56 Unique Gifts For Dad

Dads always say that they have everything they needs, but you still want to get him a present that celebrates what he means to the whole family. Homemade and personalized presents always offer a solution. They combine your personal creativity and all the unique things that represent who he is as a person. What’s more, the gift can be quite practical but still have a unique touch just for him. Check out our Father’s Day gift guide for more inspiration and gifts your dad will love.

When you take the DIY approach or personalize your presents, each Father’s Day gifts has its own unique stamp. Whether you’re looking for the best Christmas, Birthday or Father’s Day gifts, all these gifts for dad showcase the special things that make your dad a truly one-of-a-kind guy.

1. Magnetic Message Board

gifts for dad magnetic message board

Create a central spot in the house with this message board to leave dad a message or help him organize all his important notes. The chevron pattern fits within a rustic natural wood frame and uses small white magnets to hold notes and photos.

2. Deck The Halls

gifts for dad deck the halls with personalized ornaments

Fill your parents’ home with photo ornaments to adorn their tree, holiday garland or across the mantelpiece. Showcase all of dad’s favorite moments with his kids as a heartfelt Christmas gift.

3. Wall Art Serving Board

gifts for dad wall art serving board with personalized message

This wooden wall art doubles as a classic serving tray or cheese board. Print your family name, photos or initials across the front of a piece of high-quality wood to display on the wall or counter space.

4. Personalized Board Book

gifts for dad kid made family book for fathers day

If you have toddlers in the family, create this easy-to-make photo board book for them to flip through with grandpa. Glue images to each page and allow the kids to add their own drawings and doodles before wrapping up as a Father’s Day gift.

5. Spruce Up His Phone

gifts for dad spice up his phone with personalized phone case

Transform his phone by gifting a wooden or nature-themed case that showcases his appreciation for the little things in life. This is an ideal gift for dads that love the outdoors and naturally inspired style.

6. Firestarter Kit

gifts for dad fire starter kit for fathers day

When dad tends to the fireplace, help him out with this homemade starter kit filled with easy-burn wood shavings, matches and kindling. Wrap up in a cloth bag with handwritten instructions.

7. Rectangular Catch All Tray

gifts for dad rectangular catch all plate for fathers day

This version of a traditional catch all glass tray hosts a landscape photo and a message of your choice. Give to dad to keep on his desk, in the foyer or as dining room decor.

8. Dad’s Favorite Mouse Pad

gifts for dad dads favorite mouse pad for his office

Dad can take the family with him to work every day with these photo mouse pads. Choose from a collection of shapes, layouts and personalization options to suit his style.

9. Keeping Caffeinated

gifts for dad keeping caffeinated for fathers day

These photo tumblers allow dad to take the family memories with him wherever he goes and show off his children in the process! Choose a layout to include your choice of images, a loving phrase and his name.

10. Homemade Glitter Magnets

gifts for dad homemade photo magnets for fathers day

Show off all of dad’s favorite images in a pocket of glitter. Stitch a sheet of transparency paper around the photo print and fill with different colors of glitter before sealing. Glue a magnet to the back of each to hang on the refrigerator.

11. Royal Treatment

gifts for dad royal treatment with personalized message

Gift dad his very own mason jar glass for kicking back with his favorite beer or iced coffee. Choose from several playful etchings like “King of the House” with his name beneath the grand title.

12. Family Playing Cards

gifts for dad family playing cards with personalized pictures

What’s better than spending a rainy afternoon playing cards with dad? Customize a full deck with family photos that highlight your beautiful family.

13. Family Photo Cubes

gifts for dad family photo cubes with a pictures

Looking for a meaningful first DIY Father’s Day gift? Surround these photo cubes with the photos from his first few months of being a dad for him to keep on his desk or dresser. Explore what to write in a father’s day card to create a perfect gift set.

14. DIY Wallet Card

gifts for plants rustic wallet for fathers day

Create the illusion of a natural leather wallet with a selection of patterned craft paper and a few three-dimensional elements like stitches and buttons. Fill the pockets with gift cards and messages of love for Father’s Day.

15. Photo Tea Towel

gifts for dad photo tea towel for fathers day

Surround dad’s initials with a classic wreath and deck out a tea towel with your favorite photos. Gift this kitchen staple while filling the room with family love.

16. Pair of Memories

gifts for dad old photo memories

Some photos are best displayed together. Choose a new or antique double photo frame to include favorite images of dad or even his dad to capture the memories right at home.

17. Piece of the Puzzle

gifts for dad piece of the puzzle

Spend an afternoon with dad putting together the puzzle of all your favorite memories. Create a collage with up to nine photos surrounding the phrase “best dad ever.”

18. Personalized Cheese Board

gifts for dad personalized cheese board

Each time you enjoy a glass of wine and some fine cheese with dad or grandpa, he can use a natural wooden cheese board made just for him. Select the shape, style and wood finish he’d love most.

19. Fresh Start

gifts for dad breakfast spread

Cooking someone a meal is one of the best ways to show your love and appreciation. If you just bought dad a new set of personalized dishware, cook him up a fresh breakfast on Father’s Day to pair with it.

20. Desktop Photo Display

gifts for dad desktop photo display

Decorate dad’s desk with a personalized photo display printed on elegant wood. Choose an image from a recent trip together or a big event. This makes an elegant father of the bride gift for thanking dad on the big day.

21. DIY Book Garden

gifts for dad diy book garden

Carve out a section of an old book and nestle a small plastic bag into the hole to catch the succulents. Fill with a collection of plants and gift to dad as unique coffee table decor.

22. Photo Blankets

gifts for dad photo blankets

Perfect for an afternoon nap on the recliner, these photo blankets naturally incorporate your favorite family images, name or family motto. You can even bring them outside for a picnic or a night of Fourth of July fireworks.

23. Getaway Signs

gifts for dad house signs

If your family likes to run off to the beach or a cozy cabin in the woods to unwind, paint this rustic sign to remind dad of his haven all year round.

24. Hanging Canvas Print

gifts for dad hanging canvas

Hanging canvas prints are a unique and stylish way to display images in your home. Showcase the dad in your family by choosing your favorite image, a loving message and your names to highlight a wall in your home.

25. Celebration Kit

gifts for dad celebration kit

Father-of-the-groom gifts should reflect the excitement and pride that comes with your child’s big day. Thank your dad with a personalized growler, beer stein or flask with his name, initials or your favorite cheers-worthy phrase.

26. Periodic Appreciation

gifts for dad periodic table sign

Is dad a chemistry teacher or science enthusiastic? Follow this unique knitting pattern to combine the elements just for him. Choose a classic frame to display in his office.

27. Adventure Book

gifts for dad adventure book

Map out all the adventures dad took over the years with the family in a travel photo book. Include photos, favorite stories and a layout that showcases his amazing travels.

28. Relaxing Mouse Pads

gifts for dad relaxing mouse pads

If dad has just launched into his retirement, remind him to kick back with a relaxation-themed computer accessory. Add the image of your favorite beach spot with the word “relax” across the bottom in a sweeping font.

29. Terrazzo Cheese Knives

gifts for dad creative knives

Try some fine meat and cheese in style with these homemade and personally designed cheese knives. Incorporate bits of colorful clay into a white background and wrap around the handles of cheese-specific knives.

30. Monogram Glass Coasters

gifts for dad monogram glass coasters

Showcase the family monogram on these elegant glass coasters as a Christmas gift for dad. Pair with personalized wine glasses and his favorite vintage.

31. Family Bookmarks

gifts for dad family bookmarks

Design a set of family bookmarks and gift to dad with a new book on his favorite topic. Buy two of everything so you can read the book at the same time as dad and discuss as you go.

32. I Love Dad iPad Case

gifts for dad homemade ipad sleeve

Copy the kids’ handwriting with a hand-stitched name across a repurposed piece of denim to create a sturdy tablet or laptop case. Dad can carry a reminder of his little one with him all day whether lounging at home or heading to the office.

33. Dinnertime Placemats

gifts for dad dinnertime placemats

Set the table with all of your favorite photos of dad. Surround the word “Home” with a collection of up to 12 color images and your family’s name at the center for unique placemats.

34. Keep It Cool Koozie

gifts for dad keep it cool koozie

Share a pack of dad’s favorite beer on his birthday or next Father’s Day with the help of these personalized koozies. Add one of his iconic phrases, jokes or his initials!

35. Father-Daughter Phone Case

gifts for dad father daughter phone case

Add your favorite memory to the back of dad’s phone for him to spot every time he makes a call. This makes for an excellent father-of-the-bride gift for this big landmark in his little girl’s life.

36. Keepsake Box

gifts for dad keepsake box

If you’re looking for a personalized birthday gift for dad, hide a pocket watch inside this woo.den keepsake box. Add the message or monogram of your choice to the lid.

37. Motivational Pillow

gifts for dad motivational pillow

For an inspiring message for both the new father or the retired dad, print “The Best is Yet to Come” across the top of an ombre-colored pillow to place in the living room, reading nook or on his favorite chair.

38. Dad’s Mug Gift Set

gifts for dad dads mug gift set

Personalized mugs make excellent gift sets as well as practical packaging. Once you choose your customizable mug design, fill the mug up with chocolate, candies or his favorite coffee roast.

39. Hanging Bottle Opener

gifts for dad diy bottle opener

Dad can pop open his favorite beer or soda right in the kitchen with this unique homemade gift. Attach a bottle opener to a decorated clipboard and hang in a convenient spot to catch all the bottle caps.

40. Parent Paper Weights

gifts for dad parent paperweights

Preserve the most touching family photos in a range of paper weight shapes and designs. Nestle the photo beneath a glass heart, round dome or heart.

41. Desk Terrarium

gifts for dad desk terrarium

This unique gift for dad transforms a jar into a living terrarium to greet him each morning. Add a message to remind him to see the little things in life just as he always taught you to do.

42. Dad Joke Snack Bag

gifts for dad nuts for you

Dads always love a good pun. If he also loves pistachios or walnuts, fill a paper bag with his favorite treat and add a silly label to make him smile.

43. Secret’s Out Mug

gifts for dad secrets out mug

Looking for a witty Father’s Day gift? Make him feel special with this mug from you and your siblings and pair it with his favorite brand of tea or coffee beans.

44. Grandpa’s Cookie Stash

gifts for dad grandpas cookie stash

Be sure that dad or grandpa treats himself every day to something sweet with this personalized cookie jar. Fill the jar with his favorite cookies, candies or recipes to make in the future.

45. Autumnal Suds

gifts for dad diy soap

Treat dad to the luxury of homemade soap in a scent he’ll enjoy. Combine all the spices that we relate to fall—cinnamon, cloves and ginger—so he can pamper himself after a big birthday.

46. Sky Full Of Photos

gifts for dad sky full of photos

Arrange a series of family photos that with the message, “Love you to the moon and back.” This makes for a heartfelt first Father’s Day gift for the new dad in your life with all the images you’ve collected so far.

47. Framed with Love

gifts for dad golf favorite

Print out large paper frames to include handwritten messages or a special design by the kids. Bring these personalized frames along to Dad’s next big birthday party so everyone can add some love.

48. Welcome Home Catch All Tray

gifts for dad welcome home catch all tray

Dad will see your smiling face every time he arrives home or heads out for the day. Gift this elegant glass catch all tray with a family image, name or monogram.

49. Secret Stash

gifts for dad candy stash

Include all of dad’s favorite candy bars or homemade treats in a jar just for him. If you’re an avid baker, fill it with your famous cookies instead! Add a personalized label on the front just for him.

50. Craft Beer Growler

gifts for dad craft beer growler

Head to your favorite local brewery with dad on Father’s Day and fill up this personalized growler to bring the brew home. Choose from your favorite font and style to personalize the gift for dad.

51. Photo Display Collection

gifts for dad photo display collection

Break free from the traditional photo frames by having your best images printed right on a stylish desk display. Vary the size, shape and orientation of the images in a gift set for his mantel or desk.

52. Travel Tags

gifts for dad travel tags

Send dad off on his next journey with a personalized reminder of his little ones. Add a photo, monogram and message on the tag and pair with a new luggage set.

53. Kitchen Favorites

gifts for dad decorated cooking utensils

A set of wooden utensils goes a long way in any chef’s kitchen. Customize your own design with a wood-burning tool and tie it all together with some ribbon to craft a unique gift set.

54. Homemade Bread And Tea Towel

gifts for dad homebaked bread and tea towel

There’s nothing like gifting a loaf of freshly baked bread. Make it a gift set by wrapping the loaf in a customized tea towel with a stylish design, his initials or a printed photograph.

55. Moss Aquarium

gifts for dad water plants

Add some serenity to dad’s desk by designing your own aquarium with green moss balls. Marimo moss balls are made of freshwater algae and can thrive in these small homemade water gardens. Perfect for an indoor garden.

56. Mason Jar Spice Kit

gifts for dad mason jar spice kit

Is dad the happiest when grilling up a big dinner? Layer his favorite collection of spices in a personalized mason jar. Etch dad’s new grilling title to the front of the glass so he can fill it with beer at the next big barbecue.

Wrapping Up on Gifts For Dad

Dad’s been there for you and the family through thick and thin. Celebrate him with a gift that takes time and care and showcases how much you appreciate everything he’s done over the years. Do you have a big anniversary or birthday milestone on the horizon? Package several of these homemade gifts into a set to truly blow him away.

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