71 DIY Organization Ideas to Get Your Life in Order

Elevate any space in your home with simple and practical ideas that are guaranteed to help you get your life organized. These easy DIY projects will help you establish a relaxing space full of home decor you love without breaking the bank. Read on for 70 easy DIY organization ideas that are sure to inspire you to organize every room in your home.

DIY Office Organization Ideas

  1. Follow A Bowl Full of Lemons’ easy tutorial to create a color-coded filing system that will ensure you never lose an important document again.
  2. Use this tutorial to store extra cords in toilet paper rolls to keep them untangled.
  3. Store important documents in mason jars for cute and practical desk organization from One Good Thing.
  4. Make a small portable home office with tips from Org Junkie so that you can work anywhere and always have everything you need.
  5. If you have school-age children, create a mobile homework station using tips from One Good Thing so that their papers stay organized no matter where they work.
  6. Use tips from I Heart Organizing to add turn old cereal boxes into drawer organizers. 
  7. Add colorful dividers to your desk so every office supply stays right in its place.
  8. Create a printing station to help ensure that you never run out of ink or toner.
  9. Make a moodboard by adding photos and inspirational quotes to a corkboard to keep you feeling inspired.
  10. Make your own calendar to hang on your wall so that you can see the month’s priorities at a glance.

DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas

  1. Repurpose an old baby wipe container into storage for plastic bags using this tutorial.
  2. Using Two Feet First’s tutorial, create a DIY pullout baking sheet drawer.
  3. Hang frequently used kitchen items on a peg wall for decoration and storage like The Decor Fix.
  4. Label containers in your pantry like Honeybear Lane so you always know exactly where everything is.
  5. Organize kitchen cleaning supplies using clear plastic buckets with tips from April Go Lightly.
  6. Hang lids on hooks in cabinets to strategically use cabinet space.
  7. Add risers to your cabinets to maximize storage.
  8. Keep spices in place with a handy spice rack.
  9. Put magnets on your cutlery and hang them on the wall.
  10. Add hooks to hang your favorite mugs for a colorful display.
  11. Hang a whiteboard near the refrigerator to jot down notes and to-dos as needed.

DIY Living Area Organization Ideas

  1. Make a bench that doubles as shoe storage space like Bob Vila.
  2. Using this tutorial from Jennifer Perkins, create colorful wall art that doubles as a display for your favorite knick knacks.  
  3. Craft a sofa organizer to rest on your couch using this tutorial so you always know exactly where your remote is.
  4. Store extra blankets and pillows in a cute basket with tips from I Heart Organizing.
  5. Make a cute mirror rack that doubles as a place to hang jackets and coats with this tutorial from Tattooed Martha.
  6. Take advantage of corner space by adding triangular storage shelves like 4 Men 1 Lady.
  7. Label cords with colorful stickers like The Chic Site so that you never mistake your electronics again.
  8. Create a living room ottoman that doubles as a storage bin using this tutorial from Dwelling in Happiness.
  9. Add floating shelves to your living room for extra storage room.
  10. Stack your books in order of the colors of the rainbow to brighten up the room.

DIY Makeup Organization Ideas

  1. Put your nail polishes and lip glosses in colorful baskets like Craft-O-Maniac so you can clearly see all of your items.
  2. Add a touch of glam to your daily routine with gold accented makeup brush holders via Cutefetti.
  3. Hang your favorite make up tools on the wall in mason jars with this tutorial from Skinny Meg.
  4. Create a revolving makeup brush holder with this tutorial so the supplies you need are always right where you want them.
  5. Keep your makeup in a cute grab and go case like Haberdashery Fun so that you’re always prepared to get ready on the go if needed.
  6. Store cotton swabs and other bathroom supplies in clear plastic containers to tidy up your counter space like Craft-O-Maniac.
  7. Keep must-have items like lotion and face wash on a lazy susan.
  8. Repurpose wicker baskets to hold towels or toilet paper.
  9. Use a ladder to store essential bathroom items like extra towels and toilet paper.
  10. Add cute wall magnets to store bobby pins, nail clippers and other important items on the bathroom wall.

DIY Closet Organization Ideas

  1. Create art that doubles as an accessory holder like Melissa Creates.
  2. Hang jewelry in a cute DIY corkboard frame to display your collection like Dream Green DIY.
  3. Add cute accents to shelves in your closet to create a space that is fun and functional like From Play Dates to Parties.
  4. Create an Aztec-inspired jewelry holder with this tutorial from Honeybear Lane.
  5. Store earrings in ice cube trays to keep all of your pairs together like Yesterday on Tuesday.
  6. Add rings to a hanger to store your scarves in a pretty and practical way.
  7. Hang bags on your closet door to maximize your closet space.
  8. Keep out of season clothing in well-labeled boxes at the top of your closet.
  9. Add closet dividers to keep clothing separated by item or season.
  10. Use a triangular shoe rack for extra closet floor organization.

DIY Craft Supply Organization Ideas

  1. Create a peg board to display your most important supplies in a pretty way like Honeybear Lane.
  2. Create wall art that doubles as storage for pens and markers with this tutorial from Make It Love It.
  3. Add cute desk drawer organizers to store your most important supplies like Modish and Main.
  4. Make a ribbon holder to show off your supply like Pillar Box Blue.
  5. Repurpose old boxes for a functional way to organize your most important supplies like Dwelling in Happiness.
  6. Turn an old end table into a simple sewing station.
  7. Repurpose a sliding door closet into a DIY craft station.
  8. Create a wrapping station so you always have all the supplies you need to wrap presents in one place.
  9. Keep your button collection organized by storing them in mini mason jars.
  10. Repurpose an older bookshelf to store paint supplies.

DIY Kids Organization Ideas

  1. Hang shelves in your mudroom for storing your kids’ backpacks, jackets and hats with tips from Kenarry.
  2. Repurpose tin cans to store crayons by color like Sugar Bee Crafts.
  3. Create a routine chart from The Crafting Chicks so that you always stay on top of your kids’ most important morning and night activities.
  4. Use this tutorial from Inspiration Made Simple to create a peg board to store your kids’ toys.
  5. Add pegs to your garage to store your kids’ bikes or strollers like Honeybear Lane.
  6. Store craft supplies in clear, labeled jars like Sunny Day Family so you can always tell when you’re running low.
  7. Create personalized toy chests so each child’s favorite items stay in the right spot.
  8. Add clear holders to the wall to store and display your child’s favorite books.
  9. Build a toy bin to store in the kitchen so that your children stay occupied while you make dinner.
  10. Repurpose a hanging shoe holder as a storage option for extra toys.

Adding a few simple organization DIYs to your house can go a long way towards adding organization to your life. Choose projects that double as both storage and decor and add personal touches to create an orderly space that you love to relax in.