Fun Pink Birthday Party Ideas for 2020


Whether they’re turning 6 or 16, some girls just love pink. And what better way to show how much you care than to incorporate their favorite color into their birthday party theme. From pink tablecloths to strawberry cupcakes, there are tons of ways to make the party truly memorable. Here are a few simple and easy pink birthday party ideas for girls or anyone who loves the color.

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Pink Decorations

Decorations are an easy way to incorporate color into your girl’s pink birthday party. You should use different shades to break up the color a bit. For example, the balloons could be a lighter shade of pink, and the plates and cups could be a darker shade like hot pink. Hang paper lanterns in light and dark shades of pink and create a totally different feel when they’re lit. These will also work well at an outdoor pool party.


Plastic cups and plates come in a variety of colors and offer the perfect opportunity to inject more pink into the party. Don’t forget about flowers, table runners, ribbons, and confetti.

Decorations Highlights:

  • Use different shades of pink in common decor: tablecloths, plates, cups, etc.
  • Add paper lanterns for extra flair
  • Use pink flowers: tulips, roses, peonies, etc.

Pink Cake Ideas

When it comes to getting the perfect cake for your little angel, there are several choices to pick from. Depending on your daughter’s age, a character cake would make an excellent choice. Hello Kitty, Princesses, and Barbie are ideal characters because of their pink color schemes. If you’re planning a birthday party for an older girl who loves pink, then consider a regular round cake or cupcakes covered with strawberry frosting. Be sure to check with the bakery ahead of time to make sure they’re able to accommodate any special requests you might have.


Cake Highlights:

  • Character cakes for younger girls: Hello Kitty, Barbie, princess themed
  • Round cakes or cupcakes with pink strawberry icing for older girls
  • Plan ahead with the bakery

Pink Food And Drinks Ideas

Food and drinks present another opportunity to add some color to your daughter’s pink birthday party. Instead of the traditional tropical punch, have pink lemonade instead. Guests will love it, and it’s the ideal drink for the color scheme. Have some cookies available and use pink frosting to cover them. To make them more interesting, add some white or hot pink sprinkles on top. You’ll want to have ice cream with the cake—strawberry is ideal for the occasion. For more culinary birthday inspiration, check out our resource on birthday party food ideas.


Food and Drinks Highlights:

  • Pink lemonade
  • Cookies with pink frosting
  • Strawberry ice cream

Pink Candy Ideas

Your little girl is never too old for candy, and there are several varieties available in pink. Rock candy sticks are fairly easy to find and so is bubble gum. Large jars of pink bubble gum can add pops of color and make the perfect birthday party treat for girls with a sweet tooth and their friends. Just make sure the jars are plastic and not glass, as the kids could bump into them or drop them when getting their share. Also, why not add a bouquet of pink lollipops to the table for each guest. This makes for great decor and most kids love these tasty treats.

Candy Highlights:

  • Rock candy sticks
  • Pink bubble gum in large plastic jars
  • Bouquets of pink lollipops

Pink Cards And Banners Ideas

Pink birthday cards designs and banners are excellent accessories for the party. Add them to the gift table and the cake table. Hang banners in the entryways to greet guests or on the wall of the main party room. Take time to personalize them with pictures of the birthday girl and special messages to make the cards memorable. You’ll need to do this a few weeks in advance to ensure they arrive in time for the party. If you’re planning to print them yourself, make sure you have enough ink and the right card stock.


For invitations, you can check out our resources on party invites such as our pieces on what to include in party invitations or our guide on party invitation wording. These guides help you understand what you need to include on invitations so that all guests are well prepared ahead of time.

Cards and Banners Highlights:

  • Add cards to the cake table and gift table
  • Add banners to walls and entryways
  • Personalize with pictures and messages
  • DIY: Check ink and card stock before getting started
  • Ordering out: Place order weeks in advance

Pink Clothes And Costumes

There are several costumes and outfits available for your pink princess. If she’s into dance or the arts, you could add a tutu to her clothes for a cute pink accent. Tiaras are also popular accessories for girls’ birthday parties, and you could even purchase a few for the guests as well. If you do decide to have a room full of tiara wearing party goers, be sure to purchase a different color for the other girls. Also, sparkle or glitter makeup, pink chapsticks, and pink nail polish can often tie the costumes together and add something special to the dress up activity.


Most little girls love feather boas, because they’re fun to dress up in and play pretend. Have a few available at the party or purchase just one for the birthday girl. This is a simple party idea that parents often overlook when they’re out shopping for costumes. A pink cowboy hat could also be used to add some flair to the birthday gear.

Clothes and Costumes Highlights:

  • Tutu
  • Tiara (for the birthday girl and her guests)
  • Feathered boa
  • Cowboy hat
  • Pink glitter, chapstick, and nail polish

Pink Gifts

So we’ve covered a few birthday party ideas for girls who love pink but what about the gifts? When pink is the only color your daughter wants to see, here are some gift options that fit the bill.

Most girls love nail polish, so why not get your little one a few bottles in different shades of pink. Lip balms are also a much-needed accessory that’s available in a variety of colors. Wall decals and pictures make great gifts and so does costume jewelry. You can also bake cookies and frost them with pink frosting as a sweet goodbye treat. These are all easy to find and inexpensive.

Gifts Highlights:

  • Nail Polish in different shades of pink
  • Lip balm
  • Costume jewelry
  • Pink cookies
  • Wall decals and art

Coordinating Colors

You don’t want to overdo it with the pink, as even your birthday girl could get sick of it. To break up the color and add some interest to the decor, use accessories in different coordinating colors. Some coordinating colors include:

  • White: this light, airy color pairs well with any shade of pink
  • Silver: similar to white, this color adds a royal flair
  • Pastel Yellow: while still light, this can add a springtime feel
  • Black: this is a go-to anchor hue
  • Gold: it’s guaranteed to bring out the pink and add a bit of depth to the decorations.

Coordinating Colors Highlights:

  • Add accessories in additional color schemes
  • Pastels for a light airy feel
  • Black or darker colors as an anchor or to add depth

Pink Decorative Patterns

Patterns can help add interest to your little girl’s pink birthday party decor. Polka dots are popular and look good in pink. Add some black dots in the mix and you have an iconic look. Pink stars and flowers would look good as a napkin pattern, or you can add a pink zebra-striped tablecloth. When deciding where to add patterns, look for areas that guests will have direct contact with. It’s nice to decorate the whole house for her birthday party, but you want the decor to be seen and admired by everyone.

pink, gold, mint and black color combinations

Decorative Patterns Highlights:

  • Polka dots
  • Pink stars and flowers
  • Zebra stripes
  • Regular stripes
  • Use patterns where they will be seen the most

Additional Pink Birthday Party Themes

If you’re looking for inspiration beyond the pink birthday ideas shown above, you might consider additional pink party themes. Check out our ideas for pink related birthday themes below:

Princess Party

A princess party is a perfect way to highlight your little girl’s special day. Include plenty of pink princess decor like tiaras, castle cakes, and a princess dress for the birthday girl. Include fun activities like a princess makeup station, a hired princess entertainer, and your daughter’s favorite princess movie to wind things down.

Pink And Gold

Pink and gold color schemes are easy to pull together and look fabulous once the party starts. Choose from a variety of patterns and decor and make sure to carry the theme throughout. Your little girl is sure to love this color theme and remember it in the years to come.

Tea Party Ideas For Kids

Tea parties are perfect little girl birthday themes, and you can make yours pop by making decking it out in pink decor. Include pink tea sets, pink cookies and other tea sweets, and let the party goers have fun!

Pink Camouflage Birthday Party Ideas

Pink camouflage birthday parties are a great way to combine adventure and your little one’s favorite color in a party. You can order the pink pattern in decorations online and decorate your venue to suit your little girl’s personality.

Pink And White Birthday Party Ideas

Pink and white parties are another great color scheme for girls’ birthdays. You can incorporate the colors into the decor, cake, party favors, and more. The options for this theme are as endless as your imagination.

More Birthday Party Ideas and Resources

When it comes to gathering birthday party ideas for little girls, it can be hard to put your thoughts together, especially if you’re focused on one color. These are just a few party ideas for your “pink lady” that could help make her birthday more memorable.

Want more pink ideas? Take a look at our pink birthday party infographic.

When writing your little one’s birthday card, you may also find these two resources helpful:

Whether you’re planning a girl’s pink birthday party or one without a color scheme, remember to sit and jot down your thoughts ahead of time. You want plenty of time to pick out decorations, gifts and choose a cake before the big day. This is specifically important for the banners and cards, as they will take some time to be printed and mailed to you. With a bit of planning, your girl’s pink birthday party bash will be a hit.