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100 Original Living Room Ideas

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Finding living room decorating ideas that fit your style is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are so many options to choose from, not to mention how different one space is from another. Are you seeking small living room decorating ideas to fit in your studio? Or are your ready to make a major design change to your room? To get you started, we’ve compiled 100 living room ideas ranging from easy DIY projects to complete room overhauls. Use the filter options below to sort through living room styles from modern to rustic or big to small so you can be sure you’re finding living rooms that match your needs.

Once you’re ready, elevate your living room home decor with options like personalized frames, pillows and fleece blankets.

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Pair neutral furniture with a vibrant hot pink rug for a modern room that isn't short on personality.

Photo by: Stash of Panache

Pair dark furniture with rustic wicker for living space that feels cozy but still polished.

Photo by: Duke Manor Farm

Don't let empty space go to waste. Create a small reading space by staircases to decorate with family photos, books and more.

Photo by: Love Your Abode

Decorate your mantel with found objects for an eclectic feel, like deer antlers, candels and a globe.

Photo by: Hot Pink Style

Match the colors in your decor like pillows and artwork for fool-proof, cohesive design.

Photo by: A Day in the Lalz

Use a mixture of earth tones to create a calming space that still has interest.

Photo by: The Decor Guru

We love the updated take on this rustic wood table. Simply collect smaller logs to create your own coffee table.

Photo by: The Little Kitchen

Via: Shutterfly

Keep your gallery wall looking fresh by swapping out photos. Create a hanging frame to make the changes a snap.

Photo by: Marty's Musings

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These matching mustard armchairs are the perfect pop of color without being too bright.

Photo by: Scout S!xteen

Via: Shutterfly

If you're opting for graphic prints, try adding in small doses to see how you feel over time.

Photo by: Say Yes

Via: Shutterfly

These lovely floral throw pillows standout without looking too feminine.

Photo by: SF Girl By Bay

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Bring your love for art into every aspect of your room. Custom pillows and matching colors bring out the best in this living room.

Photo by: Brit & Co

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These welcoming throw pillows are a great addition to this classic living room.

Photo by: Brite & Bubbly

Via: Shutterfly

The gold touches throughout this living room make the room feel chic without being stuffy.

Photo by: The Idea Room

Via: Shutterfly

This out of use fireplace makes for a clever decor piece—simply glue wood ends in a fun pattern to make use of the blank canvas.

Photo by: Domino

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Gather fun throw pillows in the center of a neutral couch to draw people in for relaxation.

Photo by: Thrifty and Chic

Create a rustic harvest theme in your living room by arranging items like baskets, antique clocks and fresh branches.

Photo by: Stonegable

In the off season, use your fireplace as an unexpected display for a large flower arrangement or other fun living room decor.

Photo by: Beneath My Heart

If you are looking for wall decoration ideas for a minimalist living room, consider a single large canvas photo.

Photo by: The Little Design Corner

Whoever said more is less hasn't seen this fun living room. Leopard print, hot pink, mirrored glass and more all work together in this feminine space.

Photo by: Chronicles of Frivolity

If you're a fan of pink, but worried about the room becoming too feminine, consider adding it in softer shades and smaller details.

Photo by: J'adore Lexie Couture

Style a bookcase with more than just books! Consider items like small plants, vintage finds or your music collection.

Photo by: Design Darling

If you're DIY-ing your curtains, buy some extra yardage to incorporate the print into other aspects of your living room.

Photo by: Katie Armour Taylor

We love the combination of this love seat and the gallery wall. The wooden arrows are a fun wall decoration idea for a rustic living room.

Photo by: Aka Design

Take an old thrift store leather sofa and modernize it with bold pillows.

Photo by: Lauren Konrad Photography

Via: The Brunette One

Bring an airy feel to your living room by adding a collection of indoor plants.

Photo by: New Darlings

Can't pick a pattern? Mix and match by choosing patterns with simple colors that work together.

Photo by: Southern State of Mind

Make your living room extra cozy by adding oversized throw pillows and quilts.

Photo by: House by Hoff

Make a bold gallery wall without all the decisions by repeating a large canvas print in your modern living room.

Photo by: Making Home Base

Don't worry about your flat screen becoming the main focal point. Decorate around it with fun pieces like tassels, photos and books so it fades into the background.

Photo by: The Learner Observer

Use your beloved upright piano as a built in shelf! Hang lightweight items on top to ensure it won't interfere with practice time.

Photo by: Manhattan Nest

Need a small living room decorating idea that doesn't scream too girly? Try pairing pinks with natural decor, like large palm fronds and stone accents.

Photo by: Dabito

Via: The Jungalow

Have an old thrift store coffee table? Love its flaws and use some thoughtfully placed decorations to elevate the piece.

Photo by: Brittany Makes

Display your hometown pride and have an automatic statement piece with a large flag. Consider not just the American flag, but a state flag, college flag or one from your ancestry!

Photo by: Andy Wardrep

Via: Design Sponge

If you want color but don't feel like painting your walls, add a vibrant printed area rug instead. This is an especially good apartment living room idea, when painting might not be an option.

Photo by: Casey Shagena

Via: Design Sponge

A long bay window sets the perfect scene for a collection of graphic throw pillows.

Photo by: The Natos

Via: Design Sponge

Layer decorations in your space with some symmetry like in this boho living room to keep it interesting without the cluttered feel.

Photo by: Clark Brewer

Via: Design Sponge

If you're stuck with dorm room linoleum floors, layer area rugs that complement each other. This will help create that modern living room feel.

Photo by: Michelle Fattore

Via: Design Sponge

Collect heirlooms, thrift store finds and treats from your travels to create a space unique to you. These make for amazing wall decoration ideas for a living room that you can gather all throughout your life.

Photo by: Nicolette Johnson

Via: Design Sponge

Bring the outdoors in with large plants, live edge furniture, faux fur blankets and other nature inspired decor.

Photo by: Sabin Ousey

Via: Design Sponge

We love the hanging container trend as a way to incorporate plants into your living room decor without taking up floor space.

Photo by: Honey Lake Studio

Via: Design Sponge

Mix up your gallery wall by incorporating frames in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Photo by: Love on Sunday

Via: Design Sponge

If your sofa creates an odd gap between it and the wall, try fitting a simple hidden shelf behind it for some added decor space.

Photo by: Always Never Done

Can't find your perfect coffee table height? Create your own by using palette wood and simple hardware additions.

Photo by: Designing Dining Diapers

This uniform gallery wall lets the photos shine while still creating interest with a simple table underneath.

Photo by: Tucker Up

If you like to snuggle on the couch at night, but don't need tons of blankets during the day, create a simple blanket storage using a store bought basket.

Photo by: Simplify

Neutral doesn't have to mean bland. Create intrigue in your living room by pairing different textures and patterns within the same color palette.

Photo by: City Farmhouse

The bold graphic on this area rug draws the eyes in, while the fun decor elements like a vintage globe, succulents and vibrant velvet chair make us linger.

Photo by: Decor and the Dog

Not into too much color? Try a black & white approach to create a sophisticated living room.

Photo by: Kristofer Johnsson

Via: Poppytalk

Wooden panel walls offer a rich, cozy feel to a space, but can be difficult for hanging photos. Instead, decorate your space with lamps, areas rugs, pillows and other items that don't need a hammer and nail.

Photo by: Jersey Ice Cream Company

Via: Bliss

We love how playful this living room is with fun features like an accent wall, whimsical pillows and bright armchairs.

Photo by: Mr. Kate

This unique coffee table was created by staining four wine crates and hammering them together for a refined rustic look.

Photo by: Anything & Everything

Black doesn't mean boring. We love the fresh take in this living room by incorporating softer gray in larger pieces while keeping the stark black in smaller details.

Photo by: I Spy DIY

Try combining your wall decoration ideas for your living room art prints, like watercolors with geometric patterns and canvas prints.

Photo by: Riikka Kantinkoski

Via: Weekday Carnival

Balance your living room's statement piece, like this retro orange sofa, with more subdued pieces to create a cohesive look.

Photo by: Vintage Revivals

This all white and gray living room brings a breath of fresh air with airy indoor plants and uniform magazine stacks.

Photo by: A Merry Mishap

Bring some whimsy to your living room with fun pieces like this flamingo statue or watermelon pillow.

Photo by: Burkatron

Keep your living room all white to feel like you're floating on a cloud.

Photo by: Hearthandmade UK

If your apartment living room ideas clash with your budget, create uniformity on the cheaper side by choosing smaller details to tie the whole space together.

Photo by: Hello Lidy

Can't find the perfect pot for your indoor plant? Create a casual and eco-friendly container by layering paper bags and filling with a low watering plant.

Photo by: Scandi Home

Love clean modern lines but still want some excitement? Incorporate bright colors, like this retro orange patterned pillow and blanket, to punch up the place.

Photo by: Sugar & Cloth

The vintage details in this casual living room are fun without looking dated.

Photo by: The Merry Thought

This collection of small coffee tables is a smart way to add dimension to a living room. Added bonus: you can add and remove pieces to make room for entertaining.

Photo by: My Attic

Have an old couch you'd rather hide? Purchase a simple white slipcover for an instantly chic update.

Photo by: Nicest Things

Geometric patterns are an easy and fun way to add color to many parts of your living room, from quilts to prints.

Photo by: Ann Kelle

Have a collection obsession? Display your hobby proudly. These Russian nesting dolls act as a great conversation piece for this living room.

Photo by: Sycamore Street Press

The dark furnishings and vintage collections in the room create a moody, masculine feel.

Photo by: Linda Robinson Design Associates LLC

Even if your room feels dark, that doesn't mean it has to be gloomy. Pair black walls and dark furniture with shades like olive green or navy.

Photo by: Smile and Wave

These embroidered pillows make this rustic living room feel playful and feminine without being too girly.

Photo by: Emily Henson

Via: Style Files

No room for dining space? Create a little breakfast nook in your living room instead.

Photo by: Girl Nesting

Even the cold winter months can bring decor inspiration. Bring bare branches inside for a unique and low maintenance decoration.

Photo by: Irishman Acres

If you're in a studio, create separation by using the back of your sofa as a "wall" between your living room and bedroom.

Via: Homepolish

Photo by: Joyelle West

Decorate not only with bold colors, but fun shapes as well like curvy couches and angular coffee tables.

Photo by: Kelsey Ann Rose

Via: Homepolish

Make your living room feel twice its size by adding a large mirror on one wall.

Photo by: Dustin Halleck

Via: Homepolish

By keeping the color palette simple, this modern living room takes advantage of the generous amount of sunlight from its large window.

Photo by: Lauren Joseph

Via: Homepolish

A red, white and blue theme doesn't have to feel overly patriotic. Incorporating the colors into smaller details gives it a fresh approach.

Photo by: Samantha Goh

Via: Homepolish

By keeping the color palette simple, this modern living room takes advantage of the generous amount of sunlight from its large window.

Photo by: Sean Gin

Via: Homepolish

This shell "chandelier" makes for a creative and eye catching wall hanging.

Photo by: Cody Ulrich

Via: Homepolish

Take advantage of large ceilings by purchasing low seating furniture to add to the effect.

Photo by: Julia Robbs

Via: Homepolish

Get yourself off the couch and create a small working space right in your living room.

Photo by: Zeke Ruelas

Via: Homepolish

Paint the back of your book shelves to add dimension to your room.

Photo by: Ashley Batz

Via: Homepolish

Look for end tables that aren't your classic four straight legs. We love the creative column shape in this living room.

Photo by: Morgan Blake

Via: Homepolish

Find a statement piece to add a bright pop of color to your living room, like this velvet purple desk chair.

Photo by: Chloe Berk

Via: Homepolish

Use indoor plants and florals as your main color additions for living room decor that's noncommittal and easy to change.

Photo by: Lauren Edith Andersen

Via: Homepolish

The soft blues in this living room create a serene vibe with minimal furniture.

Photo by: Morgan Ione Yeager

Via: Homepolish

The sofa doesn't always have to be the center of the room. Draw your guests eyes towards a classic armchair or graphic painting instead.

Photo by: Nicole Lamotte

Via: Homepolish

Add loveseats to a large living room to break up the space and add extra seating options.

Photo by: Richard Lewisohn Photographer

This living room lets the rich brown tones from mid-century modern furniture shine.

Photo by: Ryan Linnegar

Let your hobbies, like this acoustic guitar, influence the colors you pick for your living room.

Photo by: Magdalena M

No time for a bookshelf? Using an empty fireplace is a clever way to store old books.

Photo by: Jamie Street

Via: Design Sponge

Large vintage posters make great apartment living room ideas and act as a way to show off a little of your personality and interests.

Photo by: Carla Coulson

Via: Design Sponge

Don't let your love for patterns slow you down. This living room manages to pull off florals, stripes and more.

Photo by: Sara Kerens

Via: Design Sponge

Offset your couch from the main part of the room to make space for entertaining or more seating.

Photo by: Courtney Apple

Via: Design Sponge

Use geometric cut outs of glass to create your own interesting pattern that doubles as a mirror.

Photo by: Andrew Cammarano

Via: Design Sponge

The high ceilings and minimal design in this living room make it cozy enough for us to want to relax in.

Photo by: Belinda Love Lee

Via: Design Sponge

A bookcase can hold more than just books. It can also act as a smart storage option by adding baskets and other containers.

Photo by: Dana Damewood

Via: Design Sponge

Get inspired by your artwork, like how this living room incorporated the retro vibe of this poster into pillows and sofa design.

Photo by: Daniela Exley

Via: Design Sponge

If you don't want to nail holes in your wall, try hanging photos with a simple binder clip.

Photo by: The Mullers

Via: Design Sponge

Make the corners of your living room just as interesting as the main room by adding smaller features like an armchair and indoor plant.

Photo by: Caydie McCumber

Via: Design Sponge

Air plants are an easy way to decorate indoors. Added bonus: since they don't need soil to thrive, they can sit on white cushions without any worry of making a mess.

Photo by: Shawn Parkin

Via: Design Sponge

The blue features throughout this room--from the sofa to the walls--all work together in harmony.

Photo by: Kristin Gladney

Via: Design Sponge

Fit your bookcase underneath your staircase to save space and add decor to an unexpected part of your room.

Photo by: Jackie Wonders

Via: Design Sponge

Floor lamps can come in all shapes and sizes, but we love this choice for a low seating orb.

Photo by: Anne-Claire Rohé

Via: Design Sponge

Go to a thrift store to collect worn photos like maps and landscapes.

Photo by: Claire Esparros

Via: Homepolish

Break up the symmetry of two uniform couches by mixing up what you display on your walls.

Photo by: Amy Bartlam

Via: Homepolish

This ladder bookshelf is a smart small living room decorating idea, working as both a bookshelf and entertainment center.

Photo by: Kenny Johnson

Via: Design Sponge

Choose wallpaper in an interesting pattern but in subdued colors so it doesn't take over the entire room.

Photo by: Ghislaine Vinas Interior Design

Via: Design Sponge

TVs don't make a living room, the people do! Open up the windows and let nature be your entertainment.

Photo by: Annik Media

Via: Design Sponge

This small living room makes the most of it by utilizing the space created by the staircase.

Photo by: Nancy Neil

Via: Design Sponge

For music lovers, check out this deconstructed guitar as a piece of artwork to display.

Photo by: Ingrid Weir

Via: Design Sponge

Pink pairs naturally with dark navy for a classic preppy living room.

Photo by: This is Glamorous

Via: Design Sponge

Have your coffee table books reflect your interests, like fashion, music or design.

Photo by: Stoffer Photography

Via: Design Sponge

Reclaim an old school wine barrel to repurpose as a bar cart.

Photo by: Jocelyn Baun

Via: Design Sponge