Creative DIY Photo Display Ideas

If you’re looking for DIY photo display ideas, we have you covered with a creative DIY project from Lolly Jane. You can display your pictures in a few simple steps with this easy photo project idea.

unique photo display ideas

Everyone loves sharing pictures of their loved ones around the house. It’s so fun to stop and look at an old picture and recreate the memory of what was going on when it was taken. Photography projects are perfect gathering all of your photos and putting them on display. We saw this hula hoop photo display on SMP’s site and had to replicate it with faux flowers and clear fishing line.

You probably have all the supplies on hand to create your own unique hula hoop art. If your kiddo doesn’t have a hula hoop in the garage, check your local big box store and purchase one for a couple bucks. You can also find them at dollar stores during the summer months typically.

We love how this pretty gold and floral project turned out. It’s become quite the conversation piece with friends as well. Gather your supplies and we’ll walk you through just how easy this creative picture display is!

gold floral picture display

DIY Supplies Needed:

diy photo display supplies


Step 1: To create your project, you’ll start by spray painting your hoop in your desired color. Gold is so on trend right now so we stayed with the original idea. It would be pretty in silver or even a fun color like coral too! You can spray the hoop with one good coat, let it dry for 30 minutes and then flip it over to repeat the process.

gold spray painted hula hoop

Step 2: After the hoop is dry, tie on the flowers with the fishing line until it doesn’t budge. You can repeat it with the stems, letting them drape over the hoop and tying it in inconspicuous knots on the backside of the hoop.

floral wrapped hula hoop

We found a pretty faux floral company on Instagram one day and fell in love with how realistic their blooms are. We ordered a bundle of their mini ranunculus along with some seeded eucalyptus stems.

Step 3: To tie on the rows for the pictures to be displayed, lay the hula hoop on a flat surface. It’s easier to work with that way. Tie a knot on one end, string across then tie a knot behind the hoop to secure. Repeat until you have 3-4 rows.

The original tutorial suggested using hot glue. That didn’t work out for us, it pulled the paint off and melted the plastic. We found that the fishing line is very sturdy and is nearly invisible which was a great solution for us.

Step 4: Now that your photo hoop is done, clip on your favorite pictures! We added a couple of free printables onto our hoop, a monogram for our last name and a picture of our sweet dog.

creative photo display ideas

When creating gallery walls or picture displays, the key is to use the same tone of photo paper so it flows well. When it comes to size, you can opt for 4″ squares instead of the traditional sizes to fit more pictures in your DIY project.

For special occasions like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, you can display pictures of your kids with handmade notes to their mom or dad. Don’t be afraid to get creative and more than anything, get your pictures onto your walls to relive all the special moments life creates.

xoxo, Kelli and Kristi @lollyjane

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