How To Make the Best 50th Birthday Party Invitations

Taking your 50th trip around the sun is a significant achievement in anyone’s life, and it’s truly worth celebrating in style. The first step in planning the perfect celebration is creating a custom 50th birthday party invitation sure to get everyone excited. Invitations, after all, set the tone for one’s event, and they offer a glimpse into the festivities that await your guests. Here, we’ll guide you through the process of crafting the ideal invitation to ensure your 50th birthday bash is one to remember. Don’t forget to pick up custom, festive party supplies like selfie frames and bunting banners add charm and an extra dash of fun to your party.

1. Select Your Favorite Card Design

50th birthday invitation template with photoThe first order of business in creating the best 50th birthday party invitations is choosing a card design that reflects your personality and the theme of your celebration. Whether you prefer something classic and elegant or fun and vibrant, your choice of card design is important—it sets the visual tone for your event. Explore Shutterfly’s design templates and card styles to find one that resonates with you. Look for designs that represent your interests and passions and remember that all of our cards can be customized with the number “50”—so if you see a design you love, remember you can change that “40” or “30” to a “50” as you personalize your card.

2. Upload A Photo

Happy birthday party bunting banner with custom photos.A 50th birthday is always significant and it’s a time to celebrate your life journey. At Shutterfly, we have great no-photo invitations and, as well, fun, festive photo-ready designs, and adding a photo is a great way to personalize your card. Whether it’s a snapshot from your childhood, a memorable moment from your youth, or a recent picture that captures your current self or interests, a photo adds a personal touch to your invitation. Once you’ve chosen your card design, click “Personalize” to upload a picture (or two). It’s a wonderful way to share your journey with your guests and create a sense of nostalgia and connection.

3. Personalize Your Card

Cake-themed birthday party invitation with example wordingTo make your 50th birthday party invitations truly unique, take advantage of the personalization options available at Shutterfly. Adjust the color palette, fonts, trim, and other design elements to match your party’s theme or your personal style. You can also add a custom message or greeting, funny or heartfelt, that conveys your excitement and gratitude for your guests’ presence or, otherwise, an amount of reflection on your milestone birthday. Additionally, consider customizing the inside or back of your card with another photo or design detail that ties into your celebration. This extra touch of personalization will make your invite stand out and create a cohesive look for your event.

4. Include Party Details

Of course, your 50th birthday party invitations need to convey all the essential details about the event. Make sure you include the following information:

  • Date and Time: Specify the date and start time of your celebration. If your event spans multiple days, make sure to include all relevant dates.
  • VBirthday party invitation perfect for a 30th, 40th, 50th, or 60th birthday.enue: Include the full address of your party. If it’s a remote or unique location, consider providing additional instructions or a map.
  • RSVP Information: Include a method for guests to RSVP, whether it’s through email, phone, or a designated website.
  • Dress Code: If your celebration has a specific dress code (such as “Black Tie”) or if it’s a themed party with costumes encouraged, make it clear on the invitation.
  • Special Requests: If there are any special requests or instructions for your guests, such as dietary preferences or gift preferences, include them on the invite.

5. Send To Guests

Once you’ve crafted the perfect 50th birthday party invitations, it’s time to send them out to your guest list. For ease and timeliness, we highly recommend using our free addressing service paired with our Mail For Me service—yep, Shutterfly will address, stamp, and send your invitations for you, saving you not only time, but energy.

Crafting the best 50th birthday party invitations involves selecting a design that reflects your personality, uploading a meaningful photo (if you’d like), personalizing the card, including all relevant party details, and sending them out to your guests in a timely manner. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your 50th birthday celebration begins on a high note, setting the stage for a memorable event that celebrates your life’s journey thus far. Consult our blog post on birthday invitation wording for ideas, tips, and examples if you’d like help with phrasing. And, above all, enjoy your celebration!