Important Information to Include on Party Invitations

There’s nothing worse than forgetting to put vital information on your custom party invitations. Whether it’s a name, date or number, leaving out even a single piece of information can cause potential attendees to be confused. Sure, recipients can always call and inquire, but you want to make sure that everything is presented on the party invitation for the convenience of your guests.

cute birthday party invitation with candle

What to Include on Your Party Invitations:

When it comes to party details, include the essentials and basic information such as the time, location, and how to RSVP. Use the guide below as a checklist to make sure you have all of your party information covered:

  1. Name: If the party is for your child, include your name and the child’s name. Otherwise, only one name should be enough if it’s your own party that you are throwing.
  2. Date: Make sure that the date is set in stone. There’s nothing worse than changing the date or specifying the incorrect date of the party. Guests will likely RSVP and may put other plans on hold to attend your party. Be considerate and rain or shine, celebrate the party on the date indicated on the party invitation.
  3. Time: Similar to the date, make sure the time is set in stone. Again, guests may have other plans scheduled during the day. The time you include should be the exact time the party begins.
  4. Location: Be sure to include the location of the celebration and name of the venue or residence. This is a piece of information that guests use to determine if they will be able to make it. You can also include a map
  5. Contact: You always want to include contact information. Whether it’s a phone number or e-mail address, include your contact information so that you can easily be reached if any of the invited guests have any questions. If there is a host for the party, be sure to list their information for RSVP details.
  6. Theme: If there’s a theme for your party, make sure your invitation design reflects the theme or you make a note of any themed details your guests should know about.
  7. Dress Code: If there’s a dress code for the occasion, include the details on your party invitations so every guest can wear the appropriate attire.

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