Table Decor

Table Decor

Table decor is a form of home decor that can include either functional or purely decorative items. Using colors, shapes, photos, and artwork, table decor can complement other decorations and help brighten up space or create a specific type of environment. Examples of table decor include standing picture frames, flower vases, books, candles, and more.

Table Decor by Location

There are plenty of places throughout the home where it’s appropriate to place table decor. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom, living room, or dining room, there are different design elements you can use to make sure the table becomes a highly visual element. Some tabletop decor ideas by location include the following.

Coffee Table Decor

True to its name, the coffee table is traditionally a place for enjoying snacks and placing beverages while you’re watching TV or just hanging out in the living room. Since it’s usually more empty than a dining table, it’s the perfect place for table decor. Some coffee table decor ideas include a vase full of flowers as well as coffee table books. With personalized photo books, you can create your own coffee table books that you know look great and match the rest of your decor.

Dining Table Decor

Dining table decor can be both stylish and functional. Whether you keep standard decor items on your table year-round or switch them out for different meals and holidays, your dining table decor will likely include a table runner, placemats, dinner plate chargers, and a table centerpiece. Popular centerpieces include flower vases, or you can also create personalized candles to spread out along the length of your table. You can use the same table decor options for your kitchen table decor as well, though you may not have as much space for a table runner or placemats.

Entry Table Decor

Your entry table decor, or console table decor, is a great way to welcome guests into your home and set the theme for the rest of your interior design. Though an entry table is usually small and thin, there’s still space to set out decorations like glass picture frames or unique candles. Since the entryway is a place to grab jackets, keys, and bags, you can also put up a wall hook organizer right above your entry table decor. Though it’s not exactly tabletop decor, it will make the space more functional.

Side Table Decor

You can choose side table decor for an end table in your bedroom or sofa table decor for the living room. Small personalized frames for photo prints make great decor for these smaller tables since they don’t take up too much space. Since your end tables are usually close to where you sit, it also gives the perfect opportunity to enjoy your favorite memories and photos. With colors that match the rest of your room decor, everything will look cohesive and well put together.

Tabletop Decor for Events and Holidays

Aside from the year-round tabletop decor, it’s common to set out different styles for each season, holiday, or occasion. For instance, at a dinner party, you might put out custom mason jars with small flower bouquets as a nice rustic centerpiece for the table. Buffet table decor might also include a tabletop plaque with photos that are relevant to the event or occasion. With a big dinner party, you can also customize tabletop plaques to feature the menu for the night. 

For the holidays, Christmas table decor and Thanksgiving table decor are some of the more important styles throughout the year. For Thanksgiving, fall table decor might include fake leaves or flowers with warm tones like orange and red. Christmas table decorations may include tabletop canvas prints with family Christmas photos. For spring, Easter is the main holiday that most families celebrate with festivities and decorations. Easter table decor includes more bright, pastel colors in the form of table runners and fresh flowers.

More Table Decoration Ideas

As with any decorations, table decor is all about finding the right products to match your home’s color scheme or overall design style. Your decoration ideas and color palette may change throughout the year, but year-round decor always looks great when it matches the rest of your home and furniture. Popular year-round styles for tabletop decor include farmhouse style, boho-chic, elegant, or modern.

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