60 Best Pregnancy Announcement Captions for Instagram

Sharing the news that you’re expecting a child is one of the most exciting moments for parents-to-be. Whether you’re planning to post a photo or video on Instagram, choosing the perfect baby announcement caption is essential to capture the joy and excitement of this special moment. To help you make your pregnancy announcement unforgettable, we’ve compiled a list of creative and heartwarming baby announcement captions. Additionally, we’ll explore the benefits of pregnancy announcement cards for sharing the news with loved ones in a more personal way. Let’s dive in!

Creative Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Finding the right words to announce your pregnancy can be challenging, but these creative pregnancy announcement captions can help you share your joy with the world:

  1. “Our family is growing by two feet!”
  2. “We’re adding a new member to our squad!”
  3. “Adventure awaits – baby [Last Name] arriving [due date]!”
  4. “Our greatest adventure begins! Baby on the way.”
  5. “Tiny hands and tiny feet, our family will soon be complete.”
  6. “We’re expecting the best gift ever!”
  7. “And then there were three (or four, or five…).”
  8. “Pink or blue? We can’t wait to meet you!”
  9. “The best things in life are worth the wait. Baby [Last Name] arriving soon.”
  10. “Love makes a family. Baby [Last Name] due [due date].”

Cute Baby Announcement Captions

Sometimes, a cute and simple caption is all you need to share your big news. Here are some adorable baby announcement captions for your Instagram post:

  1. “Coming soon… our little bundle of joy!”
  2. “We can’t wait to meet our little miracle.”
  3. “Our hearts are full. Baby [Last Name] arriving soon.”
  4. “The countdown to baby snuggles is on!”
  5. “Our family is growing by one heart and two feet.”
  6. “The best is yet to come… Baby [Last Name] due [due date].”
  7. “Little one, you are already so loved.”
  8. “New adventure begins: [due date].”
  9. “Big news: a little one is on the way!”
  10. “Excited to announce our baby on board!”

little girl holding a sign that says "new baby coming soon"

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Captions

If you prefer to keep things lighthearted and humorous, these funny pregnancy announcement captions are sure to make your followers smile:

  1. “Eating for two, and we’re due!”
  2. “We’re going to need a bigger car.”
  3. “Naptime just got a whole lot shorter!”
  4. “Our baby belly is brewing a bun!”
  5. “Pregnancy brain is real, but it’s totally worth it.”
  6. “We’ve got a baby on the way – let the adventures begin!”
  7. “Oops! We did it again.”
  8. “Future mom and dad reporting for diaper duty!”
  9. “Caution: bump ahead!”
  10. “More than just a food baby this time.”

Heartfelt Pregnancy Announcement Captions

For those who want to convey deep emotions and heartfelt sentiments, these captions are perfect for expressing your joy and love:

  1. “Our hearts are full of love and anticipation.”
  2. “Blessed beyond measure to announce our little one.”
  3. “Our greatest blessing is on the way.”
  4. “We prayed for you, and now you’re on the way.”
  5. “Our love story continues with a new chapter.”
  6. “The miracle of life is growing inside me.”
  7. “We can’t wait to hold you in our arms.”
  8. “Every good and perfect gift comes from above. Baby [Last Name] arriving [due date].”
  9. “You are our greatest adventure.”
  10. “Our hearts beat for you already.”

a woman announcing her pregnancy with her bump and the father and dog are kissing her

Gender Reveal Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Gender reveal announcements are an exciting way to share both the news of your pregnancy and your baby’s gender. Here are some fun and creative gender reveal pregnancy announcement captions:

  1. “It’s a boy! Our little prince is on the way.”
  2. “Tickled pink to announce our baby girl!”
  3. “Bows or bowties? We’re having a girl!”
  4. “Blue or pink? We’re thrilled to announce it’s a boy!”
  5. “Sugar, spice, and everything nice. It’s a girl!”
  6. “Blue balloons and baby boy tunes. We’re expecting a son!”
  7. “Pink onesies and princess dreams. Our baby girl is coming soon.”
  8. “We’re over the moon – it’s a girl!”
  9. “Adventure awaits! Our baby boy is on his way.”
  10. “He or she? We’re excited to reveal it’s a boy!”

Pet-Inspired Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Involve your furry friends in your pregnancy announcement with these pet-inspired captions that add an extra layer of cuteness:

  1. “Our baby is on the way, and our fur baby is getting a new best friend!”
  2. “Pawsitively thrilled to announce we’re expecting!”
  3. “Adding another member to our pack!”
  4. “Our fur baby is getting promoted to big brother/sister!”
  5. “The cat’s out of the bag – we’re having a baby!”
  6. “Barking with joy because our family is growing!”
  7. “Our dog’s face says it all – a baby is on the way!”
  8. “Purrfectly excited to announce we’re expecting!”
  9. “Two feet and four paws – our family is expanding!”
  10. “Our little one will have the best fur sibling ever!”

Share the News With Pregnancy Announcement Cards

In addition to sharing your pregnancy announcement on social media, consider sending out pregnancy announcement cards to close family and friends. Shutterfly offers a wide range of customizable pregnancy announcement cards that allow you to add your personal touch. Here are some ideas to make your announcement cards special:

  • Photo Cards: Include a beautiful photo of you and your partner with a baby-themed prop, such as tiny shoes, an ultrasound image, or a chalkboard with your due date.
  • Seasonal Themes: If your announcement coincides with a holiday, you can incorporate seasonal elements like pumpkins for a fall announcement or snowflakes for a winter reveal.
  • Simple Elegance: Opt for a minimalist design with elegant fonts and a heartfelt message.
  • Funny Announcements: Include a playful message or a humorous photo to bring a smile to your recipients’ faces.

Using Shutterfly’s easy-to-use design tools, you can create pregnancy announcement cards that perfectly capture your excitement and share the news in a memorable way.

Final Thoughts on Baby Announcement Captions

Announcing your pregnancy is a joyous occasion that deserves to be shared with style and creativity. Whether you prefer a cute, funny, or heartfelt caption, these examples are sure to inspire you. And don’t forget the charm of pregnancy announcement cards for adding a personal touch to your big news. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival, and happy announcing!

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