55+ Cheerful Boys’ Bedroom Ideas

A boy’s bedroom is the perfect place to let some creativity loose and showcase his unique personality. There are many different types of decor you can use in your boy’s bedroom, from southwest style to sports-inspired. If you need inspiration for your son’s room, take a look through our preteen to toddler room ideas.

Whether you’re looking for a room theme or wall art ideas, we’ve rounded up some looks you can use for inspiration. Once you have an idea in mind, match the theme to personalized kids room decor, including customizable fleece blankets and art prints that will work perfectly in your boy’s bedroom.

1. Eclectic Personality

Boys of any age will appreciate an eclectic room design. Accents like a quirky black and white striped carpet and black painted triangles give this toddler boys bedroom a modern feel.

2. Hexagon Honeycomb

Looking for boys bedroom painting ideas? Start with a hexagon pattern that will make any wall stand out! Use neutral white, beige, or gray to complement the decor.

3. The Real MVP

Teens can have nice rooms too—show your teen boy he’s the family’s MVP with a basketball centric room that makes him the center of attention.

4. Boogie Nights

Disco lights can be a fun way to shed some light in a room with little natural light. Take it back to the 1970s with tie-dye patterns and star-filled walls to inspire creativity.

5. Personalize It

Wooden letters are easily incorporated into any room to personalize your boy’s room. This bedroom features industrial decor, including silver dresser drawers and gold lamps. The airplanes add a vintage touch to the room.

6. The Great Outdoors

Bring the outdoors in with creative style choices, like a faux fur rug, tree stump side tables, or bear wall art. Your little boy will love to go pretend camping in his own bedroom!

7. Under The Stars

Lumberjack designs are a big win with boys and easy to incorporate with plaid bedding and matching pillows. Use simple wall stars to illluminate a bedroom in the dark.

8. Superhero Stardom

Be a superhero to your young boys with this toddler bedroom idea. No matter who his favorite superhero is, there are ways you can incorporate them into a room design.

9. Trendy Treehouse Bunk

Incorporate a camping theme to your boy’s room design. Elements like a mini bunk bed, hanging branch light, reading teepee, and mushroom pillows add to the outdoors theme.

10. Industrial Daze

Steel rivets and aluminum is a result of creativity and skill. For the boy who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps, this room is a winner.

11. Christopher Robin

Winnie the Pooh is filled with amazing design ideas, including murals, and fascinating furniture pieces. Frame a motivational wall saying that will inspire your boy to have a great day, everyday.

12. Custom Woodwork

From the headboard to the accent wall, wood is a great addition to any design. Incorporate low to the ground tables and mats to keep a little boy busy all day long.

13. Navy Blue Accents

Deep colors make excellent accent walls and provide the perfect place for hanging photos. Display your boy’s favorite collectibles, toys, and prized possessions.

14. Bat Cave

All kids love to have a little privacy and a bat cave makes the perfect place for your hero to curl up with a book and relax.

15. Nautical Miles

The deep blue ocean has called boys to the sea throughout history. Add some nautical elements to mimic the appearance of a ship’s cabin.

16. May The Force Be With You

Walls are designed to keep kids in, but if you let their imagination run wild with full Star Wars design, they will be able to soar.

17. Mountains To Climb

Conquer mountains and rise to the top with wall murals and muted colors that can put anyone’s head in the clouds. Frame the mountain mural with white toy storage and shelving that extends to the ceiling.

18. Out Of Africa

Life-sized (or nearly) stuffed animals can add character to any room. Get creative with monkeys, giraffes, or tigers. It’s the little, meaningful touches that matter.

19. Star Light, Star Bright

Encourage any boy’s love of space with a room that offers the best astronomical viewing. With constellation wallpaper and a spherical hanging light, the bedroom can expertly display a subtle outer space theme.

20. Inspire The Artist

For boys who love to draw, you can’t go wrong with a framed chalkboard or chalkboard wall. Have plenty of chalk on hand in all different colors.

21. Matching Patterns

Make clever use of patterns, like this black cat comforter and teepee. Tie the theme into the wall art and ceiling with bold black and white stripes.

22. Bold Blue

Create space for your boy to play with a bright blue area rug. Wall art and murals create a clever display for the avid explorer in your life.

23. Book Rack

A reading rack is a perfect way to inspire a love of reading. Offset the books with unique designs that reflect interests.

24. Look At This Photograph

Aspiring photographers will appreciate new ways to display photos—mini clips on a string are ideal.

25. Cabin Style

If you’re looking for bedroom ideas for a boy who loves the great outdoors, bunk beds are the perfect design element. For a lumberjack-inspired bedroom, feature a wood wall with cute axe and log pillows.

26. Sports Accents

Encourage your son’s love of the sport through his bedroom design. Use the team’s colors as inspiration for a navy and white bedroom, along with a hand-painted logo on the wall.

27. Baseball Dreams

A boy’s bedroom is perfect for an avid baseball fan with actual lockers and a baseball mural. Incorporate a baseball logo quilt and framed poster prints.

28. Global Inspiration

Every budding student will love this desk set-up that includes a globe, dinosaur plant holder, and a quirky Darth Vader bust. Simple tabletop decor can transform a bedroom study area.

29. Country Boy

A rustic fence turned headboard pairs perfectly with a wooden dresser and nightstand in this preteen boys bedroom. Distressed wood can turn any room into one with a farmhouse feel.

30. Bunkhouse Beds

Make the most out of a boy’s small bedroom by incorporating bunkhouse beds and every night will be like a night near a campfire!

31. Hockey Star

Take his love of hockey to new heights by bringing his hobby loves into the bedroom design. Line his wall with hockey sticks from the big game and create hockey puck coasters.

32. Modern California

Themes can develop with something as simple as framing a state map or state flag. The rug in this room adds texture to the bedroom and pulls the design together to create a modern style.

33. Repurposed Shelves

If you have old skateboards that nobody is using, try repurposing them into shelves for a preteen boys bedroom. He’ll love having a spot to showcase collectibles and toys.

34. Add Some Character

A flash of color can be achieved in many ways, but matching your rug with throw pillows is always a good bet. This bedroom’s adorable wooden whale lamp works well with the fun Viking pillow.

35. Rustic Wood Wall

This rustic toddler boy’s bedroom features a wood accent wall and rustic metal baskets on the wall. Elevate the twin bed for extra storage. Chevron style curtains help brighten up the room.

36. Under The Big Top

Add brightness and a circus-like feel with a vibrant canopy over your toddler’s bed. The chalkboard wall helps encourage creativity.

37. Dinosaur Tracks

Every little dinosaur fan will love a prehistoric bedroom, featuring a leaf canopy and a cute dinosaur bedspread. Include a themed name plaque to personalize the space.

38. Reading Nook

If you’re looking for eclectic boys bedroom ideas, consider adding a cozy reading nook. Bean bags make the perfect reading chairs next to white shelves filled with books. The mobile above the reading nook adds another whimsical element to the room.

39. Never Grow Up

Framed newborn baby boy photos.

Source: Shutterfly

One baby boy room idea that never gets old is framing baby pictures to remind your son he will always be in your heart no matter his age. Photo prints transform any wall into a miniature gallery.

40. Artistic Differences

Wall art both inspires and reflects your boy’s unique personality. Use art in your son’s room to do the same.

41. Modified Southwest

Don’t be afraid to redesign with alternate patterns. This cactus-pattern rug is perfect with the broad stripes of the teepee.

42. A-B-C, 1-2-3

Wall art can do more than just look pretty—it can also teach your son the alphabet. Include big block wall letters to draw the eye upwards.

43. Simply Perfect

Bedroom design doesn’t have to be complex. Minimal artwork and simple patterns can make any design stand out.

44. Accent Wall

Use fun elements like a painted triangle accent wall and outdoor-themed decor from their favorite hobbies to make a room their own.

45. The Wild Side

Take a walk on the wild side by using design elements like wall art, zebra stripes, and standing sculptures to reflect the wild side of your son.

46. New Groove

Give a room a new groove with a collection of different patterns—accent pillows and framed patterns are easy to mix and match.

47. Shelf It

One way to make a preteen’s room functional is to have sufficient storage space. Combined desks with shelving will make any room shine! Not only are they practical, but they also add a unique style.

48. Climbing The Walls

For the aspiring mountaineer, an added climbing wall can provide the perfect way to reach a foothold in life.

49. A Horse, Of Course

Encourage a love of horses with wall art that reflects the best of life out on the range. Create a sophisticated and modern room by opting not to use a headboard.

50. Faux Fur

Rugs can pull an entire room together and is ideal for teen room decor. Choose faux fur for easy cleaning.

51. Prehistoric Wallpaper

Whether he’s into saber-tooth tigers or big brontosauruses, muted wallpaper is a great way to accent a bedroom. If your little boy loves dinosaurs, check out this vintage-looking gray dinosaur wallpaper. To add contrast to the room, try using white decorative pillows.

52. Showcase His Interests

A gallery wall is a great way to show off all of your son’s favorite photos and drawings. It’s also easy to swap out pictures as your son’s interests change.

53. Vintage Railways

Show your little boy around the world with vintage posters and maps framed over a bed or dresser. Vintage airplanes hanging over his bed will inspire him as he drifts off to sleep.

54. Lego Man

If your little one loves building Lego creations, they’ll adore a brightly colored bedroom featuring Lego block wall decorations and a Lego mural.

55. Splash Of Yellow

Yellow bunk bed.

Source: Destiny Dawn

Make a small room look bigger with a splash of calming yellow on the bed frame or wall color. This cheerful color can brighten up any room.

56. Choo Choo!

Does your little boy love trains? Use subtle train decorations throughout a toddler boy’s room, including a train set running along the top of the room and a vintage Central Railroad map.

There are thousands of ways to transform a toddler’s bedroom into a teen’s room. Every boy has different ideas on what their perfect room looks like and as they mature, these ideas also grow. Make sure he has a say in what he wants and use his bedroom design as a way to teach him how to make decisions early on in life.