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75 Cheerful Boys’ Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom is the perfect place for boys to let their creativity loose and showcase their unique personalities. There are tons of different types of decor you can use in your boy’s bedroom, from sports equipment to vintage pieces to movie memorabilia. If you need some inspiration for your son’s room, take a look through our preteen and toddler boys’ bedroom ideas.

Use the filters below to search through our boys’ room ideas. Once you have an idea in mind, be sure to check out our personalized home decor selections, including fun customizable fleece blankets and pillows that will work perfectly in your boy’s bedroom.

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One way to make a preteen's room functional is to have sufficient storage space. This room includes the storage option as an addition to the desk.

Photo By: My Love 2 Create

If you are using white as the base find ways to add color to the room. Coral, mint and navy are a nice combination that blends well.

Photo By: Emmerson and Fifteenth

Create a comfortable reading corner by finding a plush chair. It also helps to make the bookshelf a height your son can reach like the shelf in this room.

Photo By: The Adventure Starts Here

Every little boy wants a room that he can play in. This room is ideal as it includes a storage space for toys under the bed and a table dedicated to the race track.

Photo By: Seeded at the Table

Looking for a way to brighten up your little boy's room? Orange and blue are two bright colors that don't clash. Against white walls, they make a nice combination.

Photo By: House of Hollingsworth Blog

Looking for a way to save space that will keep your toddler's room organized? Find bright storage cubes that match the decor of the room you are designing.

Photo By: Inspiration Clothesline

Bring nature into your little boy's room by finding a bed reminiscent of a treehouse and painting a mural that he can gaze at, similar to the one in this room.

Photo By: Winter Daisy Interiors

Make your toddler feel like a big boy by choosing sophisticated colors like the monochromatic scheme found in this room.

Photo By: Adrianne Betz

Via: Little Adi + Co.

Finding a way to incorporate a sport or hobby into room decor is a sure way to create a room your preteen will never get tired of.

Photo By: Red House Style

It's no secret that toddlers can be a handful. To get around a messy room, stick to a simple layout like the design in this big boy room.

Photo By: Whisk' Em

Get your little one involved in designing his room by asking him to choose wall art that matches his interests.

Photo By: Destiny Dawn

Via: Sweet Maple

Rustic wood tones work great for a toddler room but can also be easily transformed when it's time to design a space for someone older.

Photo By: Trendy Peas

If your boys share a room, design a wall art collage that highlights their bond as brothers. You can mix in photos and inspirational phrases.

Photo By: A Lo and Behold Life

Give your little scientist a room he will love by including dinosaurs, spaceships and any other decor that encourages him to experiment and explore.

Photo By: My Life in Step

Do your boys love being outdoors? Take on a fun DIY project and build them house bunk beds with camping themed bedding. Don't forget the step stools!

Photo By: The Rugged Home

An accent wall with a cool design is a great way to prevent having too much of the same color in one room.

Photo By: One Thousand Oaks

Add texture to your little guy's room by pairing different rugs. This is also a great way to create a nice homey feel.

Photo By: Danielle Oakey Interiors

If your big boy is growing into a sport's fanatic, pay tribute to any sports that he loves like football and baseball. This will guarantee that he likes the room you design.

Photo By: My Life From Home

As your little one grows into a big boy he may want to avoid the color blue. Soft gray is a neutral color that will allow him to feel a little more mature.

Photo By: Classy Glam Living

Add a pop of color to a preteen boys room by painting orange, blue and black hexagons onto a white wall.

Photo By: CC McCafee Perspective

A unique rug made from denim jeans pairs perfectly with a bright orange chair and a navy blue bedspread.

Photo By: Cleverly Inspired

Travel to a faraway galaxy in this "Star Wars" bedroom, featuring a painted Stormtrooper on the wall and pillows with the Star Wars logo.

Photo By: Corie Kline

This tennis-inspired room cleverly includes the same shade of green as a tennis ball on the walls. The room also features tennis ball decorative pillows.

Photo By: Diva Interior Concepts

Via: Houzz

If your son loves climbing, check out this DIY rock wall, made using sheets of plywood and climbing holds. The green painted mountain perfectly fits the room's color scheme.

Photo By: Growing Spaces

To balance out the dark gray walls and gray dresser, this bedroom uses a bright white bedspread and a white desk.

Photo By: Jeanne Oliver Designs

This bedroom is full of details that snowboarders will love, including a hanging snowboard light and paintings of snowboarders on the walls.

Photo By: Kimberly Fox Designs

Via: Houzz

This San Francisco Giants-inspired room is painted the same orange as the team's logo. The room also has plenty of others sports memorabilia, including a Denver Broncos helmet.

Photo By: Landeesee Landeedo

This boys bedroom is jam-packed with fun decor and details that all work well together, including a chevron bookcase and navy blue walls.

Photo By: Life & Home at 2102

This bedroom features industrial decor, including silver dresser drawers and gold lamps. The airplanes add a vintage touch to the room.

Photo By: Nancy E Photography

Via: Apartment Therapy

We love the unique industrial decor in this boys bedroom, including a hanging metal chandelier and a steel M on the wall.

Photo By: Remodelando la Casa

With its constellation wallpaper and spherical hanging light, this room shows how to expertly use a subtle outer space theme.

Photo By: Stacey Brandford

Via: Sarah Richardson Design

To balance out this bold and eclectic robot wallpaper, this room cleverly uses a gray bed that just has subtle pops of color.

Photo By: Shirley Meisels for Mhouse, Inc.

Via: Scott Norsworthy Design

The classic leather headboard and leather trunk nightstand work perfectly together in this preteen boys bedroom.

Photo By: Sophie Paterson Interiors

When you fill wooden shelves with vintage sports memorabilia, you'll create the perfect bedroom for every sports lover.

Photo By: Sports Mom Survival Guide

The bold blue accent wall looks wonderful with the bright orange chair. The bright white curtains also pair perfectly with the blue wall.

Photo By: Thrift Diving

We love how the creative hexagonal wall shelves perfectly match the colors on the bedspread. The hanging soccer balls adds a fun sporty element to the room.

Photo By: Today's Creative Life

If your preteen loves video game, check out this Super Mario Brothers inspired room, featuring a fun pixelated Mario decal.

Photo By: A Home for Design

Via: Apartment Therapy

If your little one has a sense of adventure, they'll love this blue and gray mountain mural. You can also use decor in complementary colors.

Photo By: Design by Numbers

The black and white patterned bedspread and black and white teepee give this toddler boys bedroom a modern feel.

Photo By: Dezaar Interiors

Via: Project Nursery

Spiderman and Captain America fans will love this red, white, and blue superhero hideout that features Captain America's shield and a Spiderman toy.

Photo By: I Heart Naptime

If you're for boys bedroom ideas for your little adventurer, take a look at this travel-inspired room, featuring a world map and a painted compass.

Photo By: Jacinda Malloy

Via: Amara Living

This adorable treehouse bed pairs perfectly with the wooden wall behind it. The moose head adds another rustic element to the room.

Photo By: John Woodcock Photography

Via: Project Nursery

If your little one loves reading, take a look at this cute teepee reading nook and white book wall display.

Photo By: Kiss Me Darling Blog

Your little one will always sleep well in this black and white boys bedroom with star wallpaper.

Photo By: Marco Ricca

If your little one loves building Lego creations, they'll adore this brightly colored bedroom featuring Lego block wall decorations and a Lego mural.

Photo By: Pebbledesign

An out-of-this-world bedroom features everything a future astronomer needs, from a planet mobile to a telescope for stargazing.

Photo By: Stephani Buchman Photography

Via: Robbin Casknette Interiors

This bedroom makes the unusual combination of dinosaurs and baseball work! It features a fun customizable chalkboard and a red ceiling that adds brightness to the room.

Photo By: Sarah Langtry

The quirky black and white striped carpet and black painted triangles give this toddler boys bedroom a modern feel.

Photo By: Simone Duckworth

Via: Apartment Therapy

If you're looking for boys bedroom ideas for a boy who loves the great outdoors, check out this lumberjack-inspired bedroom, featuring cute ax and log pillows.

Photo By: The Project Girl

Via: Apartment Therapy

This toddler boys bedroom is filled with eclectic details, from the raised bed that's modeled after a treehouse to the unique metal locker.

Photo By: Vintage Whites Blog

The colorful shelves in this bedroom are expertly designed, with not one toy out of place. The shelves are bursting with color and fun.

Photo By: Viva Violet

A hanging branch light gives this toddler boys bedroom a natural feel. The teepee reading nook and mushroom pillows also add to the outdoors theme.

Photo By: Robert Stuart Interiors

Via: Decorpad

This preteen boys bedroom is full of rustic touches, including a plaid bedspread, a wooden bedframe and a metal cart transformed into a nightstand.

Photo By: 320 Sycamore

We love the adorable vintage advertisements in this preteen bedroom - the rustic wooden headboard pairs perfectly with them.

Photo By: All for the Boys

This headboard made out of different colored skis is the perfect choice for every avid skier. The ski decorative pillow is also a nice touch.

Photo By: Allure Interiors

There are subtle train decorations throughout this toddler boys room, including a train set running along the top of the room and a vintage Illinois Central Railroad map.

Photo By: Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Your toddler will be able to easily practice their ABCs in this bedroom, featuring letter wall decorations and an alphabet pillow.

Photo By: Cristi Holcombe

Via: Remodelaholic

Take to the sea in this nautical-inspired bedroom. The room is full of seaworthy details, including a distressed metal trunk and vintage buoys.

Photo By: Hyde Evans Design

Via: Remodelista

This Minnesota Twins fan uses the team's colors as inspiration for his navy and white bedroom, and he also has a hand-painted Twins logo on the wall.

Photo By: I Heart Organizing

This bedroom is perfect for an avid baseball fan with its lockers and baseball mural. Also, check out the baseball logo quilt.

Photo By: Jennifer Allwood

A rustic fence-turned-headboard pairs perfectly with a wooden dresser and nightstand in this preteen boys bedroom.

Photo By: Little Farmstead

There are tons of ways to incorporate vintage decor into a preteen boys bedroom, including hanging up vintage license plates.

Photo By: My Passion for Decor

The "I'd rather be gaming" speech bubble adds a funny touch to this preteen boys bedroom. The speech bubble also nicely matches the green dresser.

Photo By: Ribbons and Glue

If your little boy loves dinosaurs, check out this vintage-looking gray dinosaur wallpaper. To add color to the room, try using a white decorative pillow.

Photo By: Rikka Kantinkoski

Via: Weekday Carnival

The decor in this preteen boys bedroom all matches perfectly - even the abstract painting next to the bed has similar colors to the bedspread.

Photo By: Simple Details Blog

If you have old skateboards that nobody is using, try repurposing them into shelves for a preteen boys bedroom.

Photo By: The Crafted Sparrow

A gallery wall is a great way to show off all of your son's favorite photos and drawings. It's also easy to swap out pictures as your son's interests change.

Photo By: The Inspired Room

Every budding scientist will love this desk set-up that includes a cute dinosaur plant holder and a quirky Darth Vader bust.

Photo By: Aaron Christensen

This toddler bedroom has a modern eco-forest theme which is reflected in the bright green toy chest and whimsical tree wallpaper.

Photo By: Chaotically Creative

In this boys bedroom, quirky and colorful illustrations pair perfectly with a striped blue and white bedspread and a red striped pillow.

Photo By: Geraldine Tan

This bedroom's adorable wooden whale lamp works well with the fun Viking pillow. Also, note the matching bright blue pillows and rug.

Photo By: Bruno Bornsztein for Curbly.com

This rustic toddler boys bedroom features a wood accent wall, and it also has rustic metal baskets on the wall.

Photo By: J and J Design Group

Via: Houzz

The queen's guard pillows, a comforter with red-double decker buses and a little red phone booth all work together to create the perfect English-inspired bedroom.

Photo By: Let's Talk Mommy

These colorful letters look great above white shelves filled with books. The vintage toy car is also a fun touch.

Photo By: Love and Lion

Via: Project Nursery

This adorable and customizable blue chalkboard dresser looks wonderful next to a bed with a red frame.

Photo By: McBaby Bump

The vibrant canopy adds brightness to this toddler boys bedroom. The chalkboard wall helps encourage creativity.

Photo By: Senn and Sons

Via: Project Nursery

Every little dinosaur fan will love this prehistoric bedroom, featuring a leaf canopy and a cute dinosaur bedspread.

Photo By: Simply Beautiful by Angela

If you're looking for toddler boys bedroom ideas, check out this funky alphabet wall decor. Your little boy will love learning their ABC's with these fun letters.

Photo By: Spearmint Baby

This adorable and colorful bedspread is a great addition to a robot-themed toddler boys bedroom. You can also use a curtain that matches the bedspread.

Photo By: The Kavanaugh Report

If you're looking for eclectic toddler boys bedroom ideas, take a look at this cozy reading nook. The mobile above the reading nook adds another whimsical element to the room.

Photo By: Riikka Kantinkoski

Via: Weekday Carnival

Arrange your photos in any way, shape or form. Pair them with some fun decor like this globe.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Photo prints transform any wall into a miniature gallery.

Photo By: Shutterfly

These baby animal prints fit are an adorable addition to your toddler's jungle-themed room.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Try hanging photos in new, creative ways, like using miniature clips on some string.

Photo By: Shutterfly

For the child who is going to travel the world, this fun map makes a great addition to the room.

Photo By: Shutterfly

If you want your son to love his big boy room, include all of his favorites. This room does that perfectly by having superheroes, a football and motorbike displayed.

Photo By: Chasing Spring

These white washed planks create a room full of adventure. They also work well if you plan on decorating with neutrals like the decor in this room.

Photo By: This Mama's Dance

Finding the perfect furniture can be difficult. Instead of overthinking it, find a few staple pieces like the bed, chair and treasure chest toy bin in this room.

Photo By: Tea for Dinosaurs

When you're decorating for a boy you don't always have to stick to blue for the main color. Light gray and orange make a delightful color scheme that you can pair with a dark blue for some variation.

Photo By: Everyday Organizing

Want your son to have an adventurous bedroom? Make sure to use bright colors and include some globes for him to explore the world.

Photo By: Abby Manchesky Interiors

Your little boy's room should be a place that he can have fun in. The best way to make this happen is to give him a castle where he can let his imagination run wild.

Photo By: Kitsch Designs

Sometimes all you need is a nice area rug to add texture to a space. The rug in this room pulls all of the design elements together to create a chic and modern environment.

Photo By: Daniel Collopy

Via: Carley K

If your preteen is set on having blue in his room, find a way to make the space still feel warm. This room pairs brown against the neutrals to do just that.

Photo By: Dwell by Cheryl

Create a sophisticated and modern room by opting not to use a headboard. The bed in this room has a wall decor piece hanging above instead.

Photo By: Modern Day With Nik

A great way to break up the color in a room is to put laminate wood flooring on the walls. This original idea provides a unique and interesting accent wall.

Photo By: Don't Disturb This Groove

Make decorating your preteen's room a bonding experience. The DIY headboard in this bedroom is something you can take on together.

Photo By: Boxy Colonial

Find a way to incorporate your preteens developing personality into the room you create. You can do this with fun colors or decor pieces that tie into his interests.

Photo By: Better After

Moving into a big boy room can be scary. If you design a room that has all of your son's favorite stuffed animals and toys, he won't want to leave!

Photo By: Little Brags

Design a room your preteen is proud of by painting the walls in his favorite color. If the color isn't your preferred choice, find a way to compromise by choosing a lighter or darker shade.

Photo By: Sweet Parrish Place