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100 Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your bedroom. Will you go with a calm oasis or opt for a colorful style for your bedroom? Is your room big enough for a total overhaul or are you just seeking small upgrades? With all the bedroom ideas to choose from, we compiled 100 inspiring photos to jumpstart your redesign. We even included some helpful filters so you can sort based on your style and room size to find the best fit.

Once you have your bedroom decorating ideas, personalize your space with home decor accents like wall art, framed prints, pillows and more.

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Layer rugs for added comfort and design without the expense of changing out carpet.

Photo by: Olivia Rink

Think outside the box and have your artwork serve a purpose, like this large rustic sliding door.

Photo by: Pantier

If you love graphic wallpaper but unsure of colors, try a simple neutral that will go with anything.

Photo by: The Cheerio Diaries

If your walls are a bold color, pair it with decor from the same color family but in different hues for a design that works together.

Photo by: Craftivity Designs

If your walls have an awkward shape, DIY your decor like this sweet "Love" sign using pallete wood.

Photo by: Willow Street Interiors

Layer patterns and textures like gingham and raw edge for a rustic look that doesn't feel like camp.

Photo by: Healthfully Ever After

Dark walls don't have to mean gloomy. Check out how this room pairs different shades of black and white for an airy feel.

Photo by: Stash of Panache

Pair a bold wall with simple artwork for a intriguing gallery wall.

Photo by: DIY Playbook

Spray paint found objects in gold to add as fun accents to your bedroom.

Photo by: Brighton the Day

We love the feminine feel of this room without using a lot of pink.

Photo by: The Minted Mama

Who said monograms can only be on towels? Incorporate your initials in a bold way, like in this fleece blanket.

Photo by: Emily A Clark

Via: Shutterfly

Decorating doesn't have to be complex. Stick with two of your favorite colors and pick simple patterns to create a refreshing bedroom.

Photo by: Wit & Delight

Via: Shutterfly

No room to display your favorite artwork? Use it as a printed headboard instead!

Photo by: I Heart Nap Time

Via: Shutterfly

Add simple DIY details like dream catchers and driftwood to create a uniquely boho bedroom.

Photo by: Advice from a Twenty Something

Who said wallpaper is out of style? Pick a big bold print to instantly upgrade your bedroom wall decor.

Photo by: Aka Design

Keep decor and design minimal and let your bedroom headboard do all the talking.

Photo by: Andre Cawley

Via: Design Sponge

Monochrome doesn't have to be uninspiring. Mix and match patterns within the same color family to create a serene space.

Photo by: Bari Ziperstein

Via: Design Sponge

Punch up muted or plain decor with small, bright details like a printed pillow or heirloom quilt.

Photo by: Becky Kimball

Via: Design Sponge

If you are all out of decorating ideas for a small bedroom, go minimalist. The less clutter you have, the larger the room will seem.

Photo by: Beulah Anne Ekkelenkamp

Via: Design Sponge

Looking for some simple DIY bedroom decor ideas? Try adding some beautiful flowers to the mix.

Photo by: Biz Jones

Via: Design Sponge

Add some drama to a classic bedroom with an animal print pillow and bright pops of color.

Photo by: Bliss At Home

This teeny tiny bedroom still brings some intrigue with a dramatic reading lamp hanging overhead.

Photo by: Blue Window Creative

Via: Design Sponge

Combine old and new, store bought and thrift finds, for a truly unique bedroom.

Photo by: Caitlin Mills

Via: Design Sponge

Add interest to a simple bedroom by creating an accent wall with reclaimed wood.

Photo by: Cherished Bliss

Start with a large photo and build your design inspiration from there—incorporate similar colors, styles and overall mood.

Photo by: Chi-Chi Agbim

Via: Design Sponge

If you're a fan of uniformity, but also want to add some flavor, purchase bold prints in doubles.

Photo by: Chronicles of Frivolity

If you can't choose between area rugs, pick two in similar colors and layer underneath your bed for a creative shape.

Photo by: Ciburbanity

Decorate your bedroom with vintage finds—a basket can double as storage and an old school desk works as a larger bedside table.

Photo by: Circa34

Via: Eclectically Vintage

Play around with textures to add dimension to your bedding like a crocheted blanket layered over a soft comforter.

Photo by: Claire Brody Designs

If your bedroom empties out into a living space, paint both rooms the same color to create a continuous bedroom.

Photo by: Deb Achak

Via: Coco + Kelley

The gallery wall above the vanity makes a great DIY bedroom decor project.

Photo by: Color Me Courtney

If you don't feel like putting too many holes in your apartment, layer framed photos on a large dresser to create a similar gallery wall effect.

Photo by: Cuckoo 4 Design

Match your bedroom wall decor to the season. A simple string of lights brings this nautical themed room some holiday cheer.

Photo by: Dandelion Patina

If you're more of a neutral fan, add lush green plants to your room for subtle pops of natural color.

Photo by: Dear Lillie

Brick and cement walls are tough to hang pictures on, but a bold art piece make a great choice for the wall decor.

Photo by: Derek Swalwell

Via: Apartment Therapy

Floor to ceiling white curtains create a dramatic bedroom while still maintaining a relaxing space.

Photo by: Domestic Fashionista

Buy an interesting headboard and let its design influence you—like this rustic French themed room.

Photo by: Driven by Decor

You don't only have to hang pictures to make a room interesting—consider elegant chandeliers and flashy mirrors.

Photo by: Echoes of Laughter

Sometimes simple is best. This modern black and white room makes for a relaxing space to rest your head.

Photo by: Elin Kickén

Via: Nordic Design

Hang vintage or thrift store finds like this bright blanket to add a pop of color to your bedroom.

Photo by: Elise Abigail Photo

Via: Design Sponge

Symmetry is bliss in this classic all-white bedroom—make it your own by adding your favorite color.

Photo by: A Burst of Beautiful

An interesting take on string lights offers a well-lit corner for any nighttime wake ups.

Photo by: Ellie Koleen

Via: Design Sponge

Decorate your bed by pairing inverses—a white and blue comforter with a blue and white pillow.

Photo by: Fantabulosity

Create some interest in your bedroom by adding a fun wall sconce.

Photo by: Francois et Moi

If your bedroom closet isn't the size of Carrie Bradshaw's, hang your most used pieces next to the bed.

Photo by: Gillian Stevens

Via: Design Sponge

Decorate your bedroom in all white, but add a favorite bright graphic print that will really stand out.

Photo by: Go Forth!

Via: Design Sponge

A headboard doesn't have to come from the store—check out this rustic example by using a reclaimed barn door.

Photo by: Heidi’s Bridge

Via: Design Sponge

If your bedroom gets a lot of natural light, worry less about bedside table lamps and opt for decorative pieces.

Photo by: Holly Marder | Avenue Lifestyle

Via: Apartment Therapy

Mixing prints within the same style—like these boho pillows—creates a dynamic bedroom that still feels minimalist.

Photo by: Honey Lake Studio

Via: Design Sponge

Take bold to the next level by mixing trends like velvet, chrome and florals.

Photo by: House of Hipsters

Sometimes a dramatic bed frame is all the decor you'll need for a master bedroom.

Photo by: House of Jade

Sometimes a dramatic bed frame is all the decor you'll need for a master bedroom.

Photo by: House of Turquoise

Want some brightness but don't want it to overtake the room? Add it to small details, like curtains and pillows.

Photo by: House Plus Love


Black and brown work together as the pops of "color" in this simple bedroom.

Photo by: House Seven

Add some interest to an all neutral bedroom with a large statement piece, like this sliding door made out of reclaimed wood.

Photo by: Housewife 2 Hostess

Rustic is taken to a whole new level in this room with elements like live edge wood and furry blankets.

Photo by: Hunted Interior

Masculine colors and decor are offset by the delicate crystal chandelier in this bedroom.

Photo by: Jenna Sue Design

Stack books throughout your bedroom to quickly add height to display items on nightstands and dressers.

Photo by: Just a Girl and Her Blog

Here is a fun DIY bedroom decor idea: Write a simple saying in wire or on paper to hang above your head.

Photo by: Katie Palmer

If your bedroom has an awkward shape, highlight its quirks by painting it a bright color.

Photo by: Kelly Merchant

Via: Design Sponge

Display your handmade quilt proud and find color inspiration in each patch for other decor in your room.

Photo by: Kelly Rae

Tell a story with your gallery wall by gathering photos all from the same photo shoot.

Photo by: Lark & Linen

Not enough prints to make a gallery wall? Use other materials, like large icons, sculptures and hand drawn designs to add to your bedroom wall decor.

Photo by: Lauren Elizabeth

A bright white comforter is a perfect way to add freshness to dark furnishings.

Photo by: Laure Joliet

Via: SF Girl By Bay

Instead of investing in a nightstand, create your own by stacking vintage luggage.

Photo by: Lemonade Makin' Mama

Add feminine touches to your room with small details like a vase of flowers or modern crystal chandelier.

Photo by: Life in Eight

Place a cushioned bench at the end of your bed as a comfortable seating arrangement and added storage.

Photo by: Life on Virginia Street

Instead of paint, opt for built in bookcases to create a library that doubles as bedroom wall decor.

Photo by: Lindsay Anne Belliveau

Via: Design Sponge

This classically modern room gets an interesting twist with the addition of a French script armchair.

Photo by: Live Love DIY

Love floral patterns but want a neutral bedroom? Incorporate a softer pattern in smaller details—like this long pillow.

Photo by: Lizzy Write

Think about symmetry not only in your bedding, but also in your decor like these playful uniform prints.

Photo by: Lorin Klaris

Via: Design Sponge

A breezy ceiling-high curtain adds softness to darker metal decor.

Photo by: Love Grows Wild

Use your favorite clothing accessories like a bright hat or scarves as bedroom decor too.

Photo by: Lulu & Georgia

Add interest under your bed with a patterned bed skirt.

Photo by: Maggie Griffin Design

Potted plants don't have to keep to a confined space. Hang an ivy plant and allow its trailing vine to grow naturally in your space.

Photo by: Malcolm Lee

Via: Mira Eng-Goetz

Add a splash of color with matching decor like this textured blanket and patterned pillow.

Photo by: Marty's Musings

Display your hobbies proudly by using it as a statement piece—like this hanging acoustic guitar.

Photo by: Matt McCourtney Photography

Via: Design Sponge

Work within a color wheel to find shades that work harmoniously—like this bedroom with hues of yellow, orange and brown.

Photo by: Matt Somerville

Via: Design Sponge

One of the best decorating ideas for a master bedroom is to coordinate smaller colors all throughout the room. This creates a great visual flow.

Photo by: Mint Loves Social Club

Via: Apartment Therapy

All dark doesn't have to be gloomy. Find shades of black, gray and brown for a modern room that doesn't feel grim.

Photo by: Misha West

Via: Design Sponge

This large gingham stripped curtain adds a rustic feel to a bedroom while still keeping the room bright.

Photo by: Miss Mustard Seed

If your bicycle matches your decor—store it in the bedroom!

Photo by: Nasozi Kakembo

Via: Design Sponge

One of the best decorating ideas for a master bedroom is to coordinate smaller colors all throughout the room. This creates a great visual flow.

Photo by: Nick Steever

Via: Design Sponge

Black and white photos blend perfectly into a gray wall to create a seamless bedroom.

Photo by: Oleander + Palm

Via: Design Sponge

Mix and match vintage and modern decor, like this bedroom's old school treasure chest and new school mirror.

Photo by: Our Sixth House

Find inspiration from nature to incorporate in every part of your decor, including prints, lamps and bedding.

Photo by: Place of My Taste

Via: Design Sponge

Instead of painting an entire wall, fill it with wall decals to create a simple but eye-catching pattern.

Photo by: Preptista

Keep long curtains out of the way by tying them in a knot. Not only does it save on space, but adds creativity.

Photo by: Pretty Little Fawn

Soft blues work great as a neutral without taking away from the calming aspect of all white.

Photo by: Quintessence

If you're limited on wall space, a small gallery wall is the perfect way to fill your small nook with memorable moments.

Photo by: Rooms for Rent

While limited in space, this tiny mobile home bedroom doesn't feel cramped with surrounding windows and smart ceiling shelving.

Photo by: Samuel Laubscher

Via: Design Sponge

Accents walls are a great way to add a pop of color without investing in an entire gallon of paint.

Photo by: Sasha Israel

Via: Design Sponge

Large headboards act as a perfect backdrop to a piece of artwork or a graphic print.

Photo by: Shade Degges

Via: My Domaine

Pair vintage and modern with large statement pieces, like this mirror atop a contemporary dresser.

Photo by: Shannon Lee Images

Via: Design Sponge

Mix and match pillow patterns to create subtle intrigue to your bedroom.

Photo by: Shelby Hornbuckle

Via: Design Sponge

Need a pop of color to a neutral room? Get the job done in one purchase by adding a colorful area rug.

Photo by: Simplified Bee

Don't be afraid of black. This dark accent wall makes for a relaxing and bold space.

Photo by: Simply Grove

If you're not a fan of your bedroom's wall to wall carpet, layer a fun area rug on top to draw attention away.

Photo by: Style Your Senses

Instead of worrying about decorating the walls, incorporate a boldly patterned comforter.

Photo by: Sugar & Cloth

Via: Apartment Therapy

Pair two bedroom pillows to add a pop of color to the room without overtaking the entire space.

Photo by: Ten June

Find an art piece that matches your color scheme, like this calming storm print. This is a great decorating idea for a small bedroom because it helps make the room feel larger.

Photo by: Tessa Neustadt

Decorate your bedroom with the seasons just as you would other parts of the home, like this sweet pumpkin addition to a nightstand.

Photo by: The Creek Line House

Faux fur is a great way to add a glamorous touch to a rustic bedroom.

Photo by: The Decorista

If you're limited in windows, keep the decor and color in your bedroom light to make the room feel bright.

Photo by: The Elysian Edit

Via: SF Girl By the Bay

If you love the large tufted headboard look but hesitant on color, purchase one similar to your walls to blend seamlessly into your bedroom.

Photo by: The Happy Goose

Monochrome rooms don't have to be boring. This simple off-white bedroom leaves room to incorporate fun details, like monogramed prints.

Photo by: The Home That Made Me

Pair thrift store blankets and pillows to create a uniquely rustic look to your bedroom.

Photo by: The White Buffalo Styling Co.

If you're lucky enough to have a room with dramatic wood walls—don't paint over it! Let the walls do all the talking like in this rustic cabin.

Photo by: Thoughts from Alice

If you love the headboard look but don't want to make the investment, consider "floating" a piece of wood behind your bed to act as a mock headboard.

Photo by: Veda House

Vintage doesn't equal dated. Pair your vintage finds with more polished items, like this vintage headboard with fresh white linens.

Photo by: Vintage Whites Market

Get creative with your decor by hanging updated versions of old classics.

Photo by: Yoga by Candace

Simplify your space by keeping large furniture to a minimum.

Photo by: Kristi Reed

Via: Design Sponge

If you want to paint your room a bold color, but concerned about it overtaking your space, consider painting using the dry brush approach for a textured feel.

Photo by: Shutterfly

Take geometry to the next level and incorporate angular pieces throughout your bedroom.

Photo by: Shutterfly

Create your own piece of art by printing an inspirational quote that'll lift your spirits each morning.

Photo by: The Idea Room

Via: Shutterfly