60+ Bedroom Decoration Ideas

At the end of the long day, all you want is to land in a cozy, comfortable space of your own. Your bedroom decor should reflect rejuvenation, comfort, and care. How can you design a space that both reflects your personal style and creates a cocoon of coziness?

Whether you’re looking for small bedroom decor for your apartment or overhauling a larger master bedroom, these decoration tips, color combinations, and layout options can transform the whole way you look at bedtime. We’ll also explore how to choose an accent wall, work with wall decor, or utilize the natural light in your bedroom for the ultimate haven in your home.

1. Photo Wall

Bed with floating shelf above.

The bedroom is an excellent space to showcase the people in your life that inspire love and comfort. Create a photo display with matching or complementary frames in a cluster across an accent wall. Choose a wall that you will see right when you wake up each morning to catch your eye and start things off right.

2. Calming Grays

When choosing a color scheme for your bedroom, stick to cool and calming colors to create a space that inspires relaxation. Play with a range of pale and dark gray paint colors, bedding, and accent pillows. Add small pops of complementary items in calm hues like mauve, pale pink and blue.

3. Add Warm Light

Your bedroom should be a place to softly transition from evening to bedtime. Stick to ambient lighting with table and floor lamps with warm bulbs. Add extra warmth with lampshades that further soften the light that complements the equally comforting colors in your linens and walls.

4. Bedroom Chandelier

Inventive lighting doesn’t have to be saved for the living and dining room. Replace the traditional overhead light fixture with a geometric or ornate chandelier. As a main focal point of your design, incorporate the colors from the chandelier throughout the rest of the room.

5. Accent In Style

Bed with plants hanging above.
Looking to spruce up a small bedroom with a burst of color? Balance out a simple color scheme with a wallpapered or painted accent wall behind your bed. Not only does this act as a way to tie the room together, but it also creates a natural headboard that pulls the eye to the front of the bed frame.

6. Headboard Symmetry

When placing framed art above your bed, keep it symmetrical and balanced for a clean look. You can choose a set of simple prints with natural items like leaves and flowers or framed images with comforting phrases. Choose frames that match in size and color for a cohesive theme.

7. Mirror Sunburst

An eye-catching, reflective piece of art is a popular choice to place above your headboard or dresser. Choose a piece that highlights a small mirror to reflect natural light throughout the room. This accent piece also draws the eye above the bed.

8. Mix And Match

Though matching side tables are the more traditional approach, play with different colors and styles for a funkier bedroom design. Keep the rest of your space simple and balanced to draw the eye to your unique furniture choices. Explore retro or antique pieces if you have an eye for repurposing old items.

9. Fresh Flowers

Vase of flowers next to bed.
Typically saved for the dining room table, add a vase of fresh flowers to your nightstand each week. The burst of color fresh flower smell brightens up any room. This is especially useful when brightening up a guest room for visitors.

10. Keep It Rustic

Bring the rustic outdoors inside by incorporating a farm-inspired look in this room’s decor. Transform a repurposed barn door into a bed frame, add a metal star above your dresser, or fill your counters with dried fall foliage. This is an easy design scheme to alter for the different seasons of the year.

11. Warm The Floor

Separate the different areas of your bedroom with an area rug. This adds an additional soft texture to the room decor without completely covering up a beautiful natural wood flooring. It is particularly helpful in the winter for keeping your feet warm on a chilly morning.

12. Consider Your Windows

The view outside your window shifts depending on where you place your bed. Be sure to test out different options to see how the light will affect you each morning. If you’re looking for a way to shake things up, shift your bedroom furniture to alter the view out your window.

13. A Place To Sit

Armchair next to bed.
Transform open space in your bedroom into an additional place to wind down. If you have a window nook or open corner, add a platform rocker or overstuffed accent chair for curling up with a book. You can also place an upholstered bench at the base of your bed as a natural space for getting ready in the morning.

14. Nightstand Alternative

If you don’t have space for a nightstand on each side of your bed, attach a small wall shelf above or next to your sleeping area. Include a small station for charging your phone and placing small items before going to sleep. Add a jewelry tray to keep all your items organized and easily accessible.

15. Unique Spaces

Do you have a slanted ceiling or an oddly shaped bedroom? Don’t be afraid to break free from the traditional bedroom setup to accommodate your space. Consider your best flow of movement when choosing your layout. You can even downsize to simpler furniture for storing your clothing and accessories to save space.

16. Cozy Phrases

Fill your sleeping space with pillowcases and prints that remind you to kick back and relax. Choose matching throw pillows with hand-stitched phrases or a rustic framed phrase above your bed. Match the font of each saying in small framed pieces throughout your room on nightstands and dressers.

17. Lush And Green

Bed with gray sheets and picture frames.
Accent your bedroom nightstand, dresser, and window sills with potted green plants for a touch of nature. Play with different textures and plant heights, such as by adding a potted floor plant in the corners of the room. Avoid particularly fragrant flowering plants as these can interrupt your sleep if you have allergies.

18. Soften With Knits

Fabrics and textures create an ambiance that inspires relaxation. Add thickly knitted throw blankets and plush accent pillows for a touch a coziness, especially in the winter months. Hang a plush quilt behind your bed to translate this softness to the wall of the room.

19. Stylish Storage

Creative storage is especially important in the bedroom, especially if you have minimal closet space. For example, choose a bench or trunk that stores your shoes but doubles as an end-of-the-bed seat. Stack fabric storage bins on a bookshelf for holding accessories like belts, hats, and scarves.

20. Organize Electronics

Create a designated charging space away from your bed to hold your phone, tablet, or any reading devices. This keeps your bedroom looking organized while giving you some space from screen time at night. If you have a digital alarm clock, choose an alternative with low light to not interrupt your dark room.

21. Colorful Garlands

Bed with white comforter.
If you need a simple idea to spruce up a bedroom, hang a pom-pom garland next to your bed. You can even make your own garland at home by threading craft pom-poms on a piece of twine or even string lights. Switch out your garland to match the season or holiday on the horizon.

22. Pale Pastels

Not sure which direction to go with your bedroom color scheme? Choose your favorite pastel hue and play with varying tones against a white palette. Add pale green pillows against a white bedspread and accent with rich green plants throughout the room.

23. Bookshelf Design

If you choose to add storage to your bedroom, consider ways to decorate a bookshelf for a balanced design. Display small accents that inspire a sense of joy and calm in the more relaxing room of your home. Add small lamps or candles to brighten up the shelf.

24. Make It Personal

Decorating a kid’s bedroom? Showcase everything that makes them unique and special by framing their favorite images, handmade art, and their names in a homemade wall display. Provide places to express their ideas with a painted chalkboard wall or art area.

25. Relocate Furniture

Do you have a dining room server that no longer fits by your table? Repurpose it into a unique dresser or linen cabinet. Add a small armchair or rocker to the corner of the bedroom to create a separate space to rest. Break free from the expected bedroom furniture by relocating unique pieces from other rooms in your home.

26. Window Treatments

Wooden headboard and blue curtains.
Curtains can alter the entire energy of a bedroom by filtering and changing the hue of natural light. Choose a set of curtains that complement the color scheme of your space. If you’re looking to add color to a white bedroom, play with unique curtains that offset a simple space.

27. Balance With Metallics

Silver and gold details add a classic balance to a simple bedroom color scheme. Add these bits of shimmer throughout your jewelry holders, light fixtures, and photo frames. If you hang an accent mirror above your bed, match the metallic to the frame of the piece.

28. String Lights

White string lights are an easy way to add a romantic touch to a bedroom of any size. Hang them above your bed as a makeshift canopy or across your dresser to add more light in the darker months of the year. Wrap garland or vines around your lights for a soft look.

29. Seaside Decor

Incorporate the calm energy of a beachside spot by filling your room with accents from the sea. Include a series of framed sea-inspired prints as well as the colors of a traditional beach house such as pale tans, blue, and cream. If you have a favorite summer spot, create a gallery wall remind of the place that reminds you of laying by the sea.

30. Choose A Theme

One easy way to tie together all your bedroom decor is by choosing a theme. Simple shapes like hearts or stars can inspire your bedspread, pillow, and nightstand accent choices. Choose a theme that reflects the calm of your evening like moons or clouds, especially if you’re decorating a nursery or children’s bedroom.

31. Vertical Design

Floating shelf with picture frames.
Even small bedrooms can look a bit more expansive with a few decor tricks. Consider hanging shelves, mirrors, and painting above the eye line in addition to their traditional level. This elongates the room and brings the eye upward, making the room look taller. This is especially powerful above the bed frame.

32. Industrial Minimalism

Keep your room design sleek and simple by choosing matching bedroom pieces that feature clean lines and natural materials. Modern bed frames with metal and wooden structures pair perfectly with overly plush bedspreads and fluffy accent pillows. Keep the rest of your decor simple and monochromatic to accent the modern furniture.

33. Bed Storage

Remember that the space under your bed is a key spot for storing and organizing your items. Choose a bedframe with built-in storage to hold all your shoes, accessories, or extra linens and blankets. This is especially helpful in a guest bedroom where your friends and family may need to reach for an extra towel, pillowcase, or quilt before bed.

34. Creative Lighting

Accent your bedroom design with unique floor and table lamps. Create the same effect of the traditional reading lamp by choosing a jointed floor lamp to direct over your book at night. You can also play with unique, vintage bulbs that transform a simple light fixture into a statement piece.

35. Calming Scents

Oil diffuser on nightstand.
Sweet aromas can play a role in creating a truly relaxing space. Set up an essential oil diffuser to fill the room with lavender, citrus, or an array of herbal scents that either calm or awaken the senses at different times of day. You can also add essential-oil scented sachets to your dresser drawers and closet of your master bedroom.

36. Country Chic

You’ll never want to get out of bed with a cozy country-themed bedroom. Choose a classic flannel bedspread and accent your walls with rustic decor and images of the great outdoors. Add seasonal touches throughout the year for fall, Christmas, and summer.

37. Matching Finishes

Even if you place a mixture of colors throughout your bedroom, create a clean look in your bedroom by matching wood finishes. Choose dressers, bed frames, and nightstands that have the same wooden hue as your flooring or walls. Add a final touch with matching wooden picture frames for your art and photos.

38. Control The Light

Create a cocoon-like space by adding details that determine how much or how little light gets into your bedroom. If you need total darkness to sleep, purchase light-blocking curtains that are easy to slide open in the morning. Fill the space with lamps of varying brightness to control the ambiance as you wind down for bed.

39. Dramatic Contrast

Black and gray bedroom.
Make a bold modern statement by decorating your bedroom in two contrasting colors. Black and white bedrooms keep the space looking clean and simple without overwhelming the space with color. Add a simple accent color or metallic hue in the small details.

40. Showcase Love

Fill the most calming room of your house with loving images of friends and family. Dedicate a wall to your wedding photos, favorite images of the kids, or your tight-knit group of friends. Waking up each morning to the smiling faces of support is a beautiful way to set the tone of your room decor.

41. Include Song Lyrics

Are you a music enthusiast? Tie the look of your bedroom together by incorporating your favorite song lyrics into wall decor, dresser decorations, or even your bedspread. Customize your bed linens to include a phrase that speaks to your musical passions.

42. Play With Pinks

Looking to liven up the look of your room? Add vibrant pink, fuschia, and purple to a simple bedroom color scheme. You can incorporate these pops of color into the curtains, throw pillows, or small accents on your wall and nightstands.

43. Reflect The Light

Floor mirror next to bed.
If you want to add more natural light to your bedroom, include mirrors of all shapes and sizes to catch and spread sunlight throughout the room. Play with different mirror varieties such as freestanding, full-length mirrors, circular wall mirrors, and small vanity mirrors on your dresser. The glass on framed images also helps reflect light throughout the space.

44. Playful Patterns

Whether you’re decorating a kid’s bedroom or a room of your own, fun patterns can add a bit of whimsy to your decor. Stick with one popular pattern—like stripes or polka dots—to offset solid colors. Incorporate the patterns into new places originally overlooked like chair upholstery or wallpaper.

45. Daybed Decor

The versatile futon or daybed is an excellent tool for transforming a guest room into an office or extra reading nook. Include storage to hold all the decorative pillows and throws that adorn the bed during the day. Add side tables and lamps to quickly transition the space to a bedroom when needed.

46. Find Balance

No matter where you choose to place your largest furniture, always aim for aesthetic balance in the bedroom. A bed in the center of a wall surrounded by two nightstands is just one way to create this equilibrium. You can also balance off a bed pushed against a wall with an equally large dresser or bookshelf to coordinate the room. If you can’t create this balance with furniture, do so with wall decor and bursts of color.

47. Display Your Tastes

Floral decorated bedroom.
Save some of your favorites works of art for your own daily viewing. Include your own artistic style in your bedroom by making a one-of-a-kind piece the focal point of your bedroom. Weave the colors from the piece into the other area of your room design for a cohesive look, like a floral theme.

48. Earth Tones

If you need inspiration for paint and decor colors, look right outside your window. What colors can you reflect in your indoor style from the natural backdrop of your neighborhood view? Tie the whole room together with earth-inspired hues of tan, forest green, and sky blue. Blue bedrooms are a popular choice due to the color’s naturally calming energy.

49. Keep It Simple

Avoid cluttered dressers and nightstands to create a true sense of balance in your master bedroom. Not only do clear surfaces streamline your night and morning routine, but they will also help your decor choices stand out without distraction. Handpick each item that makes it onto your bedroom surfaces.

50. Slanted Ceilings

Are you decorating an attic bedroom with uniquely sloped ceilings? Keep the space looking bright and open with white walls and mirrors on any flat walls. Avoid hanging anything too large on the slanted parts of your room as this can make the space look smaller. Mark the center of the ceiling with a hanging lamp or chandelier.

51. Wall Stencils

Simple wall stencils and silhouettes are a fun way to add a patterned theme to your bedroom without the wallpaper. Choose a simple runner for the top or center of your wall or add a silhouette behind your headboard as a focal point. You can also create your own stick-on stencils with a home Cricut machine.

52. Wall Sconces

Hanging lamp over nightstand.
Matching bedroom sconces are an excellent alternative for lamps on your nightstand in smaller spaces. Hang matching pieces above both sides of the bed for balance. Consider adding a third lamp above a dressing area or reading corner.

53. Tall Bed Frame

Take the classic approach to bedroom design with a four-poster or canopy-style bed frame. You don’t have to close off your sleeping area with the traditional canopy—the frame on its own celebrates a contemporary style. Make your bed the center of the design if you’re looking for a simple way to make a statement.

54. Fluff And Ruffles

Channel your inner child by filling your bedroom with lush ruffles. The playful textures work well on a duvet cover, your dust ruffle, and on throw pillows. Mix and match the fabric colors for a more textured look throughout the room.

55. Flora And Fauna

Perfect for the spring and summer, opt for linens, curtains, and framed artwork that show off a modern, nature-inspired pattern. Change out your duvet cover when fall and winter roll around with more seasonal looks while sticking to the natural theme. Include live plants throughout the room to match your decor.

56. DIY Headboard Art

Do you have a natural talent for painting? Create your own large canvas—either classic or abstract—to add a personalized burst of character above your headboard. If you’d prefer something more deliberate, have a favorite photo wrapped onto a large canvas instead.

57. Accent Headboard

Bed with wooden headboard.
Add a statement headboard to an otherwise minimalist bed frame in your master bedroom. Take the DIY approach and repaint or refinish and old headboard or purchase a vibrant piece with a unique design. Explore tufted fabric, distressed wood, or a vibrantly painted headboard to make a splash.

58. Family Quilt

Display a quilt or important tapestry passed down through the family on your wall or as a bedspread. When hung as a tapestry, frame the head of your bed frame or fill an unused wall that needs a hint of color. Incorporate the colors of the quilt into the rest of your linens and decor.

59. Dresser Display

Start your day off right by keeping your dresser top organized and ready for your morning. Include a catch-all dish for your rings, a set of framed photos of your loved ones, and hand-picked decorative items that create calm and balance. A fresh item like a plant or vase of flowers makes a nice addition to any design.

60. Home Office

Do you have a small writing or work desk in your bedroom corner? Separate the space with its own unique lighting and storage. A home desk and bedroom can host the same color scheme and decor while remaining unique spaces. Double your desk as a vanity area for the morning with perfect organization.

61. Ornate Opulence

Design a bedroom fit for a queen with an ornately carved bed frame and antique bedroom accessories. Reflect the style with white and metallic touches to reflect the light as well as small crystal accessories on your dresser and nightstand. Fill the room with natural and added light to brighten the look.

62. Mix Textures

Gray bed frame.
If you truly want to create a cozy and welcome bed, combine a variety of textures across your comforters and pillowcases. Add a knit throw across a quilt and layer with fuzzy throw pillows. When summer comes, switch out your thicker textures for soft linen and airy cotton.

Specifically looking to design your child’s nursery or bedroom? Finding the perfect theme for their personality creates endless opportunities for playful design. Check out both girl’s bedroom and boy’s bedroom ideas to designate the perfect personal space for your little one.