30 Christmas Party Games Everyone Will Love

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2017

Naughty or nice, everyone loves a good party game—especially at Christmas. They’re a great way to break the ice and encourage guests to start mingling. The trick is to choose the right games based on your group dynamic and Christmas party theme.

With that in mind, we created this interactive collection of Christmas party game ideas. Use the buttons to describe your party and let the holiday magic begin. After our party planning elves have filtered a list of your perfect games, click the title for more detailed instructions. And don’t forget to send out classic Christmas party invitations or unique Christmas pajama party invitations, depending on your event.

To use the Christmas Games interactive, just click the buttons below to filter the options by type of guest and gaming preference. Click the game’s title for more complete instructions and examples of how to play.

A great icebreaker game (preferably played with co-workers or non-family members), youll say three of the funniest Christmas presents you've ever received, two should be true and one that you made up.

Guess the Christmas character by asking 20 "yes or no" questions.

If you've ever played Spoons, this is a simple variation using Candy Canes. In order to play, you need a deck of cards and 3 to 6 people (or however many you can fit around a dinner table), since everyone must be able to reach the middle of the table.

Played just like regular Pictionary, but you have to guess the name of the Christmas carol they're trying to illustrate.

Similar to any other game of charades, but you're using Christmas characters. The team that guesses the secret word from your teammates' acting wins.

Using a Mad Libs formula for The Twelve Days of Christmas, you'll vote on the funniest entry.

Similar to other memory games, cards are laid out on the table and you must try to match up the identical ones in the pile.

Divide into teams and test your knowledge of Christmas movies with this trivia game.

This is the homemade, Christmas edition of the gameshow Family Fued.

Try to guess the name of the Christmas carol, given only a few lyrics from the song.

Guess how many ornaments are on the Christmas tree.

Rather than balance an egg on a spoon, like the traditional game, this Christmas-themed edition has you balance an ornament.

Step aside Santa from the North Pole, the South Pole is taking over. This is a relay race where you put balloons between your legs, waddling like a penguin, racing against another team.

Played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey; you'll blindfold someone, spin them in circles, then have them Pin the Nose on Rudolph.

Have people do the limbo, but put a "santa belly" under their shirt using a pillow.

Put random items in a Christmas stocking, then have people guess what's inside.

Put post-it notes on people's forehead of what Christmas character they are, then they have to guess who they are by asking other people yes or no questions.

Blindfolded players try to draw a picture without looking. The person with the best picture, wins.

Rather than handing out Christmas gifts to the kids, turn it into a scavenger hunt fit for all ages.

The traditional egg and spoon game with a Christmas spin.

See how well your guests can work together by tasking them with wrapping a gift together with only one hand each.

Find out who has the best poker face in the group by guessing which Christmas lie they’ve shared with the group.

Find out which team has the best balance by having teams race across the room with a growing stack of Christmas presents.

Find out who has the most holiday spirit by having team members come up with holiday-related words for every letter of the alphabet.

Share many laughs by completing a Christmas-related sentence as a team.

Get to know your colleagues by playing a game where mingling is the only way to win.

Decorate one representative from each team as a Christmas tree in the most creative way possible. Whoever has the most holiday spirit, wins!

Test the memory of your church group by seeing which team can connect the bible verse to where it appears in the bible through a game of Jeopardy.

See which team can act out the best bible scene or verse with only 15 minutes of preparation.

What to Do For Kid-Friendly Christmas Party Games

Kid-Friendly Christmas party games are an easy and entertaining way to create interactive fun at your Christmas party. Christmas party games for kids should be simple, appropriate, and not as competitive as adult games. When planning your party, follow these tips to keep the kids entertained:

Inclusion is key

Make sure that you plan a game that includes everyone so that no one feels left out at your party. If there is a wide age range, feel free to modify the rules to apply to the younger kids so they can engage in the game as well.

Explain the rules and provide examples

In order to refrain from anyone getting confused, make sure that you provide a simple explanation of the game to the group. It’s even better if you can choose a few children to act out the first round of the game as an example. That way, the Christmas game will run smoothly from the start.

Prioritize high activity games

The kids will most likely arrive to your party full of energy. It’s best if you can hold a few high activity games towards the beginning of the party so that they are relaxed when it’s time to unwind and eat.

Be prepared for a mess

Make sure you have cleaning supplies on standby at your kid-friendly Christmas party. No matter what plans you have for the party, you can expect that the kids will make a mess when they are together. To avoid anyone slipping or a major clean up at the end, keep a few paper towels and wipes on hand for the unexpected spillage.

Prizes and gifts

Kids may become upset if they don’t go home with a Christmas goodie bag like the other kids. In the spirit of the holidays, one way you can resolve this issue is by providing prizes to the winners and small gifts to all who participated.

What to Do For Adult Christmas Party Games

Adult Christmas parties call for an ice-breaker with a bit of competitive fun. Some of the guests won’t know each other so your game should serve as a means for individuals to easily interact and talk to one another. When planning your Adult Christmas party game, follow these tips to entertain your guests:

Timing of your Christmas party game

It can take time for your party guests to get comfortable, so it’s best if you can kick off the party with your chosen Christmas party game once everyone arrives. This will help your guests become engaged and will break the ice for everyone who doesn’t know each other.

Games that will make your guests laugh

The goal of your adult Christmas party game is to make sure your guests are enjoying themselves. Make sure you choose light-hearted games that will be engaging and allow for your guests to learn funny tidbits about one another.

What to Do For Christmas Party Games in Large Groups

Arranging the perfect game for large groups can become a bit hectic. However, Christmas party games such as the White Elephant game that involve large groups can be quite memorable as long as everyone feels included. The best games for large groups should always involve teams in order to reduce chaos and confusion. You can also choose a list-oriented game if you’re looking to save time on buying props or materials. When planning your large Christmas party game, use these tips to keep your guests entertained:

Encourage your guests to mingle

It safe to say that not everyone in the room will know each other if you’re hosting a large Christmas party, so it’s essential to encourage your guests to join forces with people they don’t know when forming teams. This will nurture new friendships and is the perfect way to relieve anyone from feeling uncomfortable from the beginning.

Matching group prizes

Motivate the teams to get involved in your party game by providing prizes that will promote camaraderie among team members. There is no need for an expensive gift— instead, gifts like Christmas hats embroidered with the hashtag “#winning”, or inexpensive ugly Christmas sweaters will do the trick. Whatever it may be, the winners will love to parade their grand prize around the party after the game.

What to Do For Office Holiday Party Games

If your company is having a holiday party at the office, you can gather everyone for a quick and fun game to liven up the office atmosphere. Holiday office party games should be appropriate and simple, as well as limited in time since most office parties only last a few hours. Since the location is an office, you should play a game that isn’t too competitive and doesn’t need any holiday party props. You should also consider the personality of your office and be mindful of different religions. It is always best to opt for a “Holiday Party” instead of a “Christmas Party” when planning an office party during the holiday season. Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind when planning a office holiday party:

Choosing the perfect office party game

An office holiday party is a chance for colleagues to celebrate the past year of hard work while using the time to get to know each other outside of their daily tasks. That said, make sure you choose a game that allows for the staff to learn tidbits about their colleagues that they most likely wouldn’t learn during work hours.

Create versatile teams

Pair up different departments that don’t usually work together to encourage coworkers to get to know each other. Changing up the usual groups will bring the office together.

Award company wearables for the winning team

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Every winning staff member will love to win company wearables like laptop cases, T-shirts, notepads or other personalized prizes. Whatever it may be, they’ll enjoy sporting their grand prize in and outside of the office for months to come.

What to Do For Family Christmas Party Games

Family Christmas parties are some of the most memorable and enjoyable parties of the year. In addition to delicious food and drinks, games that are family-oriented can create a few more laughs for loved ones to share. Family party games for Christmas should be popular, easy to understand, and inclusive. Check out some of our tips for planning your family Christmas party game:

Incorporate past family traditions

Christmas parties are the perfect chance to pass down family Christmas traditions to future generations. Whether that’s drinking hot cocoa while playing cards, or playing festive Christmas songs while doing the limbo as a family, make sure you keep the traditions going every year.

Take plenty of pictures

Capture the moments at your family Christmas party by taking pictures during the Christmas party games. Not only will you love to see how the family has grown over the years, but you’ll enjoy reminiscing about past Christmas party game traditions and stories for years to come.

What to Do For Church Group Christmas Party Games

Christmas party games for a church group should be focused on the reason for the season. Christmas games for a church group can involve bible games such as guessing popular Christmas bible verses to add a fun Christmas twist. When planning your church group Christmas party games, keep these tips in mind:

Get creative

Show off the talent among members of your church group by playing games that let everyone exhibit their creative ideas. Whether that’s recreating a scene from the bible, or having fun with Christmas charades, your church group will love to take party in playing during the Christmas party.

Involve everyone

If your church group has many younger children, make sure to modify the rules to apply to them as well. If not every younger member has memorized most bible verses, put them in a group with elder members so they can have help and learn during the game.