The Best Nursery Colors + Complementary Themes

For expecting parents, there’s nothing more exciting than getting ready to welcome their little one. From reading endless parenting books to buying adorable baby toys, new parents always want to make sure they have everything they need for when their baby arrives.

Since putting together a nursery is one of the most important and sometimes overwhelming tasks in the process, we decided to create a comprehensive guide on nursery colors and themes. Playing with colors, shapes and unique themes will help you put together a fun and creative space for you and your baby to enjoy.

Best Nursery Colors And Themes

Color psychology often suggests that certain colors, whether on your nursery walls or part of the decor, can help evoke certain feelings and encourage things like creativity and nurturing.

With that in mind, it is important to choose color combinations that establish the right mood for you and your little one. Below are the best colors to use for your walls or decor along with some fun complementary themes for your baby’s room.

Exciting Red – Nautical Adventure

red nursery.

Red is often used in ads, offices and stores because it generates the most excitement out of any of the popular colors. It not only encourages enthusiasm but red is also known to convey love and strength. For a nursery, adding some pops of red in a white or neutral room will help create an energetic and bright atmosphere for both girls and boys.

With the right nursery decor, you can easily put together a nautical, ladybug or race car-themed room.

Comforting Orange – Safari Sunset

orange nursery

It may come as a surprise but orange is a very comforting and replenishing shade. For this reason, it is often used in yoga studios and meditation rooms. For your baby, an orange accent wall or bedding can help them relax and feel comfortable with their surroundings.

A safari sunset-themed room can make for an eye-catching design while still keeping your little one at ease. For a more minimal look, pair a few orange accents with neutral shades like gray, white or beige.

Happy Yellow – You Are My Sunshine

yellow nursery

A few yellow accents can help encourage feelings of friendliness and overall happiness. It’s perfect to brighten rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light or to keep any space cheery. We do recommend being scarce with this color since too much yellow can increase irritability and restlessness.

Adding pops of yellow with a fun art print, a bright chair or bedding can help you apply just the right amount of this color to enjoy its lively benefits. Some unique yellow themes can include sunflowers, lemon drops or honeycombs.

Soothing Green – Woodland Forest

green nursery

For a soothing and calm atmosphere, green is the perfect color. Since this color will be the least straining for your little one’s eyes and help them feel relaxed throughout the day, green is great as a wall to wall shade or for accent pieces.

As a wall to wall color, we recommend going for mint to keep a room looking bright and fresh or olive tones for a warmer feel. Woodland creatures or jungle themes are easily achieved with this color by adding fun toys and decor like a plush teddy bear or a tropical backdrop.

Grounded Beige – The Great Outdoors

beige nursery

Various shades of brown can be great choices as wall to wall color. Earthy tones and decor are said to help you and your baby feel grounded and secure. Adding wood elements like a desk, chair or crib can also help encourage a deeper sense of reliability and encourage a positive energy flow.

For your nursery, we recommend going with softer browns like beige or taupe to keep the room feeling light and airy. Cute themes that look great with beige walls or furniture include rustic outdoors, farm animals and camping.

Creative Purple – Royal Chic

lilac nursery

For a chic and unique nursery, purple is the go-to choice. This color is often associated with luxury and it’s known for inspiring creativity. It’s also a great alternative for those who think soft blues make a room seem too cold since lavender and lilac can give a space a warmer feel while still staying within a similar color range.

Add a couple of purple accents like a throw, plush pillows or an eye-catching wallpaper to give your baby’s nursery a royal feel. This color can create beautiful midnight fairytale or butterfly meadow themes.

Serene Blue – Under The Sea

blue nursery

Not surprisingly, blue is one of the most popular nursery colors for boys but it can easily be incorporated into girl or gender-neutral rooms. Whether you decided on an under the sea or starry night theme, this color is sure to create an enjoyable space.

Although blue is known for increasing productivity, you’ll most likely appreciate the tranquility it’s known to encourage. Similar to being near the ocean, incorporating blue into a room will make your baby feel serene and comfortable.

Tranquil Gray – Playful Sophistication

gray nursery

Soft gray nurseries and baby items have been trending for quite a while now and for good reason. It’s a fantastic neutral shade that can be easily brightened up with pops of color like pink, yellow and orange. This color will make your baby feel at peace while allowing you to periodically upgrade your decor with minimal effort as they grow up.

For more sophisticated and moody themes, opt for a darker gray and balance out with soft colors and natural elements like greenery and wood. Soft grays are perfect for an adorable elephant-themed nursery.

Calming Coral – Modern Princess

coral pink nursery

Use coral or soft pink to encourage a nurturing and calming feel in your baby’s nursery. These colors are also known for evoking feelings of kindness and reducing restlessness, so they’re perfect as a wall to wall paint color or for pops of color in your decor.

Although a princess-themed nursery is often associated with pink, you can give this color scheme a unique twist by opting for coral or a more minimal look. Use gold and coral accents along with an eye-catching backdrop like DIY paper flowers for a more polished and modern look.

Neutral White – Adventure Awaits

white nursery

The most versatile shade of the bunch, white is the best neutral option if you’re planning on constantly updating your baby’s room and decor. It keeps a room feeling open and fresh without overpowering your baby’s senses.

To add some fun pops of color, adventure-themed decor like this DIY baby mobile or some colorful sprinkle wallpaper with cute stuffed animals will help you put together a space that is sure to encourage creativity and wonder.

Powerful Black – Up In The Clouds

black nursery

Black decor and accents can create a strong and authoritative atmosphere in any room. For a nursery, combining black with bright shades like yellow, green or blue can help you put together a room that looks professionally designed.

Black is also a go-to color for fun themes related to space, video games and sci-fi. Whether you’re looking for a chic feel or a nerd’s dream room, this color will make a great addition when used in your decor, furniture or for an accent wall.

Once you’ve chosen the right color, you’re ready to fill your baby’s room with colorful decor and toys to inspire their curiosity and sense of adventure. As they go through those adorable and unforgettable milestones, don’t forget to capture those moments in a montage gallery frame to proudly display in their room or your home’s living room.