How To Make Stunning, Large Christmas Cards

One of the best ways to connect with friends and family near and far in the holiday season is through custom Christmas photo cards. Sharing these cards gives loved ones a glimpse into your life, including the growth of your kids, travel, and more, and what better way to do this than with large Christmas cards. This guide will walk you through options for creating jumbo Christmas cards, including eye-catching 6×8, tri-fold, and gate fold designs. While standard-sized cards have traditional appeal, nothing makes an impression like really big Christmas cards from Shutterfly.

Why Send Jumbo Christmas Cards?

A photo Christmas card with the words Merry XOXO and a modern, thin red frame

Order large, 6×8 Christmas cards.

There are so many choices to made when it comes time to design your annual family Christmas cards—among them whether you’ll make a one photo Christmas card or a photo collage Christmas card, and whether you’ll opt for a Happy Holidays greeting, one that says Merry Christmas, or myriad other varieties. The size and format of your holiday card is yet another decision. And while traditional 5×7 and 4×8 card formats are evergreen options, sending extra large Christmas cards—whether 6×8, tri-fold, or gate-fold designs—is an increasingly popular choice. Why? Firstly, they provide a surplus space to showcase cherished family photos, allowing loved ones to see how everyone has grown and changed over the year. And, secondly, they’re just plain bigger! This means that your family photos are printed in a larger size, your Christmas greeting is larger—everything is super-sized. What this translates to is a bigger, more heartfelt impact and impression for friends and family. Lastly, the grandeur of large Christmas cards stands out in Christmas card displays. Essentially, you’re ensuring yourself lead-billing in every house you send them to. To send large Christmas cards this holiday season, read on about your format options.

6×8 Christmas Cards

A photo collage Christmas card featuring green Christmas tree cutouts as photo frames

Design really big, 6×8 Christmas cards.

Choosing the right template is the first step in creating your large Christmas photo cards. The 6×8 size is perfect for showcasing your favorite holiday snapshots in grand format. Adding more holiday card real estate means more space for a single, stand-out picture or a photo collage and—this is the most important thing—larger photos. Our 6×8 Christmas cards are extra large and extra special—truly your best option in creating oversized Christmas cards. Look through our entire assortment of 6×8 cards for a design and holiday greeting that suits your needs. First, consider the theme you want for your Christmas cards. Whether it’s a traditional, rustic, modern, or minimalist theme, there are templates galore to choose from. Beyond theme, think about the color scheme and design elements that resonate with your vision.

Tri-Fold Christmas Cards

Large format tri-fold photo Christmas card with a Merry Christmas greeting

Send oversized, tri-fold Christmas cards from Shutterfly.

Tri-fold photo Christmas cards are another captivating choice for holiday greetings. These cards feature a unique three-panel design that unfolds like a storybook, making them ideal for sharing a narrative of your year or recounting cherished holiday memories. The tri-fold format allows for a considerable number of photos printed themselves in large sizes—making them distinct from 6×8 and other formats—creating a visual timeline of your family’s adventures. Additionally, they offer ample space for personal messages, letting you express warm wishes and heartfelt sentiments. While these cards fold into a 5×7 format, they expand into an impressive and large Christmas card package. Tri-fold photo Christmas cards are sure to make a lasting impression, providing an elegant, engaging way to connect with loved ones during the festive season.

Gate Fold Christmas Cards

A big photo Christmas card in a gate fold format with a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greeting

Browse our entire gate fold Christmas card assortment.

Gate fold Christmas cards, like tri-fold Christmas cards, fold into a traditional 5×7 format, but feature a design that resembles an opening gate, revealing more photos and your heartfelt holiday messages. This unique format adds an element of surprise and sophistication, capturing the recipient’s attention in a special way. As with the tri-fold format, gate fold Christmas cards offer a wealth of opportunity for extra photos, which sets them apart from other designs. These cards add a sense of refinement and novelty to your holiday greetings—after all, gate fold designs are both uncommon and interactive. You nephews, nieces, and other kids will love receiving them and (repeatedly) opening and closing them. For this reason, gate fold cards make for great keepsakes.

Customizing Your Extra Large Christmas Cards

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect 6×8, tri-fold, or gate fold template, it’s time to customize your big Christmas cards to make them uniquely yours. Given that these cards are perfect for displaying large photos or for including a number of photos, the first step is to gather the pictures you’d like to use and upload them to your template. Play around with your photo placement to get things just how you’d like. Next, add your name, family name, or individual names of everyone in your family (including a pet if you’d like), and add an additional heartfelt message or holiday wish. Finally, experiment with design elements such as background colors, fonts and font colors, and borders (or trim) to make your cards more festive and distinct. Get creative and have fun with the design process. Make sure to review your cards before ordering to check for typos. It’s essential to ensure that everything looks just as you want before they’re printed and mailed.

Final Thoughts

While standard-sized holiday cards are always appreciated, there’s something truly magical about sending personalized large Christmas photo cards. They’re big in size and also in emotional impact. With large Christmas cards, you’ll be able to convey your warm wishes and celebrate the joy of the season in a personalized and truly unforgettable way. Send oversized Christmas cards in 6×8, tri-fold, or gate fold formats from Shutterfly. Adding foil and glitter is yet another way to make your holiday cards stand out. Those inclined should definitely read our guide on how to design luxury Christmas cards.