Fireplace Decor

Fireplace Decor

Fireplace decor allows you to choose home furnishings that create a focal point inside your family area or living room. On a fireplace, you can decorate along the mantel, which is the frame that surrounds your fireplace. On most fireplaces, there’s an area on top where you can experiment with different home decor ideas. You can also add decor to the fireplace hearth, which is the area directly in front of the fireplace.

When decorating your fireplace, you can choose timeless styles that look great all year long or swap out the decor based on different themes. Some of the best fireplace accessories are based on seasonal decorating ideas, such as Fall, Spring, and Winter themes. You can also choose decor to highlight a special occasion, such as a wedding or anniversary.

How to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel

Wondering where to begin with how to decorate your fireplace mantel and hearth? Fireplace decor can reflect the style of your home and serve as a great way to highlight a unique find, hang custom wall art, display candles, store books, and more. Choose from the popular ideas below or develop your own style to fit your home.

Rustic Fireplace Decor

Rustic or farmhouse fireplace decor can make your home feel warmer and more inviting. Rustic styles often use natural textures like wood and more earth tones like tan, brown, and orange. To make your fireplace feel rustic, consider using wooden prints to showcase your favorite photos. You can also bring in fresh flowers and display them in mason jars instead of vases, which helps tie together the farmhouse aesthetic.  

Modern Fireplace Decor

Modern fireplace decor is usually all about minimalism. Choose a primary color and just a few accent colors to use throughout your decor. Instead of crowding the mantle or hearth, only choose a few decor pieces that stand out and draw your eye toward them. Minimalistic fireplace decor might include a few elegant candles or a photo gallery wall of your favorite memories. 

Industrial Fireplace Decor

Industrial interior designs have become popular within the past several years, and you can easily use the trend for your fireplace. With industrial fireplace decor, focus on using materials like steel and iron. Industrial design is all about experimenting with texture, so you can also incorporate wooden decor like wood wall art

Seasonal Fireplace Decor

Decorating your fireplace by season is one of the best ways to keep it fresh throughout the year. Fall fireplace decor might include fake leaves and orange and brown tones, while Spring fireplace decor can incorporate fresh flowers and brighter pastel colors. Winter decor is usually dedicated to Christmas or other holidays that make your home feel more festive.

Wedding Fireplace Decor

If you’ve been recently married, wedding fireplace decor is a great way to make the honeymoon feel everlasting. Display metal prints from the big day or other personalized items like vases and candles.

Christmas Fireplace Decor

If you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate your fireplace mantel, Christmas is the perfect time to get started with fireplace decor. Boughs of holly may be the traditional Christmas decoration, but your fireplace decor should reflect your personal tastes. Add layers of wall art, framed prints, holiday cards from loved ones and Christmases past, custom Christmas stockings for every member of the family, and wintery outdoor touches. Some tried-and-true ideas for how to decorate your fireplace for Christmas include choosing a theme and bringing in pieces of fireplace decor that match. Fireplace decor for Christmas can follow a theme like one of these, combine one or more, or be a unique creation of your own:

  • White Christmas Wonderland White Christmas is one of the most elegant styles for your fireplace. Decorate with all-white items, such as candles, stockings, ornaments, and more.
  • Christmas overload – Christmas only comes once a year, so Christmas overload is all about maximalism. Put up overflowing stockings and all the decorations you have that still create a cohesive style. 
  • Vintage Christmas – Vintage Christmas decor is the best way to feel nostalgic throughout the season. Pull out your oldest decorations and flame black and white prints to showcase on the fireplace. 
  • Glam holidays – Glam holiday design is all about glitter. Use glitter ornaments that didn’t make it on the tree as well as tinsel and elegant centerpieces. 
  • Evergreens and eucalyptus – Bringing in natural elements always helps brighten a room. Find fresh evergreen and eucalyptus pieces to place in a vase and enjoy the beautiful design and scents. Include pine cones for more texture and color. 
  • Minimalist beauty – Sometimes all you need is a few pieces of decor to create a statement. Stick with a couple of holiday candles framing your favorite family photo.
  • Candyland Christmas – Especially if you have kids, Candyland is one of the most fun Christmas themes. Decorate with giant candy decor pieces and bring your home into a whole new world. 
  • Monochrome holiday – Choose a single color to decorate with while incorporating shades and hues to create a stunning fireplace. 
  • DIY Christmas – Have your kids’ create DIY decor through paintings, drawings, and more. Display with pride and transform your fireplace into an at-home gallery.

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