Christmas Birthday

Christmas Birthday

For many people, December 25th marks not only Christmas Day, but also their birthday. If you or a loved one has a Christmas birthday, you can imagine and understand the struggle of having a birthday coincide with one of the biggest holidays in the world. Even a Christmas Eve birthday can be difficult to coordinate with so much focus on the holiday. Friends and family members often get caught up in the stress of preparing for Christmas, but there are still fun and unique ways to celebrate a loved one’s Christmas Birthday.

Fun Christmas Birthday Ideas

Before celebrating a Christmas birthday, find out if your loved one appreciates a Christmas theme or longs for more separation from the holiday. It may work out that you can take advantage of the day and offer winter-themed activities and gifts for their big day. On the other hand, you may want to celebrate differently for half of the day to create a separation between their birthday and Christmas.

Christmas Birthday Party

A “Happy Christmas Birthday” can be tons of fun if it’s planned properly. For younger children, let them know their Christmas birthday wishes will be extra special. With a Christmas birthday, it’ll be easy to decorate for a party and send out Christmas or winter-themed invitations. While the party is going on, don’t forget to get as many Christmas birthday images that you can use for upcoming New Year’s cards or thank you cards.

Unique Themed Birthday Party

If the birthday guy or girl wants to celebrate separately from Christmas, consider blocking off a period of time on Christmas day for a unique themed party. During that time, Christmas will pause while you give the spotlight to the Christmas birthday. Consider sending out fun themed party invitations along with your Christmas cards to make sure your loved ones understand and come prepared for the theme.

Christmas Baby Memories

If you have a baby that’s celebrating one of their first Christmas holidays along with their birthday, it’s the perfect time to capture beautiful memories. Commemorate by creating custom ornaments. What’s cuter than your baby dressed up in a Santa hat for the holidays? Adding a photo of them to a personalized ornament can serve as the perfect Christmas tree decoration or gift. You can also add a fun birthday message on the ornament that’ll last as a keepsake for years to come.

Tips for Celebrating a Christmas Birthday

If you or your loved one has a Christmas birthday and you’re looking for tips to separate the “Christmas” from “Birthday,” check out these simple suggestions:

  1. Splitting the day in half and celebrating Christmas and the birthday separately
  2. No Christmas wrapping paper for birthday gifts
  3. Getting a Christmas birthday cake
  4. Planning in advance and getting birthday decorations ahead of time
  5. Separate Christmas and birthday gifts

Celebrate Christmas Birthdays with Custom Birthday Cards

Who says Christmas birthdays should take a back seat to the holidays? Special occasions call for special invitations. To show your loved one how special they are on their Christmas birthday, send out custom invitations ahead of time. There is no greater feeling for the person of honor to know you went above and beyond to make their day memorable. Personalized invitations from Shutterfly are the perfect way to let everyone know a party’s on the horizon.

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