18 Word Wall Art Ideas That Make A Statement

Make a statement with creative word walls and DIY wall art. Whether seeking out words of inspiration, crafting a vision board or creating a photo wall, words say those inspiring things that visual art cannot. Vocabulary walls are also a fun addition to a children’s playroom or bedroom.

Don’t forget to choose a frame that reflects the purpose of the wall art. For example, reclaimed wood makes an excellent frame for words that inspire and delight, while embroidery hoops are ideal for inspirational quotes.

Decorative word walls are interesting and fun ways to inspire and motivate everyone in your family.

1. Design Pillows

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Do you have more art than your walls can hold? Don’t be afraid to transfer art onto pillows! Pillows and wall art are not so far removed. A creative pillow is a great way to add interest to a room that is otherwise somewhat drab. Make sure you know the appropriate pillow size and shape that matches your room and wall art.

2. Stencil Art

Life is best summed up in short quotes. Select a favorite motivational quote from a movie or book or compose your own — then add it to a simple wooden frame. This rustic look is the perfect fit for any type of home design.

3. Pegboard Art

Get hooked on pegboard displays. These are ideal for craft rooms and home office decor. They provide extra storage for small items. Pegboards can be easily modified according to your hobbies and they make a fun and interactive form of wall art for any age.

4. Gilded Gold Frame

The best artwork isn’t complex. Using simple images in a creative way will give any room the touch of class it needs. Choose a more embellished frame to show off the simpler things in life.

5. Neon Art

Neon is making a comeback! Design your own neon sign by working with local sign companies or choose one of many online. Neon signs are the ideal way to light up a man cave or she shed. This is a fun and creative way to bring a little color into a room.

6. Holiday Word Art

Framed art is a wonderful way to celebrate special days. Bring a smile to a loved one on a birthday or holiday. There are a million reasons to celebrate every day with framed artwork.

7. Homework Hideaway

Create a special hideaway for homework, reading or just to meditate. Hideaways are easy to create under a staircase or in a large closet. Use simple lighting, wall art, and a warm blanket to make a cozy reading nook or homework area.

8. Printing Poster Size

Turn any photo into a wall poster and display your best memories in all of their glory. Posters are easy to print and excellent for sharing memories of a recent vacation or creating a family photo wall. Poster artworks just as well with easels as it does with walls.

9. Triceratops Art

Graffiti wall art comes in a variety of designs. If you’re feeling artistic, delegate an art wall to practice with your design. If you don’t have an artistic flair, consider purchasing local urban art from others to display.

10. Ikea Hack Memo Board

Memo boards make for an easy and decorative DIY photo display idea. Plus, they can serve as a command center and bring art to any room. Cover it in linen and use ribbon to create a pinboard or checker pattern to create easily modified wall art.

11. Words and Art

Take pride in your hometown with inspiring art that features your city or state. Not only does it add a pop of color, it can remind your family where you came from. For a statement piece, opt for a poster-sized print.

12. Word Art

Tell a loved one you care with individual art and words. This type of artwork makes a great gift for anyone in your life. Remind someone you’re there for them with a framed piece that tells them what they most want to hear.

13. Coffee and Tea

Simple design for the home is all about words that reflect your lifestyle. If coffee and tea are the highlight of your world, by all means have fun with some creative word art.

14. Display Shelves

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If you prefer your walls to be blank canvases, there are still plenty of ways to display your favorite photos. Standalone frames provide the perfect way to showcase your personality and best experiences. Use them to display reminders, quotations or vision boards.

15. Instructional Accents

Use specialty acrylic paints to creatively label glass objects. Stenciling gives you an opportunity to creatively label your own home goods, give instructions or just add some style to a room.

16. DIY Coffee Rack

Use mounted wall racks to display everything from DIY coffee cups to quilts. Art should be fun and functional and no kitchen is complete without a coffee mug rack. In areas with limited space, this is the ideal way to utilize art and design.

17. Felt Letter Board

Create a felt letter board that allows versatility in messaging. Felt letter boards let you create inspiring quotes, share words to live by, relay a birthday salutation or post a communal message to the family.

Whether you’re redesigning a home or adding some color to a plain room, word art is an excellent way to show off your individual style. Learn how to implement these designs with this tutorial on how to decorate a wall.

Word art will complement any type of decor and is easily modified for a versatile and creative style. Try spelling your initials, displaying a quote and more to make your space speak to you.