100+ Cute Baby Boy Room Ideas

A baby boy’s room is home to many laughs, tears, and firsts. It hosts late-night visits, messes, and countless memories to be forever cherished by parents. Because parents and baby will spend many hours in the nursery, a nesting parent’s job is to take this blank canvas and turn it into a welcoming baby haven.

When beginning to think about nursery room decor, there are many questions to ask. The easiest way to begin your baby boy’s nursery is by settling on a single starting point, whether it’s a theme, color or a favorite art piece. Stumped for inspiration? We’ve pulled together a list of baby boy room ideas from gender-neutral to classic baby boy style.

Browse the nursery ideas below and let inspiration strike. With an idea in mind, personalize your nursery with heartfelt room accents like custom wall art, pillows and more.

1. Plan a Gallery Wall

Give your baby something to look at by making an eclectic gallery wall that mixes different prints and fabrics.

2. Combine White and Gray

Neutral white and gray baby nursery.

Source: Haley George

Want a classic and modern nursery? Opt for white walls and light gray to create a soothing space. Frame and hang your favorite quote to inspire your baby boy as he grows.

3. Colorful Crib Mobile

Find a colorful or fun crib mobile that will catch your baby boy’s eye, entertain or even help him fall asleep.

4. Fun Area Rug

If you’re decorating a large room, consider starting with an eclectic area rug to set the tone and style of your decor.

5. Delightful Decals

Hanging decor over a crib can be unsafe, so opt for delightful wall decals when working with your nursery color theme.

6. Southwest Style

A baby room theme is always more fun. Teepees, feathers and plenty of wide open space makes a Native American theme ideal for boys.

7. Peter Pan

Drift off to Neverland with framed map canvas print and a Lost Boys theme of never growing up or getting old.

8. Jungle Safari

An African-themed safari through jungles will help inspire wanderlust.

9. Deep Blue Ocean

Deep blue ocean themes can help your little one get a good night’s sleep. Use some sea-creature throw pillows to complete the theme.

10. In The Trees

Every boy loves to dream of climbing trees and communing with animals in a forest.

11. Drift to Outerspace

A ceiling of stars, planets and unexplored worlds will set your baby boy up for a life of exploration.

12. Best in Show

Don’t leave your dog out of the celebrations! Incorporating an area for your dog to watch over your boy is the best way to insure a lifelong partnership between the two.

13. Ships in the Night

Blue-green tones are ideal for your new baby boy. Choose a deep blue accent frame or artwork to set off a light colored wall.

14. Safari Theme

For cute boy room ideas, look no further than African-inspired decor. It’s simple to create a jungle scene with giraffe animals or a zebra rug.

15. Go Boho

Vintage boho nursery.

Source: Arielle Levy

Vintage rugs, free-flowing design and macrame art embraces creativity. Inspiring your child to live their best life is part of the allure.

16. The Big Top

Big top baby boy nursery ideas make your son the main attraction with circus-themed inspiration.

17. Farm Life

Scenic walls can include murals of farms and rustic room accents.

18. Modern Art

Get creative with some artwork from van Gogh, Warhol or Dali. Hanging artwork will not only inspire you, it will inspire your little one!

19. Shades of Gray

Sophistication can be achieved with more traditional colors that will ultimately be easily to adapt to other themes. Use a variety of gray shades for inspiration!

20. Pretty Pastels

Pasel blue and gray nursery with crib.

Source: Laure Joliet

Rules are meant to be broken and baby boys are no longer represented solely by blue. Choose some pretty pastels to offset your baby boy’s nursery.

21. Geometric Goodness

Choose geometric designs and patterns to encourage his playful side.

22. Metallic Color Scheme

Choose metallic wall art to bring out your boy’s mechanical side.

23. Wizards World

Make magic a part of your baby boy’s life from day one with a nursery wall mural.

24. Delightful Dragons

Dragon mobiles, sheets and artwork are fun ways to awaken your baby boy’s imagination.

25. Chevron Stripes

Chevron is a hot new trend that’s ideal for nurseries and can be easily incorporated with a rug, baby blanket, wall art, or by painting a wall.

26. Hanging Canopy

Use a canopy over the baby crib to masquerade as shimmering decor when creating a place to sleep.

27. Angel Wing Decor

Make heaven on earth with a pair of angel wings protecting your little one.

28. Fantastical Creatures

Gray and white crib in nursery with stuffed animals.


Let your imagination go wild with fantastical creatures that can be brought into the nursery with art prints or tapestries.

29. King of Your Heart

Consider a royal theme for your prince. Deep purple and gold plated frames serve as handsome accents.

30. Honey Bear

If you’re decorating a large room, start with an area rug to set the tone and style of your decor. Nothing comforts like a bear theme.

31. Petcentric

A boy’s best friend is his dog, but real men love cats. Set the tone for kindness early on in his life with a pet-centric nursery theme.

32. Repurposed Vintage

Decorate with antique windows and soft colored toys to create a vintage theme that will comfort you and your little one.

33. Hot Air Balloons

Encourage your little one to fly high in life with a hot air balloon theme. Wall art, wooden baskets and framed tabletop photos are a fun way to implement this style.

34. Hollywood Glamour

Turn your nursery into a movie set—your beautiful design will deserve an Oscar.

35. Building Blocks

A classic design inspired by geometry will be one way of getting your boy to appreciate math.

36. Fly Away

Whether you choose modern jets or vintage aircraft, flying machines are a great theme for design.

37. Automobile Ambition

Cars are the perfect addition to a boy’s nursery. It won’t be long before he’ll be asking for the keys.

38. Coastal Inspiration

Surfing, beaches and ocean scenes will help your little one embrace the sea.

39. Dinosaur Design

Harken back to the Stone Age with a dinosaur-inspired design. Think about a brontosaurus pillow or custom name plaque for impact.

40. Cube Storage

Storage is important in a nursery. From diapers to toys, label your bins and baskets for an extra level of organization.

41. Wild, Wild West

Cowboys are born, not made! This rustic design will bring out the cowboy in your baby boy.

42. Simple Scandinavian

Tall fjords and viking warriors are the inspiration behind a Scandinavian style baby boy room. Use an ombre to get the design you need.

43. Nightlights

Sparkling nightlights compliment any nursery theme well. They will help light up the room as your boy drifts off to sleep.

44. Nothing But Neutral

Beautiful, calming neutrals are ideal for any gender. Don’t forget to include a colorful bean bag chair or inspired artwork.

45. There Be Pirates

Sail the Seven Seas with a pirate-inspired nursery.

46. Sports Inspired

Start the love of games early with a football-inspired nursery.

47. Tailored Valances

A bold valance and window panel can tie any nursery theme together.

48. Bright Colors

When using unique, modern furniture and decorations, keep bright colors to a minimum so as not to overpower the room.

49. Bluebirds Dancing

Incorporate hand painted trees, blue birds dancing along branches and even a rug designed to look like a tree.

50. Rustic Barn Doors

A wood pallet provides the perfect backdrop for a barn door.

51. Crocodiles and Lions

Fun animal-inspired floor pillows and wall hangings of stuffed animals create the perfect baby boy nursery.

52. Stuffed Animals

Decorate your baby’s room with nostalgic oversized stuffed animals that he’ll be eager to play with as soon as he’s big enough.

53. Wild Side

Embrace your baby boy’s wild side and create an appreciation for animals with baby nursery ideas inspired by wildlife.

54. Organizing Shelves

Keep your changing table uncluttered with storage that makes things easy to reach. Or, make your wall art functional by using it to store items typically kept on a changing station. baby-boy-room-ideas-organizing-shelves.jpg Organizing shelves in baby nursery.

55. Monkey Business

Stuffed monkeys suspended from the ceiling make a fun mobile idea for jungle nursery designs.

56. Creative Crib

Make your crib a focal point of a room as it protects your most valued possession.

57. Black and White

Break away from blue by using geometric patterns in a black and white color scheme.

58. The Road Less Traveled

Two roads converged in the woods. Show your little boy the importance of being unique and making his own decisions. Choices light the way.

59. Lighting The Way

Any lamp can be modified to match your theme—nightlights and colorful rugs will help show the way.

60. Mid-Century Modern

Mid century modern style nursery with geometric wall.

Source: Laure Joliet

Geometric walls and antique furniture is a way to bring a savvy mid-century pop to your nursery.

61. Little Lion

The addition of baobab tree art and some cleverly placed lion pillows will help your little lion grow into a jungle king.

62. Clean and Natural

Bright, airy and easy to clean decor is a great way to start off with your little boy’s nursery. Add subtle pops of color in books or blankets.

63. Small Spaces

Small nursery with white walls and wood accents.

Source: A New Bloom

A small nursery can speak volume with large wall hangings and simple decor.

64. Modern Montauk

Reflect the best of Montauk island life with vintage bicycle artwork and navy accents against a soft white.

65. Gray and Blue

Choosing a nursery theme doesn’t always mean saturating the room. This nursery sprinkles elephants in small ways throughout the room.

66. Paper Lanterns

A string of brightly colored paper lantern lights adds a festive look to your baby boy’s room.

67. Modern Chic

Blend in some swaddling blankets that work with your decor. There’s no better compliment to a nursery than your beautiful baby boy.

68. Cacti and Blooms

Neutral walls and cactus plants with colorful blooms are the perfect way to create a soothing desert environment.

69. Hipster Throwback

Think about adding pouf seaters and fun themed bean bag chairs to your 60s tribute.

70. Abstract Art

Cloud art, geometric decals or even finger paintings are the perfect addition to a nursery.

71. La Mer

Seagrass mats, carpeting and baskets are the perfect way to add appeal to a light blue design.

72. Little Adventurer

Inspire the adventurer in your life with old maps, trapeze style shelving and an old world feel.

73. Block Style

Don’t be afraid to make a strong statement with your nursery design, like this large, bold name display.

74. Camp Pendants

Create a summer camp feeling with hanging pendants that feature your baby boy’s name.

75. Words, Words, Words

Hoping your boy is an aspiring author? Inspire them early on with word walls and word art.

76. Will-O-The Wisp

Inspire a love of reptiles and snakes with a swamp-themed nursery. Adding a clever accent like a burned wood name sign will make it even more personal.

77. Woodlands

Natural decor will help your little man mature with an appreciation for forest life. Design a modern, masculine nursery with industrial fixtures and reclaimed wood.

78. Floating Shelves

Floating bookshelves.

Source: East Coast Blonde | Cozy. Cottage. Cute.

Wall shelves are a seamless way to jazz up nursery walls with books or fun decor.

79. Barnyard Friends

Abstract art on wall in boys room.

Source: David Tsay

Choose an extraordinary dresser and set against unique wallpaper. With small hints of color, this nursery allows the walls to tell a story.

80. Baby Swaddles

Wigwams and teepees are a fun theme for nurseries. Create your custom papoose from baby swaddlings and cuddle with your little boy.

81. Lantern Poms

Lantern pom lighting and bold colors create an authentic Asian nursery.

82. Knights and Castles

A large tapestry is easily updated as your baby boy matures into a knight in shining armor.

83. Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters offer a fun way to implement a 3D room design.

84. Great Plains

Antlers and outdoor lanterns will make your little man feel like an early explorer.

85. Birds and the Bees

Let your ideas take flight with a bird and bee themed nursery. Create a mobile with flying birds while using bees buzzing by on flowers for the wall.

86. Faux Fur Rug

Not only does faux fur rug give your nursery a classical look, they serve a practical purpose.

87. Ombre Design

Let your walls take on a clever design with ombre painting techniques.

88. Bahama Mama

Create a peaceful island oasis for you and your baby boy with faux palms and an island-themed design.

89. Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard paint means you can decorate your boy’s nursery with hand-drawn art that can be changed with the seasons.

90. Desert Dreams

Southwest design inspires whimsical greenery and a vintage rug.

91. Dramatic Accent Wall

A dark accent wall can be made even more dramatic with white or light blue-green accents.

92. Pirate Chest

Chests come in a variety of colors and styles and provide the perfect place to store toys.

93. Double The Trouble

Multiple cribs are a breeze if you’re expecting twins or even triplets!

94. Navy Seal

Deep navy blue accents with a peaceful light blue wall will ensure your baby boy falls asleep under guard.

95. Textured Elements

A variety of textured damask colors and patterns can tie a nursery together.

96. Tribal Teepee

Teepees are simple to design and make the perfect complement to your nursery decor. These create perfect places for reading and playtime.

97. Catching Dreams

Dreamcatchers keep nightmares away by spinning them into their web. Choose from mobiles and hanging decor to keep your baby sleeping peacefully.

98. Planes and Trains

Airplanes, automobiles and trains make adorable additions to your baby boy’s room. Encourage your baby to have an adventurous spirit with decor that welcomes travel.

99. What Does a Fox Say?

Foxes add a whimsical element to any forest-creature design. These woodland-inspired pieces help finish your forest nursery.

100. Balloon Display

Create art from your baby boy’s name with bold, balloon letters as the room’s centerpiece art.

101. Reading Corner

Getting ready to raise a scholar? Add a wall full of books that you can read to your little one.

102. DIY Changing Table

Improvise with a handmade changing table and decorative pails in place of the standard, big-box store baby supplies.

103. Nautical Nest

White and navy blue offer a timeless aesthetic that can easily transition into a big boy room.

104. Cozy Rocking Chair

Add a comfortable rocking chair to the corner with a decorative throw pillow for a welcoming seat to rock your little one to sleep.

These DIY room ideas will help inspire you if you’re stuck. No matter what nursery theme you decide on, remember that your baby boy will be impacted by it from early on in life. Choose easily adapted ideas that can later be integrated into a boy’s bedroom for years to come.

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