungle to your kitchen table by customizing dishes with your favorite pattern.

Photo by: Alana Jones-Mann

Via: Shutterfly

Up the glam factor in your kitchen with chrome fixtures, marble countertops and classy chandeliers.

Via: Classy Glam Living

If your kitchen is short on wall space, consider painting the cabinets for a fun pop of color.

Photo by: A Joyful Riot

Don't let a narrow kitchen stifle your design. This creative use of a long kitchen island doubles as dining room seating.

Photo by: Kindred Creative Interiors

By mixing up patterns and textures, you can easily add interest to a neutral kitchen.

Photo by: Among the Young

If you have an open air kitchen, let the paint from your adjoining space flow over for a cohesive feel.

Photo by: The Red Painted Cottage

Add bright pops of color with flowers, kitchen towels and other small accessories that you can easily swap out.

Photo by: Home Heart Harmony

Opt for fun graphics like a cute kitchen towel or bold bread basket to liven up a kitchen.

Photo by: Ellery Designs

We love how this rustic laundry door complements a classic kitchen.

Photo by: Table and Hearth

Show off your eclectic taste with open shelving to display serving bowls, plates and more.

Photo by: Charmed Crown Blog

Utilize small spaces like the wall above this sink as extra shelving.

Photo by: Up to Date Interiors

Customize your kitchen with decor that speaks to your family. This beach-loving family introduced coastal accents with their rug and painting to give their sleek kitchen a personalized look.

Photo by: Daniela Pluviati

Your light fixtures can make all the difference! These lantern-inspired light fixtures introduce a rustic touch to this modern kitchen.

Photo by: DIY Home Decor Blogs

Be unique and blend old and new! Use retro appliances and exposed shelves to spice up the look and feel of your kitchen.

Photo by: Hello Cake Blog

Light fixtures can make all the difference in your kitchen. This classic kitchen is styled with large pendant lights to complement the simplicity of the white cabinetry and backsplash.

Photo by: Ten June Blog

Turn an average backsplash into a statement wall. This subway tile backsplash introduces texture to the space without appearing overwhelming.

Photo by: Garvin and Co.