55 Creative Baby Room Themes

When a newborn is on the way, there is no need to add extra stress. However, sorting through baby room ideas, colors, or artwork for your baby’s nursery can be time-consuming. You need to make sure your child is comfortable and safe, but you also want to provide a visually stimulating environment that will help nurture their development.

You’ll find inspiration in these 55 sweet baby room themes. Just remember to start with the basics: purpose, basic needs, color palette, and safety. After you’ve reached those goals, you can go crazy with inspiring nursery ideas that can be easily modified as your baby gets older.

If you already know what you’re having, browse our creative baby girl room and baby boy room designs that will be sure to get you excited for your little one’s arrival!

1. Wild Side

Embrace your little one’s wild side and create an appreciation for animals with nursery decor inspired by wildlife. A big zebra rug, framed animal prints, and stuffed animals are both adorable and practical decor.

2. Exploration Time

Reading teepees in baby room.

Source: Little Hands

Inspire your little one to learn about the world. World maps, flying airplanes, and adorable teepees for reading are the perfect theme to keep as he or she grows older.

3. Giraffes Galore

Stuffed animals and decor in baby nursery.

Source: Sabra Lattos

A few bold giraffes help transform a baby boy’s nursery into one with an animal theme. Tie in different plush animals to the crib mobile that can double as play toys when he gets older.

4. Changing Stations

When planning a baby nursery, leave plenty of room for diaper changes and changing tables. Mobiles will help keep your young one distracted!

5. Sandy Beaches

Beachfront property is at a premium, but in your kid’s rooms, it’s easy to create. Paint the walls a beachy turquoise color, add a sandcastle clay, and let them exercise some creativity.

6. A Horse, Of Course

For the future equine loving kids, be sure to add horse wall prints, plenty of room for ribbons, and a special shelf for collectible horses.

7. Mountain Backdrop

Mountain wall mural in baby nursery.

Source: Wills Casa

For a gender-neutral baby nursery, opt for light woods, greens, and grays. A gorgeous mountain mural will make a calming backdrop for kids who love to play outdoors. Swap out eclectic elements such as a wood hanging mobile, adorable stuffed animals, and simple wood crib.

8. Perfect Pyramids

Visit ancient Egypt with realistic wall murals of pyramids and a crib that looks like a boat. Vintage hieroglyphics make the perfect nursery wall art.

9. Eager Elephants

A gray and white color scheme paired with elephants makes for an easy gender-neutral theme. Coordinate elephant prints with the other cute stuffed toys.

10. Chevron Stripes

Mix and match chevron stripes by including a throw rug on the floor, hanging a blanket over a crib, or painting the walls.

11. Colorful Gallery Wall

Try a gallery wall of beautiful artwork in your child’s nursery. Whether you choose to frame baby portraits or fun prints of fairy tales, a photo wall adds a distinctive style to your child’s bedroom.

12. Custom Decor

If you and your older kids are artists at heart, frame your creations and use them to create a new look every week. From family portraits to simple doodles, there’s no better way to personalize the nursery.

13. The Road Less Traveled

Two roads converged in the wood. Show your children the importance of being unique and making their own decisions. Frame your favorite motivational quotes to inspire big dreams.

14. Monster Mania

Have some fun with the monster theme. You don’t want to scare the little ones, but a few good monsters never hurt anyone. Use cartoon characters and imaginative wall colors.

15. Aquaman Undersea

Make an ocean theme pop with hanging wall art that can be easily rearranged or removed from any baby room. Be sure to add whales, lots of mermaids, talking fish, and anything else that will inspire imagination.

16. Personalized Plaques

Adding a personalized plaque over a crib is a fun way to personalize a baby room. Use a fun woodland or adventure fox theme with your little one’s name for a unique touch.

17. Home Economics

Foster a love of baking by including an easy cook oven into a bedroom. Clever fruit and vegetable-inspired toys will help your child feel like they’re creating a gourmet meal.

18. Flying High

Encourage a love of flying with decor that features airplanes, balloons, blimps and lots of clouds. Crib sheets with little airplanes are too adorable for words.

19. Nautical Nursery

Canvas whale, crab, and anchor silhouette art help create the perfect nautical baby room theme. Tie it together with navy-striped curtains, a ship’s compass, and paddles to give your baby direction.

20. The Great Outdoors

Bring the great outdoors inside and teach your kids a love of nature. Baby girl room themes benefit from this idea just as much as baby boy room themes do.

21. Whiteboards Wonder

Magnet boards are fun ways to inspire kids throughout childhood. Best of all, it allows you to change the theme every month or add a chore calendar for when he or she grows up.

22. Construction Crew

Set up a roadway through your baby’s bedroom (and don’t forget the expressway to the changing table). Any little boy will love trucks and diggers galore in his play space.

23. Scandinavian Style

Whites and greys make the perfect palette for a Scandinavian inspired baby room. Choose bedding that is elegant in its simplicity for this minimalist theme.

24. Forest Fun

Add a whimsical element to any forest animal design. Woodland-inspired stuffed animals and wall murals with trees will make any room a fairytale.

25. Ceiling Constellations

Not all kids fall asleep fast, so give them something to stare at and learn about as they drift off to sleep. A nightlight or other lighted mobile can lend a different perspective on heavenly objects.

26. Tribal Style

Make cribs into teepees and beds into wigwams. Wall hangings and throw pillows can bring a bohemian look to any bedroom style.

27. Black And White

For a classic and modern nursery, opt for white walls and black accents. From the changing table with tabletop frames, black and white bedding, or playful toy and laundry baskets, there’s plenty of ways to decorate.

28. Colorful Crib

Create a soothing space with a colorful crib that fits into the decor of your baby’s room.

29. Here, Kitty, Kitty

If your baby loves animals, choose a theme that demonstrates their love. A cat-themed wallpaper is a great tribute to kids and kitties.

30. Summer Days

Alligators, fireflies, and swampland offer a distinctive beauty all their own. Don’t forget to add the weeping willows!

31. Lovely Lumberjack

A paddle above the crib creates that rustic outdoor nursery look. Create a personalized name banner with a metal initial sign to make your new baby feel at home.

32. Baby Animals

Commune with animals in a forest, run with colts on a farm, or cuddle a kitten. There is room for all animals and kids in a baby animal themed room.

33. Final Frontier

Unexplored worlds and a ceiling of glow-in-the-dark stars will set your baby up for a life of exploration. Discover a few DIY mobile ideas for keeping babies entertained in their crib.

34. Deep Blue

Choose a deep blue ocean scene and use the walls for ocean-inspired wildlife. Clever whale-inspired wall art or baby shark toys lend a playful feel to the room.

35. Sweet Swans

A single swan sits beside an elegantly dressed crib in this baby girl’s room. A pink and white vintage crib paired with white walls creates a calming environment for your little girl.

36. Best In Show

Teach your kids some new tricks by creating an interactive bedroom. Whether they love baking or science, there should be space for hobbies.

37. Storage Benches

Multi-purpose sitting areas help hide all the toys that your kids love (but refuse to put away). You can even DIY the top of the seats with colorful patterned cushions.

38. Rockets Glare

Rockets and spaceships rule a kid’s rooms with fun ceiling art and creative neon colors. Inspire exploration with a mini telescope of their own.

39. Eclectic Area

Set the tone of your child’s room with several eclectic area rugs that capture the style of your decor. For a little girl’s room, add a shag floor seat and reading teepee to inspire.

40. Circus Life

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! These are the perfect way to integrate a fun circus theme. Include red striped curtains and oversized animals.

41. Endangered Wildlife

Teach kids early that all life must be treasured. Scenic walls can include murals of waterfalls and framed photographs of endangered wild animals.

42. Round Pegs

Round pegs and square holes—they may not be allies in math, but they can be a fun way to show off your child’s creative personality! It’s a great way to teach your baby about shapes early on.

43. Rustic Wood

Keep your baby’s room design simple. A rustic wood accent wall makes a bold statement, while the calming white crib and curtains balance out the masculine feel.

44. Love Of Art

Use cleverly applied circles of varying sizes as wall paint, then hang your favorite artwork from classical or modern artists.

45. Words, Words, Words

Inspire them early on with word walls and word art. Word art is a great way to teach your kids about the alphabet when they are toddlers.

46. Presidential Candidates

Your dream of raising a president can come true in the USA. Display patriotic artwork, flags from allies, and navy blue accent colors.

47. Cartoon Fun

Doodle artwork on wall of baby nursery.

Source: Little Liberty

Cartoon characters are a fun way to inspire your child’s creativity. Adorable hand-drawn animals on the walls tie into the badger pillow and monogram crib sheets.

48. Boho Blues

Eclectic throw rugs, draping curtains, and big blankets are the keystones of this room. Consider a hanging plant or macrame wall art to complete the look.

49. Camping Out

Let your kids sleep under the stars in the safety of their own bed tents. A faux fur rug and wood accents make it feel like the great outdoors every night.

50. Up In the Air

Have some balloon fun with a hot air balloon theme. String garlands across the ceiling and balloon prints for your little one to dream of new heights.

51. Playful Wallpaper

Pick an adorable animal, like pink and white bunnies, to display for your nursery wallpaper. Tie the wall colors into the rest of the room decor—from the crib to the plush toys.

52. Last Frontier

They say that Alaska is our last frontier, but you can go wild creating a fun replica of the territories in the room using maps, wall murals and replicas of wildlife.

53. Building Blocks

No matter what age, babies love to play with blocks. Create a new take on a classic design inspired by a love of engineering and architecture.

54. Pretty Pastels

Charming pastel colors are simple to switch up as baby grows up. As a bonus, these lighter, jewel toned backgrounds make the picture perfect background for you and your baby.

55. Patterned Walls

A simple triangle pattern is all that is needed to really transform a baby’s room. Offset the triangle pattern with a chevron area rug. Decorative pillows and oversized plush animals complete the perfect look for the nursery.

Baby rooms may feel overwhelming at first, but the more thought you put into it, the more fun you can have. If you’re not sure how you can afford your dream design, consider discussing with friends and family when they as asking what you want for new baby gifts. Early planning and a detailed gift registry will go a long ways towards

Choose wall paint and room design that’s simple to transform into new themes. Your baby will grow up faster than you think and you don’t want to worry about a redesign when there are first steps and quality time to consider.