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75 Delightful Girls’ Bedroom Ideas

There are countless possibilities for a girl’s bedroom. You can do anything from pretty in pink princess rooms to rooms that utilize every color of the rainbow. If you need help designing your daughter’s bedroom, take a look through our girls’ bedroom ideas. Whether you’re decorating your toddler’s first big girl room or are doing a makeover for your preteen’s room, you’re sure to find ideas here that will inspire you.

Use the filters to help you find the right girl’s room ideas for you. Once you’ve found the perfect room idea, be sure to check out our home decor selections, including personalized blankets, pillows and candles.

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Bookshelves are a great way to save space since you can use them to store more than just books. In this room, you can see the bookshelves being used for toys.

Photo By: Created by V

If you are decorating a room for a girl with lots of personality, choose furniture that stands out. This fainting couch bed is stylish and inviting.

Photo By: Reality Daydream

Not a fan of solid colors? Use polka dots to make walls exciting and hang creative DIY wall art around the room with uplifting messages.

Photo By: My Mommy Style

Shabby chic decor is ideal if you have a ton of furniture on hand that you want to repurpose. It's also a sweet way to include precious items like the antique quilt on the bed in this room.

Photo By: Kammy's Korner

Accent pillows and a fluffy duvet are just what you need to get any little girl excited about her big girl bed.

Photo By: M is for Mama

Use pastel colors to create a fun and whimsical vibe like this room. The unicorn and moon stuffed animals complete the room.

Photo By: The Joyful Tribe

If the little girl you're decorating for is keen on pink, mix it up! Use a pastel pink as the base color and hot pink as the vibrant accent color.

Photo By: Pinkie for Pink

Purple and gold are two colors that complement each other well. They can make any little girl feel like royalty.

Photo By: Domicile 37

Looking for a classic and feminine design? This room is the perfect example with the soft colors and the beautiful canopy above the bed.

Photo By: Welcome to the Mouse House

When designing your little girl's room, choose a style that she can grow into. The pastel colors and sophisticated furniture found in this room will definitely stand the test of time.

Photo By: Baxter Miller

Designed By: Kendall Simmons

Every preteen girl needs a little glitz and glam to create a room that she can call her own. Adding a chandelier is one way to accomplish this.

Photo By: Belle Blue Interiors

Make your little girl feel at home by giving her a room fit for a princess that combines rustic decor with a feminine touch.

Photo By: Remington Avenue

If you have a large enough room, design a play area with a stage that will set the scene for your big girl's many adventures, similar to the stage found in this room.

Photo By: My Life in Step

Have leftover scraps of fabric? Use them to create an easy DIY bunting to bring the room to life with a splash of vibrant color.

Photo By: House of Hollingsworth Blog

Give your girls the ultimate preteen room with a chic boho makeover. The unique hangout spot in this room is a dream for any girl to sit and chat with all of her friends.

Photo By: Convey Studios

Via: Urbanology Designs

Floral print wallpaper is a creative way to incorporate pink into the room without going overboard. It also makes for the perfect accent wall that any little girl will love.

Photo By: Farmhouse For Five

Do your girls share a room? If they do, it's important to design a space that suits both of their needs. Curtains on bunk beds are a great idea to give them a little privacy and independence.

Photo By: Animal Cracker Studio

In this bedroom, a bright orange accent wall pairs perfectly with an orange and white carpet and orange and pink decorative pillows.

Photo By: Darling Darleen

We love how the blue hanging chandelier, rocking chair and dresser all perfectly match in this preteen girls bedroom.

Photo By: Fancy Farmgirls

For a truly unique look, try using blue chevron wallpaper on your walls. You can also use a matching bedspread to give the bedroom a cohesive look.

Photo By: Jaimie Lyn Interiors

Via: Decoist

This room is full of fun and quirky details, from the hanging wicker chairs to the white and bright purple patterned wallpaper.

Photo By: Jeff Beck

Via: ATG Stores

Bring all the colors of the rainbow into your girl's bedroom with a bright, square-shaped rug and matching pink chairs.

Photo By: Hollub Homes

This preteen bedroom features chic bohemian decor, including patterned decorative pillows and a fun hanging chair made of rope.

Photo By: House of Jade Interiors

If your preteen girl loves chevron, try using brightly colored chevron pillows and a chevron ottoman. Pair the bold decor with white walls and a white dresser.

Photo By: AE Design

Via: Decoist

If you want to add a unique element to a preteen girls bedroom, try painting the ceiling with bright blue and white stripes.

Photo By: Dina Holland Interiors

Via: Project Nursery

This bedroom's turquoise walls are nicely matched with a bright pink bedspread and pink decorative pillows.

Photo By: Haneen's Haven

Via: Project Nursery

Mint and yellow pair together perfectly, making them a great choice for a girls bedroom. Take a look at how well these mint triangles go with the yellow lamp.

Photo By: Little Liberty

Adding a patterned backsplash to your bookshelf gives the shelf an extra pop of color. You can also choose a matching decorative pillow.

Photo By: No. 29 Design

A pink accent wall adds brightness to a preteen girls bedroom. To complement the pink, try using a neutral colored bedspread.

Photo By: Perception Interiors

This adorable desk is full of colorful decor, including a fun string of pom-poms. The desk also has a matching polka dot pillow.

Photo By: Pink Peppermint Design

A tufted headboard is a great focal piece for a preteen girls bedroom. You can also use colorful accent pieces that complement the headboard, like this room's gold lamps and pink nightstand.

Photo By: Pink Peppermint Design

This gallery wall is full of lovely illustrations and inspirational sayings. The frames all work well together and make the wall feel cohesive.

Photo By: Pretty Providence

The eclectic ceramic elephant figurine and deer's head look wonderful paired with bright yellow flowers.

Photo By: The Little Black Door

Via: Swoon Worthy

This room is full of elegant gold accents, from the frame around the mirrors to the gold pillow. Also, note the subtle gold on the nightstand's knobs.

Photo By: She Leaves a Little Sparkle

We love how bright and colorful this bedroom is with its rainbow comforter and matching pillow. Also, note the subtle pops of pink on the white dresser.

Photo By: Alicia Paley Home Interiors

To create a glamorous bedroom, try using Tiffany-inspired decor, including an elegant white chandelier and chic black and white curtains.

Photo By: Home by Heidi

Everything in this gorgeous bedroom goes together perfectly, from the black and white paper flowers on the walls to the pink bed with striped decorative pillows.

Photo By: House of Five

Light up your preteen girl's bedrooms with chic hanging lights. Finish with a sparkly silver letter and some beautiful and motivational posters.

Photo By: House of Rose

If your daughter loves polka dots, try painting gold polka dots on her walls. For more polka dot fun, use a dotted black and white bedspread.

Photo By: House Seven

Via: Kelly Elko

This preteen bedroom features a sophisticated black and white color scheme, with striped curtains, patterned wallpaper and black and white polka dot pillows.

Photo By: Jennifer Hale Photography

Via: Apartment Therapy

If you're looking for unique girls bedroom ideas, consider painting triangles onto the walls. These light gray and pink triangles add an understated elegance to the room.

Photo By: Little Liberty

Using just a few bold decorations, this bedroom is able to make a big impact. Be sure to check out the clever white tree cutout and the modern pink lamp.

Photo By: Little Liberty

In this preteen girls bedroom, the coral polka dot accent wall pairs perfectly with a bright blue pillow and a lighter blue bedspread.

Photo By: Lolly Jane

This bedroom features decorations that represent both coasts of the United States, including an 'I Love NY' poster and a vintage California map.

Photo By: Most Lovely Things

Via: Design Sponge

Everything in this chic, Bohemian inspired room matches perfectly, from the white bed canopy with blue pom-poms to the light blue and white rug.

Photo By: Proverbs 31 Girl

Via: City Farmhouse

We love the creative use of decorative pillows in this preteen girls bedroom - take a look at how well the chevron pink and white pillow matches the curtains.

Photo By: Sue at Home

With its gorgeous painted tree and a 3-D pillow covered in fabric grass, this bedroom feels like it's in the middle of the forest.

Photo By: CCG Interiors

This beautiful bedroom is fit for a princess, with an elegant white and pink bed, a gorgeous tree painted on the wall and a castle playset.

Photo By: Fawn Galli Interiors

Via: Houzz

This bedroom is bursting with color and quirky details, including a bright yellow headboard and hanging paper ice cream cones.

Photo By: Four Cheeky Monkeys

Featuring a unicorn pillow and a dress-up area with a gold mirror, this bedroom is truly every little princess's dream.

Photo By: Jae Forsythe

Via: Project Nursery

If your little girl adores all things pink, she’ll love this bright pink polka dot bedroom with fun paper flower decorations.

Photo By: Kara Whitten

This room features modern decor that goes well together, including a lovely wooden headboard and a wooden nightstand.

Photo By: Lay Baby Lay

The bold fuchsia pink walls in this bedroom are cleverly paired with a neutral white bed and dresser, providing nice contrast.

Photo By: Let's Talk Mommy

If you're decorating a room for two little girls, take inspiration from this girls bedroom, featuring lovely rose wall decorations and an artistic hanging chandelier.

Photo By: Addison's Wonderland

The whimsical illustrations in pink frames add a unique touch to this bright pink toddler girls bedroom.

Photo By: Design Improved

This beautiful toddler girls bedroom expertly uses all different shades of pink, including a bright pink striped ceiling and a pastel bedspread.

Photo By: Liz Carroll Interiors

Via: Style Me Pretty

Whimsical birds fill this toddler girls bedroom. Check out the how well the bird stuffed animals match the quilt bedspread.

Photo By: Megan Carty

If you have a small bedroom, consider creating a raised bed for your little girl. Then, you can include a little play area under the bed.

Photo By: Natasha Smith

This bedroom takes inspiration from the Scandinavian style of decorating, and it features a modern soft gray and mint color scheme and a cute house bookshelf.

Photo By: Room to Bloom

This cozy toddler girls bedroom has a lovely gray color scheme. The soft pink trees on the wallpaper add a subtle pop of color to the bedroom.

Photo By: Room to Bloom

The bright pink rug immediately catches your eyes in this bedroom. The white bedspread and dresser balance out this bold rug.

Photo By: Marco Ricca

Via: Sissy and Marley

A large and bright poster is a fun focal piece for a toddler girls bedroom. The arrow wallpaper also adds a chic touch to the room.

Photo By: Tamara Magel

If you're looking for a way to spruce up an old bookshelf, try painting it! The pink and gray paint look great together on this bookshelf.

Photo By: The Pleated Poppy

This toddler girls bedroom is full of color, from the bright yellow chandelier to the yellow, blue and pink tassels on the bookshelf.

Photo By: Visual Vocabularie

Everything in this doubled-up bedroom matches perfectly, from the carefully curated decorative pillows to the gold lamps between the beds.

Photo By: YouthfulNest

Painting gold polka dots onto white walls adds a whimsical element to a girls bedroom.

Photo By: 11 Magnolia Lane

If your little girl loves Dr. Seuss books, try creating a bed canopy that takes inspiration from Dr. Seuss's illustrations.

Photo By: Aaron Christensen

This bedroom expertly uses pink and purple fabric in a variety of patterns to create a cohesive, modern-looking girls bedroom.

Photo By: Andrika King Design

Via: Project Nursery

The natural-looking white branch and dove mobile looks beautiful in this rustic toddler girls bedroom.

Photo By: Jennifer Holmes of Dear Lillie

This adorable pink and white striped teepee is the perfect cozy place for a little girl to curl up with a book.

Photo By: Dina Holland Interiors

Via: Project Nursery

This Montessori-inspired bedroom features learning toys and a cute pink bed that's on the floor.

Photo By: DIY Mama Blog

In this light pink girls bedroom, the vintage white dresser nicely complements the white bedframe and white mirror.

Photo By: Heather Hess

If your little girl is an aspiring artist, try using her paintings in her bedroom decor. You can pair these paintings with colorful stuffed animals and toys.

Photo By: Heather Hess

You can easily add a pop of color to your girls bedroom by using strings of pom-poms and a hanging bead curtain.

Photo By: Hide and Sleep Interior Design

Via: Houzz

This timeless toddler girls bedroom features lovely white and purple flower wall decorations and a matching gingham bedspread.

Photo By: Home by Heidi

This toddler girls bedroom features a breathtaking paper bird display that's artfully designed to make it look like the birds are flying away.

Photo By: I Like Beer and Babies

Via: Apartment Therapy

This purple and blue bedspread is the perfect choice for every little mermaid. A sheer purple canopy completes the under the sea look.

Photo By: Inspiration Made Simple

A gold wall adds a glamorous touch in this toddler girls bedroom. To contrast with the gold, the bedroom includes a black and white lamp.

Photo By: Little Lovelies Blog

This adorable house bookshelf is sure to get your little one excited about reading. The gray armchair is a great spot to read one of the books.

Photo By: Love Create Celebrate

Your little girl will feel like a true princess as she sleeps under this light pink canopy. The hanging chandelier adds even more elegance to the room.

Photo By: Molly Winters

Via: Camille Styles

A cute gold polka dot canopy is a great choice for a reading nook. The yellow and white polka dot cushion perfectly matches the canopy.

Photo By: Mommy Vignettes

Your toddler will love having their own house to sleep in. You can paint the house in bright colors, like this turquoise and purple house.

Photo By: Raising Memories

We love the beautiful, eye-catching painting of flowers and fairies in this toddler girls bedroom. The pink decorative pillow and footstool perfectly match the colors in the painting.

Photo By: Robin McGarry

Via: Houzz

This coral and aqua bedroom is wonderfully bright and cheerful, and the ombre dresser adds a unique twist to the room.

Photo By: Tattered and Inked

We love the fun built-in bookshelf between the two window seats. The purple color scheme also adds a regal touch to the room.

Photo By: Wendy Labrum Interiors

Add fun color patterns to your pre-teen's bed with some pillows or a new bed spread.

Photo By: Shutterfly

This minimalist room uses modern, sleek design with only neutral pops of color.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Does your little girl have a favorite animal? If she does, make it the centerpiece of her decor. The flamingo in this room sets the tone for the theme and color scheme.

Photo By: Dayme Walther

Every girl wants a room that she can call her own. What better way to make a statement than by incorporating the first letter of her name into the design?

Photo By: Frazzled Joy

Decorate your big girl's room with vintage art that she can admire from her vanity. This room provides a great example of this layout.

Photo By: Semigloss Design

If your girls are close in age, design a room that makes every night feel like a sleepover! The fluffy accent pillows in this room make the beds look extra comfortable.

Photo By: Lazy Mom's Blog

Give your preteen a desk where she can stay organized and work on homework. The desk in this room has tons of storage space and a bulletin board for important reminders.

Photo By: The Real Thing with the Coake Family

Design a wall that your daughter will love! This room has black and white photos on canvas with mirrors to create the perfect feature wall.

Photo By: Cleverly Inspired

When you're creating a room for a preteen girl, say goodbye to pink. Have some fun and choose a bold color scheme that matches her personality.

Photo By: Bette's House

Another way to send your daughter sweet messages is to include them in the accent pillows. This room has a couple of pillows with inspirational quotes.

Photo By: DIY by Design

Decorating for a "girly girl" who doesn't like pink? Stick to rustic decor to create a warm and feminine environment without going overboard.

Photo By: Blue Iris Photography

Via: Life on Kaydeross Creek

If you have a hard time committing to wallpaper, use wall decals. The wall in this room is covered in removable heart decals that make a cute and fun statement.

Photo By: A Saltbox Interior Design

Transform your daughter's nursery into a glam big girl room by using a pink, gold and beige color palette. Beige blends nicely with pink while the gold will help decor stand out.

Photo By: Oilo Studio

Your little girl may think she's all grown up but she probably hasn't realized she can't reach her closet. Help keep her room neat by finding a dresser that she can easily store her clothes in.

Photo By: Tidbits and Twine

Just because your preteen is no longer a little girl, doesn't mean you have to abandon the color pink. Pair it with black and white to add a more sophisticated feel that she will appreciate.

Photo By: Red House Style