3 Christmas Mantel Ideas That Are Full of Festivity

When your home is decorated for the holidays, it feels extra festive and cheerful. The mantel, a main focal point in the home, is an important place for adding decor.To help, we’ve compiled Christmas mantel ideas to get your home ready for the holidays.

Knowing where to begin and having a vision in mind are the two biggest components of creating a beautiful mantel display. Once you’ve reviewed the ideas below, select unique home decor pieces to complete the look. For other mantel ideas, get inspired with our styles to match any season.

Traditional Mantel Setting

Create a classic look with a mantel that’s more traditional in style. You’ll be able to easily match this decor to your other holiday decorations such as your Christmas tree, family Christmas stockings, or garland wrapped around the staircase.

Style Tip 1: Incorporate reds and greens

With red and green as your foundational colors, you can create a traditional Christmas palette. Evergreen branches and garland offer a natural, earthy look that give your mantel a strong green baseline. Try tucking personalized Christmas cards in among the branches to make it more homey.

traditional Christmas mantel with ribbons

Style Tip 2: Include decorative bows

Just as you’d wrap your gifts under the tree, decorate your mantel with bows. They can be made of cloth, ribbon or something fun like flannel.

Close up on Christmas ribbons

Style Tip 3: Add a personal touch

Arrange a beautiful family photo Christmas cards within your mantel design for a truly meaningful feel. Choose your favorite from the year or select several to display. Photos become great conversation points for family, friends and guests.

Family photo on mantel

Style Tip 4: Add dimension with bottles and vases

Enhance the texture of your decorations by incorporating vases and bottles of varying sizes and heights. Arrange them symmetrically or asymmetrically—based on your personal preference. Your bottles and vases can be clear or have a tint of green, white or red.

Vases on Christmas mantel

Style Tip 5: Accent with berries and more

Even a small branch of holly adds character to your entire display. Include winter berries and favorite ornaments to match the vibe you’re going for.

Assorted decor items on mantel

White Mantel Decor

For a chic and shimmery Christmas mantel, consider a stunning all-white display. Create your wintery scene with just a few key elements.

Style Tip 1: Design an all-white setting

From smaller elements to larger pieces, ensure each item in your collection is primarily white. Incorporate varying shades for extra dimension and texture.

All white Christmas mantel

Style Tip 2: Personalize with photos

Bring in a personal touch by incorporating photo cubes  or Christmas photo cards into your display. The best photos to use are ones that represent your true personality or capture a special moment.

Photo cubes on mantel

Style Tip 3: Drape strands of pearls

Strings of white pearls offer a classy and festive accent to your mantel display. Longer strands are easier to arrange in exactly the way you want.

Strung pearls on mantel

Style Tip 4: Add candles

The best decorations have a personal touch to them. Design your own candles to arrange on your mantle, choosing scents and fragrances you’ll enjoy all season long. You can also choose to include beautiful reindeer candle holders for gorgeous Christmas scenery.

Close up on candle and mantel decor

Style Tip 5: Create a snowy setting

For a shimmery effect, paint Christmas tree figurines with snow spray. You’ll have a white Christmas no matter what the weather is outside.

White trees on mantel

Modern Mantel Idea

Christmas mantel ideas with a modern edge might be more of your style than a traditional look. With plenty of variations available, your mantel will be well-dressed for the holiday season.

Style Tip 1: Create trees out of washi tape

With its super easy application and ability to be adjusted at any time, washi tape is an ideal decor material. Choose a shimmery style of tape, like gold or silver, to design trees on the wall above your mantel as simple fireplace decor.

Bright modern Christmas mantel

Style Tip 2: Paint colorful ornaments

Involve the kids in a fun project by painting ornaments in a variety of colors. Choose plastic ornaments that are easy to hang from a simple string. Tuck some customized Christmas photo cards in with their custom artwork.

Hanging ornaments on mantel

Style Tip 3: Use non-traditional Christmas colors

Rather than sticking with red and green during the holidays, choose non-traditional colors for a modern look. Blend a range of hues to create an upbeat, cheery vibe.

Close up on modern Christmas mantel

Style Tip 4: Design words out of wooden letters

Whether it’s ‘wonderland,’ ‘family’ or ‘joyful,’ create words out of wooden letters to run across your mantle. Paint the wooden letters using the same colors you used to decorate your ornaments.

Close up on mantel
Building a mantel is really easy, the main thing you want to focus on and decide is what style fits well with your home; color combinations, classic or modern and budget.

With your mantel and home one step closer to being ready for the holidays, share your love and joy by sending your family and friends a personal Christmas card.