80+ Adorable Baby Girl Room Ideas

Welcoming a baby girl into the world is an exciting time and the beginning of a new chapter. Being the first space she gets to claim as her own, her nursery is a room that should be styled and personalized to provide a warm welcome.

There are countless possibilities when it comes to decorating a baby girl’s nursery. With themes ranging from girly girl to gender-neutral, the options are endless. You’ll quickly see that there’s much more to decorating a baby girl’s nursery than with pink!

To get the creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled an assortment of baby girl nursery ideas to inspire your inner nesting urges. Browse the nursery themes and colors to see what decorating ideas you’ll find to incorporate into your new daughter’s room.

If you’re looking for other ways to express your girl’s personality, customize the room decor with wall art, pillows, and more. If you’re not sure if you’re having a boy or girl, check out our baby boy room ideas for more inspiration.

1. Go Eclectic

A vibrant rug or floral wallpaper are great ways to add the color your baby girl’s room has been lacking. Add a hanging chandelier or animal wall art to draw the eye up.

2. 70s Theme

Nursery ideas are only limited by your imagination. Choose a 70s theme complete with tie-dye and macrame to remind her of the good old days.

3. Room To Play

A plush area rug is the perfect space for baby to play. Make sure the other furniture you include in your girl’s room is baby-friendly for when she begins to crawl.

4. Strong and Sassy

Strong women make history! Encourage your baby girl to speak her mind and be a leader with room decor that inspires.

5. Reading Teepee

Playful teepees make the perfect hiding spot or reading nook. Use whimsical decor like a floor pouf or oversized giraffe as playful accents.

6. Enchanted Forest

Create a baby room that inspires your little girl. She’ll have hours of fun pretending she is a princess in an enchanted forest.

7. Damask Pattern

Floral patterns can be used as an accent or full design. Baby themes are easy to find in a variety of damask.

8. Ombre Autumn

Stack ombre shades to form mountains and hills in any type of room design. Choose from shades of yellow and orange, with highlights of red to represent an autumn forest.

9. Pretty In Pink

Pink and white baby girl nursery.

Source: Linsey Orton

A classic look for a little lady—pink not only helps her feel feminine, it inspires a calming environment.

10. DIY Baby Mobile

It’s easy to create a homemade baby mobile with readily available supplies. Plus, it will add a fun pop of color!

11. Neon Lights

Neon is an eclectic accent for a baby nursery. From glowing signs to neon green accents, the possibilities are endless.

12. Camp Pendleton

Pendleton designs inspire warm and cozy feelings no matter your age. Furry blankets, wood accents, and twinkling lights will complete the theme.

13. Calming White

Avoid clutter by sticking to a clean design that creates a calming environment to relax in. Small pops of light pink create contrast against the all white theme.

14. Treehouse Adventure

Tall trees and bedroom canopies will inspire her to reach new heights in an indoor treehouse. Include a rocking chair to read stories to her under the trees.

15. Gorgeous Grey

Bring a warmth and sophistication to her nursery with beautiful shades of grey. It makes the perfect option to change out as she grows older.

16. Bright Butterflies

Make your new baby feel welcome and inspire her to spread her wings with a butterfly room theme. Butterfly wall decorations in white and yellow will complete the look.

17. Center The Crib

Center crib in baby nursery.

Source: A New Bloom

Design your baby girl’s room with a circle-shaped crib centered under a unique light fixture instead of using a traditional baby mobile.

18. Ballet Beauty

Dance the day away with a dance-inspired nursery complete with ballerina wall art and even an exercise bar to practice.

19. Flying Fairies

What little girl doesn’t love fairies? Fairies and mystical creatures are a great way to inspire new possibilities.

20. Drama Queen

The world’s a stage and all the men and women merely actors. Baby room decor that inspires a dramatic feel are perfect for girls.

21. Color Coordinate

Baby girl clothes hanging on wooden rod.

Source: Sweenshots

A unique wall display features wood-themed toys and a bar on which to hang color-coordinated baby clothes. Add a touch of glam to your nursery room decor that’s also great for organization.

22. Adorable Owls

What’s more adorable than baby owl nursery decor? Plus, it’s gender-neutral if a new brother or sister is on the horizon.

23. Pretty In Paris

Include a travelers trunk (which doubles as a hope chest) and Eiffel Tower wall art for a Paris-inspired nursery.

24. White Swans

White swans are a classic, calming theme that will appeal to all baby girls. Include a soft swan rocker and fitted sheets to tie in the theme.

25. Pale Pastels

Don’t let nursery decorating overwhelm you. Pink, yellow, and blue pastel colors are beautiful for any nursery color scheme.

26. Beautiful Blankets

There are baby blankets available for every theme—from whimsical to grounded, choose one that fits your theme perfectly. Keep it close by to comfort her at night.

27. Lions, Tigers, And Bears

Adorable animal prints of lions, tigers, and bears with neutral decor will carry out this perfect room theme.

28. Stars Are Aligned

Frame a custom photo of the night sky that reflects the sky formation of the exact day and time she was born.

29. Soft Canopy

Your baby girl’s nursery doesn’t have to be saturated in pink to be fit for a princess. Hang a crystal chandelier and sheer canopy

30. Alice In Wonderland

Choose a whimsical theme of wonderland with white rabbits, caterpillars, a Cheshire cat, and of course, tea parties.

31. Lost In Space

Welcome your little girl to the next frontier with ceiling constellations and colorful lights. She’ll grow up with a bold imagination.

32. Neutral Nautical

Rolling seas, ship-themed cribs, and fishing net accents will make your little girl feel at home while “away” at the sea.

33. Newborn Photo

Enlarge your favorite newborn photo print of your daughter to hang on the wall in a decorative frame.

34. Colonial Nursery

Include a bright white bassinet and utilitarian artwork for a nod to American classicism.

35. Wild At Heart

Create a jungle-like nursery filled with unusual creatures and creative elements. Oversized animals double as decor and play toys.

36. Origami Pinwheels

A great nursery idea is to line the wall with origami pinwheels to add color and texture to the wall.

37. Mini Gallery Wall

Eclectic framed art and family photos are the perfect way to decorate your baby girl’s room.

38. Princess Wall Art

What better theme for a newborn baby girl than princesses? Princess girl wall art and bedding completes the look.

39. Shabby Chic

Warm, friendly, and perfectly pastel. Find vintage pieces to steal the show and choose colors that keep baby calm all year long.

40. Luxury Life

Gold accents are the perfect way to demonstrate how much you value your little girl. Pink adds charm and serenity to an elegant, gold room.

41. Plain White

Offset a classic white nursery with little hints of color using personalized story books and toys. A simple wicker basket and ladder add extra storage.

42. Gold Chandelier

Add a wow factor to your baby girl’s room and blow all baby mobiles out of the water with a breathtaking chandelier.

43. Seeing Stars

There will be wide-eyed wonder happening every night in this astronomical nursery. Twinkling string lights help provide some light to keep her calm in the dark.

44. By The Sea

Whale pillows, navy-striped curtains, and a ship’s compass will give your baby girl direction in life. Use pops of red in the crib to tie in the nautical theme.

45. Mermaid Theme

Mermaids inspired some of the greatest legends of the sea and they can create the perfect setting for a baby girl’s room decor. Coordinate the theme by adding seashells to polka dot prints.

46. Southwest Style

A southwestern themed nursery uses cacti, a vintage floor rug, and tribal prints to show off its style.

47. Modern Art

Colors and shapes create curiosity in young minds. Use bold numbers, letters, and shapes to teach your little one at the same time.

48. A Love Of Books

Inspire a love of reading early on in life. Create a world of curiosity with characters from your baby girl’s favorite books.

49. Minimal Design

Score a point for the simple life. Choosing a minimalist look will help her find joy in the simple things. Plus, you can avoid clutter by sticking to a clean design.

50. Homemade Crib Banner

Decorating ideas can be placed throughout the baby nursery, including the crib. Create an adorable floral banner to take to the hospital when she’s born, then hang in her room afterwards.

51. Changing Station

Paint a piece of furniture to add color to the room. Match your dresser changing station to a rocking horse seat to coordinate.

52. Accent Pillows

Accent pillows are ideal for baby girl nursery decor. They are easily swapped out for different themes as her hobbies and interests change.

53. Pink And Gray

Use dark gray as a base color to complement pink and any other pastels you have your eye on. The calming effect of gray is ideal for any baby girl.

54. Mellow Monochrome

Black, white, and gray can lighten a room and create interest. From the wall color to the changing table, keep the color scheme consistent.

55. Unique Unicorns

Add a magical touch to walls with a unicorn theme. This playful design may just inspire your little girl to seek enchantment for life.

56. Textual Art

Inspire a love of words with canvas textual art. Frame your favorite inspiring baby quotes or motivational sayings.

57. Simple Symmetry

This geometric accent wall includes a few accent-colored triangles within the pattern for an interesting, asymmetrical design.

58. Baby Bunting

Quilt bunting adds an incredible handmade piece to any wall design. You can create homemade pieces that your little girl can keep for years to come.

59. Avid Adventurer

Inspire your sweet girl to travel the world with an oversized map print next to her crib. Hang vintage planes and display old vintage suitcases for extra decor.

60. Beach Life

Create an island oasis complete with palm leaves, bamboo furniture, and playful dolphins. Use soothing light blue and white in the color scheme.

61. Carnival Theme

Carnival baby nursery theme and decor.

Source: Howjoyful

Bring in the big top with a striped wall, chevron accents, and colorful decor. Furnish with stuffed elephants, lions, and giraffes.

62. Natural Greenery

If floral patterns aren’t your style, add natural greenery to your nursery design with potted plants. Hang them from the ceiling for visual appeal.

63. Love, Love, Love

A Beatles inspired nursery is the perfect throwback to an age of love. Use bold pops of color and include a record player to soothe your baby to sleep.

64. Gender-Neutral

Create a baby nursery theme of bright, primary colors for a playful, gender-neutral atmosphere. This comes in handy if you’re planning on a baby number two.

65. Hooks And Knobs

Install hooks or knobs on the wall to put your prettiest baby girl dresses out on display.

66. Baker’s Dozen

Hoping to inspire a pastry chef? Incorporate fun elements like flour tins, classic dessert art, and plenty of creativity.

67. Letter Pendants

Summer camp is a canoe away with hanging wall letter art. Spell out your baby girl’s name to personalize the room.

68. Cozy Cabin

Inspire an outdoor vibe with lodgepole pine furniture, oversized blankets, and a relaxing fireplace.

69. Polka Dots

Baby nursery decor with polka dot accent wall.

Source: Little Look

Your wall design doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned. The soft-colored polka dots on these plain white nursery walls are subdued enough that you can still hang artwork.

70. Twinkling Lights

String firefly lights along the ceiling to illuminate your baby’s nursery at night. Complete the design by hanging gold star garlands across her crib.

71. Never, Neverland

Your little girl will love the inspiration of Wendy and Peter Pan from this classic theme. Include a directional wooden sign and industrial rope hanging shelf for decor.

72. Mediterranean Sea

Choose a classic mediterranean theme with soft white linen, colorful pink, and bright teal colors. Open up the windows to let in bright, natural light.

73. Framed Chalkboard

Use colorful chalk to write notes, keep a wall schedule, or just doodle a loving quote.

74. Geometric Design

Make a bold statement with geometric shapes on the wall.

75. Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are available in thousands of unique designs and colors. Create a relaxing glow at night with this stylish accent.

76. Wind And Water

The actual translation of feng shui is wind and water. Design your little girl’s nursery with wellness in mind.

77. Bold Wallpaper

Canvas prints hanging on pink wall.

For a cohesive baby room design, match the throw pillows, blankets, and rugs to the secondary colors of the wallpaper.

78. Floral Drapes

Add a touch of femininity to your sweet baby’s nursery with floral window drapes that brighten up the room.

79. Sports Inspired

Looking to get your little one into sports early on? Support your favorite team with some team spirit.

80. New Mexico Flair

Bright yellow accent walls and brilliant patterns will inspire joy in any girl’s life.

81. Animal Lover

This nature-themed nursery encourages a baby girl to explore the great outdoors with tree wall decals and exposed wood.

There are hundreds of ways to layout your baby’s room and plenty of inspiration to draw from for nursery decor. Choose a theme that fits the life you dream of for your baby girl, but don’t be afraid to switch things up as she develops a personality that’s uniquely her own. Remember, don’t get so excited about the nursery that you forget your baby girl birth announcements.