55 Delightful Girls’ Bedroom Ideas

Choosing a theme for your little girl’s bedroom is a daunting task. She may be small now, but as she matures to seek out teen bedroom ideas, you want a theme that can mature right along with her.

There are countless possibilities for a girl’s bedroom. You can do anything from pretty in pink princess to a woodland all-white room. When seeking out kids’ room decor, choose comforting colors and accents that reflect her personality.

Whether you’re decorating your toddler’s first big girl room or are doing a makeover for your preteen’s room, you’re sure to find ideas that will inspire you. Once you’ve found the perfect room theme, include custom decor, like personalized blankets, pillows, or bean bags.

1. Contrasting Patterns

Contrasting colors and patterns will help a room pop. This zig-zag rug placed against ink spot wallpaper makes the perfect contrast.

2. Wall Gallery

Use a variety of frames and unique photos to create contrasting wall art that stands out. Cube shelving gives you plenty of storage for books, toys, and shoes.

3. Under The Sun

Tone down orange with a beautiful pastel peach shade of color that will brighten the room without being too overwhelming. Add floor cushions to create the perfect reading nook.

4. Delightful Dreams

Shades of orange and simple floral patterns create the perfect level of dreaminess as you sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to her each night.

5. Cinnamon Mint

Mint and cinnamon colors create the perfect design for any baby girl’s room—best of all, it’s a simple theme to work with as she grows. Neutral room color schemes are easy to swap in and out room decor.

6. Unicorns And Rainbows

What little girl doesn’t love unicorns? Pastel rainbows with vibrant pink, purple, and blue accents are the ideal way to be feminine without being too girly.

7. Queen’s Manor

Treat your little girl like a queen with crown lighting and bright neon accents. A black bed frame makes a bold statement against white bedding and walls.

8. Aquarius Girl

Colorful bold girls bedroom decor.

Source: Hollub Homes

Neon colors, futuristic shelving, and bold colorful chairs make the ultimate statement of independence for the Aquarius girl in your life.

9. Back In Black

Simple Scandinavian designs in black and white are classic. This teen bedroom features chic bohemian decor, including a rod iron bed frame, patterned decorative pillows, and a fun hanging chair made of rope.

10. Trundle Beds

Trundle beds allow plenty of room for sleepovers while still giving your little girl a lot of space. Complete the bed with a personalized fleece blanket to keep her warm at night.

11. Fusing Fuschia

Fuschia can be a challenging color, but when done correctly, it’s the perfect color to pair for bold design. Tone it down with pops of white or beige.

12. Woodland Creatures

Woodland themes are ideal for the gentle, calm soul. Use earthy tones and whimsical wall art of foxes and deer to inspire your little girl.

13. Chandelier Lighting

Every preteen girl needs a little glitz and glam to create a room that she can call her own.When designing a room, choose statement lighting that will make her feel like a princess. Adding a chandelier is one way to accomplish this.

14. Chevron Style

Chevron girls room theme.

Source: AE Design

If your preteen girl loves chevron, make a statement with brightly colored chevron pillows and a chevron ottoman. Pair the bold decor with white walls and a white dresser.

15. Teal Champagne

Teal and white bedroom decor and wallpaper.

Muted champagne flooring and drapes with a touch of teal make this room ideal for young girls. Small triangle wall decals create a statement wall without being too overbearing.

16. Privacy Drapes

A simple way to share a bedroom is with bunk beds. Billowing drapes provide privacy for the bottom bunk or as a separate area to play and study.

17. Fancy Farmgirl

For the girl who prefers the simple things in life, window lighting and a wooden chandelier may be just the ticket. Include vintage signs and farmhouse lighting for a true country look.

18. Tree Of Knowledge

Modern accents and a beautiful tree mural give any room a fun, fantasy feeling. Include a bookcase full of fiction reads to inspire new adventures.

19. Pink And Teal

Pink and teal bedroom decor.

Source: Lolly Jane

Teal colors help stabilize feelings and relax nearly all personalities. Use white and peach accents on the walls to inspire a calm feeling.

20. Coast To Coast

This room design encompasses a happy trek from New York to California. Typographic signs and fun maps make any room a treasure.

21. Southwest Style

Native American design makes this Southwestern-style bedroom stand out. Teal pom-poms add an eclectic, yet modern appeal. Include a reclaimed wood headboard to tie in the theme.

22. Life Is Wonderful

Just a hint of color, like a fabulous green, is all that’s needed to take ordinary to extraordinary. Include bold patterns and prints throughout the room decor so your little girl knows not to take life too seriously.

23. Dream Big

Use standing letters on your daughter’s desk to make a classic and motivational statement while she studies. Include a globe and space for her books to make the perfect study area.

24. Soar Like A Bird

A collection of paper birds on the wall make any bedroom a standout for sheer creativity. Include clouds on the ceiling and even a play telescope near the window so your little girl can daydream.

25. Bed Storage

Little girls’ bedroom ideas should focus on function, as well as design. For the girl who has everything, under the bed storage is the perfect way to open up extra space to play.

26. Triangle Walls

Gray and pink triangles on custom wallpaper

Triangle wall designs make this room pop! Choose a variety of accent shades from gray to pale pink that offset your primary color to make the room appear larger.

27. Quirky Decor

Every girl’s room should represent her personality. Add quirky room decor and custom accent pillows to personalize a space and show off her interests.

28. Rustic Silhouette

A cut-out tree silhouettes is a fun standout decor piece that also adds a comfortable feeling to any classic bedroom. Include bright-colored accents in teal and pink for a cheerful mood every time you walk into the room.

29. Circus Style

Circus-style performance art, oversized pillows, and vertical yellow striping give this bedroom a Big Top feel while keeping it feminine.

30. Pretty In Pink

Your little princess deserves the best in life and vertical ceiling stripes help the pretty in pink theme stand out. Use various shades of pink in everything from the floor rug to the pillows.

31. Vertical Design

Save space with a creative vertical design that includes a bunk bed and play area below. It will help your girl’s small room feel bigger.

32. Sea Blue

Blue isn’t just for boys! Use the power color to create a cool, welcoming feel and accent it with a seagrass mat or custom art.

33. Vintage Revival

Vintage luggage is easy to repurpose and lends a romantic feel to a girl’s bedroom. Metallic picture frames and muted colors are ideal for a vintage look.

34. Studious Study Area

Give your preteen a desk where she can stay organized and work on homework. The desk in this room has tons of storage space and a bulletin board for important reminders.

35. Bright And Beautiful

Yellow walls and bright fuschia accents create a bold, inviting feel for this girl’s room. Create DIY letters that spell out your special girl’s name.

36. Under The Sea

A nautical theme is gender-neutral and appropriate for kids to teenagers. White and teal are a calming color scheme. Recreate this scene with clever wall art and fun accents.

37. Reviving Patterns

Pink girls bedroom decor.

Source: Marco Ricca

Bold pink colors offer a cheerful vibe to this girl’s bedroom. A vintage mirror and simple floor seat tie the look together.

38. Typography Art

Pink and white girls bedroom decor.

Source: Tamara Magel

Wood wall art and typographic prints lend a plaful feel to girl’s bedrooms. Create art with your favorite phrase or inspirational quote.

39. Polka Dot Power

Polka dots make a bold statement while still being feminine. Use a variety of styles and colors in the bedding and accents to complement the walls.

40. Display Shelves

Bookcases create perfect decor when used for standing photo frames and clever design. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up an old bookshelf, try painting it! It’s a fun family activity for the weekend.

41. Daydream Believers

It’s all about the details! Add a custom accent pillow or custom floral wall art that says “Believe” to a cottage style bedroom.

42. Contemporary Modern

Sleek, simple furniture and an open layout make a modern room ideal for sleepovers and parties.

43. Go Native

DIY colorful teepee in girls bedroom made of photo blankets and fabrics.

Teepees are fun and practical—they’re also simple to DIY out of fabrics of all types. Add gold tassels for extra flair.

44. Canvas And Wood

Canvas hangings and wood wall art create the perfect wall decor for any girl’s bedroom. Cube storage is easily accessible and helps keep toys organized and off the ground.

45. The Little Creative

Kids art on wall of bedroom.

Source: Heather Hess

Frame your little artist’s best pieces on the walls for a colorful background. Not only does it add a personal touch, it inspires your favorite artist to new creative heights.

46. Toddler Bed

Pink and white girls room decor.

Source: Oilo Studio

A combination of whites accented with pastel accents will charm any girl. A toddler bed that’s close to the ground is easy to get in and out of until your little girl graduates to a big girl bed.

47. Angel Wings

Wall angel wings provide a rustic flair to a cozy cottage-feel bedroom and will remind her she’s always under your wing. Keep the theme consistent with adorable angel dolls for girls to play with.

48. Enchanted Forest

Give a forest feel to a perfectly pink bedroom. From hanging canopies to stuffed animals, it’s the ideal way to add enchantment to any girl’s bedroom.

49. Classic Pink And Gray

Relaxing white and gray bedding with muted pink decor will inspire any room decor dreams. Gold frames and mirrors make the perfect accent to this muted color scheme.

50. Modern Chic

Girls bedroom with pink decor.
Pom pom curtains and cleverly-designed shelving are perfect for a modern chic bedroom. Frame adorable wall art of pink flamingos or colorful fruit to add flavor to an otherwise blank wall.

51. Princess Of Unicorns

Purple unicorns, blue artwork, and a gold-framed mirror create the perfect world for a growing princess. A wall organizer makes the perfect spot to hang her princess dresses and shoes.

52. Hollywood Glam

A sheer canopy can lend Hollywood-style glamour to a regency-style bedroom. DIY your own canopy complete with gold polka dots to hang over a comfortable floor cushion. Your daughter will love her own private space to read and play.

53. Cottage-Style Comfort

Alternate different shades of the same color to create a unique look. Customized pillows and an old family quilt will help bring the look together.

54. Easy To Reach

Your little girl may think she’s all grown up but she probably hasn’t realized she can’t reach her closet. Help keep her room neat by finding a dresser that she can easily store her clothes in and pick outfits.

55. All That Glitters…

Gold glittery walls, matching pillows, and oversized wall art make the perfect combination for a chic bedroom.

Cute girl room ideas are everywhere. Explore other design elements such as wallpaper, bedroom colors, or simple features like night lights and custom art. Room design should represent a little girl’s personality and style, so don’t be afraid to have fun and think out of the box.