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30 Accent Wall Ideas to Transform a Room

When you think about your home, is every room the way you envisioned it to be? If not, adding an accent wall is one way to transform your favorite room. Let your blank wall be a canvas of opportunity for creation and expression. Whether you want to splash a wall with a bright pop of color or add texture, we’ve compiled 30 different accent wall ideas for you to explore.

To begin designing your own wall, brainstorm the type of environment you want your guests to experience. Are you going for warm and inviting or dramatic? This all depends on the personality of your home.

Also, consider basic color theory and the architecture of the room. This will help you bring the space to life. Start your mini makeover by using our mood boards to discover home decor inspiration for your room.

Art Display Accent Wall

Sources: Leclair Decor

Nothing displays your personality more than your taste in art. Whether you decide to hang up large abstract paintings or rustic wall art, it reveals your style. This makes having an art display ideal for a place where guests gather like your living room.

The key to a great accent wall pattern is to make a statement. By providing a focal point with personal artwork or photos, you’ll draw guests in. They’ll be curious about the pieces highlighted on your wall and their significance. The art may even spark interesting conversation as guests get to know the people behind the home.

Geometric Pattern Accent Wall

Geometric Pattern Accent Wall

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Sources: David Duncan Livingston via Ann Lowengart Interiors, Nicolas Millet via Studio Razavi Architecture, Touch Interiors, My Attic

If you prefer modern decor, a geometric accent wall pattern is a stylish way to differentiate your home. Not only can you liven up a room with pops of color, but you can design an unforgettable wall. A lot of interior decor projects feature triangles, but there are so many other shapes to explore.

Consider squares, hexagons and any other shapes that you envision adorning your wall. When it comes to accent wall colors, there are no boundaries. Mix and match to create an eye-catching backdrop. Once you finish, you’ll have a bold pattern that transforms your living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Painted Accent Wall

Painted Accent Wall

Sources: Honey We’re Home

Have you considered changing the color of your walls but can’t quite commit? Painting a solid color accent wall is one way to experiment. Another idea is to paint different patterns to showcase a fun and interesting feature wall. Before you pop open your paint cans, choose which wall makes the best focal point.

For example, you can use bright accent wall colors to highlight special architectural features like a winding staircase or beautiful windows. Also, make sure the other walls aren’t competing for attention to avoid a cluttered and busy room. Once the paint is dry, add a nice finishing touch with large wall art or your favorite photos.

Molding Accent Wall

Molding Accent Wall

Sources: Marcus Design, Honeybear Lane

Not every accent wall idea involves vibrant color. If you like to keep things simple or prefer a more subtle update, molding is the way to go. It’s a stylish choice that breaks up the dimensions of a room by adding depth. Molding also creates a decorative transition between walls and floors.

Because this accent wall idea has a variety of materials available, you have flexibility with the design. Moldings and baseboards come in wood, foam, rubber and plastic. Whether updating your bedroom or living room, guests will appreciate the architectural charm molding adds.

Stencil Accent Wall

Stencil Accent Wall

Sources: Pumps and Parties, Simple Stylings, Refashionably Late

Looking for a fun DIY project? Why not use stencils on your accent wall! Stencil patterns are as beautiful and diverse as wallpaper. The only difference is they take half the time to install and are a more affordable option.

You can create your own stencil or find one that suits your decor. Before moving forward with a design, double check its durability. From taping to painting, you want a stencil that will last your entire project. Mandalas, flowers and Moroccan patterns all make for an eye-catching accent wall idea.

Mural Accent Wall

Mural Accent Wall

Sources: Make Do And DIY, Inspired By This

When is the last time you remember seeing a mural in a friend’s home? Not everyone is brave enough to do something this daring so it’s pretty rare. But if you’re up to the challenge, this is one way to make an unforgettable statement.

You don’t have to worry about making this a permanent decision either. By installing a chalkboard you give yourself the freedom to create new artwork whenever you like. No matter what type of mural you choose, guests will have an impressive wall to gaze at that they won’t find anywhere else.

Wallpaper/Fabric Accent Wall

Wallpaper/Fabric Accent Wall

Sources: Young House Love, Deuce Cities Henhouse

Wallpaper or fabric accent walls provide a mesmerizing focal point and can also set the mood of a room. A tropical floral print can help you unwind after a long day, while a neon print stimulates your mind. This is why it’s no longer necessary to wallpaper an entire room to make it stand out.

Instead, choosing one wall to feature provides balance with the entire decor. It’s also a desirable way to divide space in an open-plan home by dictating the ambiance in each room. Interesting wallpapers and fabrics to consider include geometric, monochrome, chevron and floral designs.

Wood Accent Wall

Wood Accent Wall

Sources: Just a Girl, Kristin Eldridge Photography

Love the feel of a cabin retreat or a room that reminds you of life at sea? A wood accent wall works for both. Not to mention, it suits a variety of decor styles. Anything from rustic to vintage or nautical decor all blend well with this textured accent wall.

You also have the creative freedom to paint or stain the wood planks. So mix it up with a multi-colored wood accent wall or go for a bright beach stained wall that will make guests feel right at home.

Accent walls are the first thing that guests see when they walk into a room. They determine the atmosphere and set the mood. From displaying meaningful pieces of art to choosing intricate patterns, you have full creative control over how your wall looks.

So let your home decor be an extension of your personal style! Design an accent wall that is a direct reflection of the things you love. If you’re in need of home decor accents to provide the finishing touches for your wall, browse our wall art.