15 Tips For a Unique Coffee Table Decor + Inspiring Ideas

A coffee table is always the center of attention in the living room area. It can display knick-knacks like candles or figurines, and can also carry larger items like vases, trays and books.

Your decor can depend a lot on what the surrounding items are. For example, if you have natural tones in your living room, you may opt for a succulent or flowers. If your living room displays bold and bright colors, you may want to incorporate metallics. You also have to know the space you are working with. If you have a small living room, for example, you may need to minimize what you put on your coffee table.

Although there are no rules to creating the perfect coffee table design, there are several fun ways to make your decor unique and stylish.

1. Don’t be afraid of bold colors

Creating a tone for your table is easier than you think. If your home decor has neutrals, bright pops of color will add a fresh vibe to your room. Blue hues and sunshine tones will allow the space to look airy and inviting.

2. Get creative with your tray

Trays are essential for keeping things in one place. But this doesn’t mean you should be limited to a certain style. A tray is functional table decor that can also add personality to a table without having a lot of clutter to it. Get creative with your design and use a photo metal print to display items such as candles or set the tray on its own for a sweet personal touch.

3. Add a fun element

Consider adding an organic element, like geodes or crystals, to your table decor. Not only do they create a positive atmosphere, but their colors are dynamic and gorgeous in the sunlight. Especially when the sun hits them. Use them as bookends or place a tray with your favorite gems right in the center of the table.

4. Sprinkle some flowers

Flowers are always great for adding a pop of color or breath of fresh air to any room. You can sprinkle them around or make their buds a focal point of your table. We suggest using vases with different heights to create a more dramatic feel.

5. Use coasters

If you have guests over or simply want to have a refreshing drink while watching TV, a coaster will come in handy. If you want more of a warm, family feel to your living room, create a photo coaster.

6. DIY something unexpected

Books are always a great element to add to a table. However, if you are looking for ways to take your decor to the next level, consider adding adding a succulent to your coffee table book. It’s easier than you think and only takes about 30 minutes. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An old book
  • A box cutter or precision knife
  • 2 small succulents
  • Plastic bag
  • Glue
  1. Add glue to the edge of the pages so that they stick together. Wait until they dry.
  2. Draw a square where you will like your succulent to be placed. Then, start cutting with your knife.
  3. Remove the first layer of pages. Continue cutting and removing pages until you see a good sized hole. It should be at least 1 inch deep.
  4. Cut your plastic bag (can be a trash bag) and place it in the square so that it covers it entirely.
  5. Place your succulent carefully and make sure to cover the entire hole with dirt.

7. Include greenery

For an extra dose of nature, incorporate cute smaller plants or succulents into your decor. You can mix it up by placing them in glass jars or even candleholders depending on your decor. And the best thing about adding succulents to your decor? They are super easy to care for!

8. Add Metallics

For a more polished look, metallics are the way to go. These can be in the form of a candle, small vase, figurine or tray. We recommend colors like rose gold, gold, and silver to give a beautiful shimmer to your setting.

9. Inspire

Take your favorite quote and use it as decoration. Consider making your quote into something like a paperweight. Paperweights are small enough to not overpower a table yet, heavy enough to make a statement. For a more personal touch, we recommend choosing quotes about home.

10. Include your family name

Your family name is a special part of your space, so why not include it in your decor? You can choose a desktop plaque, a wooden letter or even a lighted marquee during the holidays.

11. Provide a fun game

The living room is a place for entertaining your family and guests. And while you can easily make family game boxes part of your decor, you can also get a creative with it and choose something to complement your theme. A beachy tic tac toe is the perfect element to your summery table. You can also include other games such as playing cards and memory games.

12. Go vintage

If you want to add unexpected and unique flair to your decor, go vintage. Vintage, rustic bottles are perfect for setting height, holding flowers or feather and you can use them all year long.

13. Let nature inspire you

You’d be surprised at what beautiful things you can find outdoors. While going for a stroll on the beach, pick up beautiful seashells of all shapes and sizes. Place rocks or crystals inside the shells for a more natural setting.

14. Be whimsical

Feathers are a wonderful alternative to flowers. If you are looking to fill your bottles with something out of the ordinary, you can find feathers in every color. From beautiful bolds to simple whites, it will create a stunning setting in any room.

15. Consider a unique table base

Part of coffee table decor is the actual table. If your budget allows, consider purchasing a unique table base such as a tree trunk, marble or DIY a table with wheels and storage.

36 Inspiring Coffee Table Ideas

Dark Fashion by Maria Loiacono Interiors

Clear Glass via Lonny

Chic Stacking  by Lemon Stripes

Botanicals and Books by The Decor Fix

Right From The Bookshelf by Fashionable Hostess

Minimalist by Amber Interior Design

Raw and Refined by Bryce Covey

Storage Space by The Every Girl

Large Decor by Gilty As Charged

Fashion Forward via Stylish Petite

Pretty pinks via Oh. Eight. Oh. Nine

Distressed White by Starfish Cottage

Elegant and Airy by Dear Lillie Blog

Macaron Heaven by Amy Lipnis

Pastel and Lace by Romantik Evim

Sleek and Tall by Do Design

Fall Flowers by Leslie’s Interiors

Bright Blooms by Pinkz Passion

Shiny and White by Life With The Edwards

Blush and Tan by Day In The Life Of Laura

Fresh and Sweet by Moska Interior Design

Treasures and Flowers by Alanna Smit Designs

Pretty Stars by Lark and Linen

Neutral Colors by Stone Gable

Black and Whites by Driven by Decor

Double Tray by Kelly Nan

Fall Perfection by Thistlewood Farms

Simple and Practical by A Bowl Full Of Lemons

Pop Of Color by Lonny

Tea for Two by Emily Henderson

Magnify by Hi Sugar Plum

Holiday by The Design Twins

A Little of Everything by Michelle Got Married

Pinecone Naturals by Coastal Style Prints

Pastel Scents by Living With Olivia

Christmas Wonderland by Kate Love Caat

You can switch out your coffee table decor every year or go along with the seasons. Whatever you decide, following these simple rules will ensure that your decor is unique and personal. If you need more ideas on how to decorate your coffee table, check out our home accents for the perfect personal touch.