26 Study Room Ideas To Keep Your Home Looking Smart

You don’t need a lot of money to transform a tiny dorm room or bedroom into a kid’s study room or home office. These incredible study room designs will inspire you and help keep the creative juices flowing.

By utilizing natural light, refurbished furniture and clever organizational techniques, you can turn study time into fun time.

We’re looking at elements of home study decor and furniture, as well as easy, inexpensive hacks that range from recovering office chairs to incorporating plants into a small area. We’ll even discuss how you can turn a closet or free-standing wardrobe into a repurposed study room without losing your all-important guest room.

1. Book Wheel

study room ideas circle bookshelf

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If you’re seeking out a clever way to organize a mountain of textbooks, why not look at a way to do it uniquely? This book wheel offers an interesting use of space and creates more than enough storage room. Perfect for small study spaces.

2. Traveling Daydreams

Bring a little wanderlust to your study room and remind students what they’re working for in life. This creative artwork will bring out the travel bug in any family.

3. Built-in Desk

A built-in desk is a real space saver in the digital age. Use inexpensive hooks to hang audio equipment and a simple cable management system to keep cords out of sight.

4. Homework Hideaway

Repurpose a corner of a room to serve as a homework hideaway. By incorporating plenty of bins for crayons, markers and other creative utensils, every bin will bring joy.

5. Small Space Fillers

study room ideas under stairs photos bench

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Personalize your study area with custom wall artwork. This artwork provides a creative way to customize any study space.

6. Savvy Storage Design

Raising a creative genius? That calls for some clever organization! These custom storage cabinets are ideal for storing oversized paper, fabrics or any jewelry making supplies for the artist in your life.

7. Sitting Area For Reading

Studying and reading go hand-in-hand. Make sure your reading nook is comfortable while offering natural light to make the task easier on your eyes. This reading room is perfect for tapping into books.

8. Chic Copper Pipe

Create your own copper pipe desk organizer! This is the ideal metal-craft project for students who love steampunk. Add a new-age look to an age-old problem of storing pencils and pens.

9. Be Bold

study room ideas rustic desk photos

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Be bold with artwork. An empty wall can be transformed into a vision board. Use the space to focus on things you want, places you plan to go and inspirational ways to live life. You may be surprised at the results!

10. Custom Chalkboard Tags

Success means having lots of resources at hand. Whether you’re organizing by subject or student, chalkboard tags are an easy way to group important topics and keep everything in one place.

11. Creative Thrift Store Bins

study room ideas office storage

Source: Zilverblauw

It doesn’t take a lot of money at storage solution stores to get organized. Shop a thrift store to pick up unusual containers that can be easily painted and attached to a pegboard or wall unit. The result is inexpensive design and an organized study area.

12. Using Natural Light

Open up an area by utilizing a window and a bright white wall. This white room reflects light beautifully, making study time a breeze.

13. From Greenhouse To Gorgeous

If you have an old shack or greenhouse that hasn’t been in use, convert it into a private study area. This type of design helps leave work and study in a building away from a home.

14. Small Craft Room

If you’ve repurposed a bedroom as a study room, there are lots of opportunities to expand the space by using the closet. Plan your design to accommodate gift wrap, crafting components, paper and books. Don’t have a closet? Incorporate an old wardrobe or free-standing storage unit.

15. Vintage Storage Boxes

study room ideas vintage luggage

Source: Lolly Jane

Get creative with storage areas by using what you have at hand, including vintage luggage or milk crates. Best of all, you can customize them for each student in your home.

16. Tree House Transformation

Tree houses aren’t just for play. This innovative person turned their tree house into a home office and personal study area. Keep your head in the clouds and access the creative part of your mind.

17. Office Flair

study room ideas colorful flair

Source: Plum Deluxe

Don’t forget your utensils! Consider adding some custom flair to your pens and pencils. These jewel-encrusted pens bring joy to any study area.

18. DIY Cinder Block Table

Cinder blocks and milk crates are a staple for college students. These materials are inexpensive, easily movable and naturally hollow for plenty of storage. With a little imagination, you can create the ultimate desk, complete with built-in storage.

19. DIY Bulletin Board

Turn a messy office into a masterpiece. Your work area says a lot about how you treat chaos. Use a bulletin board to keep clutter away from your desk.

20. Reclaim Furniture

study room ideas desk chair makeover

Source: OhOh Decor

Sometimes the littlest changes make the biggest difference. Recover a chair for an inspired look that will make studying a little more creative.

21. DIY Mounted Wall Desk

Turn any bare wall into your personal study space with a wall-mounted “floating” desk and shelves. Not only does this save valuable square footage, but it also adds a custom level of decor and extra storage for books and plants.

22. Beach Chic

Pastel paints and bright whites bring the outdoors in for those stuck in study mode. Choose light-colored paint to open up a room and make the most of natural light.

23. Lazy Susan Study

Lazy Susans are the best way to organize and share multiple office materials. Create your own custom roundabout by utilizing an old wash basin. This is ideal for any work or study room that shares resources.

24. Closet Crafter

If you’re short on space, consider converting a closet for a private work area. The biggest benefit is the ability to close up your work when you’re done, leaving plenty of room for play.

25. Sewing Room Reboot

Have the kids flown the coop or do you have a blossoming fashion designer at home? Turn your study area into a sewing room and create an inspiring space for everyone.

26. Windows For Illumination

Make sure you utilize any natural light in a room by focusing your bookshelves around the available windows. This clever sewing room maximizes the light by using a wraparound desk set.

Don’t let a small study room get you down. These clever hacks make education fun again and help make study room design a breeze. Remember to break your project into small segments — it will make it seem less overwhelming and inspire you to better design your space.