35 Inviting Guest Room Ideas

There’s something extra nice about welcoming your guests into your home, and with that a comfortable and inviting guest room. You can deliver a delightful 5-star hotel experience for them — all with your own personal touch of course.

If you’re looking to remodel your guest room, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve come up with 35 guest room ideas for you to upgrade one of the most charming parts of your home. Pair these special designs up with your masterful knowledge of bedroom color schemes for the best results.

1. Cozy and Clean

guest room ideas cozy and clean

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Open up your stunning guest room space with a few touch-up details. Fold magazines over hangars for a cool fashionable style. Place a branch in the room to match your carpet for outstanding contrast as well. This minimalistic guest room idea is both warm and welcoming.

2. Chic Love Corkboard

guest room ideas chic love corkboard

Source: Expert Home Tips

Use an original, handcrafted noticeboard to beautify clutter. Your guests will use this board to plan out where they’re headed next in your city.

3. BFF Photo Book

guest room photo album

Source: Shutterfly

If your guest is visiting for their birthday or holiday, create a friends photo album of the two of you that will double as a take home gift. You can sit and share memories of the fun times spent together.

4. Revive and Refresh

guest room ideas revive and refresh

Source: Ginger Casa

Wash out and repurpose old jars to hold charming plants together in your guest room. They’re minimalistic and key if you’re eager to brighten up any room.

5. Handknit Blanket Elegance

guest room ideas handknit blanket elegance

Source: Jenelle Nicole

No pattern or needles required. Head to your local craft store for a couple balls of yarn to knit your own fabulous blanket. Warm your guests’ hearts with this thoughtful spare bedroom idea.

6. Wood Wall Art Makeover

guest room ideas wood wall art makeover

Source: Abbotts at Home

Bring back old lumber scraps to life with this three-frame quilt design. Brush in a few strokes of paint to liven up your wall decor for this unique wall art makeover.

7. DIY Burlap Memo Board

guest room ideas diy burlap memo board

Source: The Anastasia Co

Canvas and twine give your guests a cute way to show precious memories and travel schedules. Design this easy DIY memo board during a weekend if you’re looking for more guest bedroom decorating ideas.

8. Calligraphy Masterpiece

guest room ideas calligraphy masterpiece

Source: Let’s Mingle

Make your guests feel welcomed with these simple gathering cards. A touch of floral patterns over place card holders completes these graceful pieces.

9. Clay Ring Dish Simplicity

guest room ideas clay ring dish simplicity

Source: Bliss Makes

Craft simple DIY clay plates to place easy to lose items like earrings, hair ties and bobby pins. Your guests will thank you for these awe-inspiring, thoughtful dishes.

10. Relaxing Retreat

guest room ideas relaxing retreat

Source: Jo-Lynn Shane

Your guests will fall in love with this soothing room full of neutral colors. Keep an extra quilt on top of the sheets and light curtains on the side. This welcoming look is perfect for any season.

11. Charming Crochet Baskets

guest room ideas charming crochet baskets

Source: Malloo Knits

Stitch bulky yarn together for these helpful crochet baskets that can hold their toiletries. The fluent oval shapes are a trendy fit into any guest room.

12. Plush and Snug

guest room ideas plush and snug

Source: Flair

Sew and trim your wonderful guests these handy cushions. This is an inexpensive way to introduce extra seating for the room.

13. Grab-and-Go Breakfast

guest room ideas breakfast

Source: Shutterfly

If your guest is in town while you’re at work, assemble some easy to eat granola or yogurt options for breakfast. They can quickly eat and start their day without worrying about leaving a mess in the kitchen.

14. Crystal Clear Bliss

guest room ideas crystal clear bliss

Source: Journey Creativity

Sometimes a little more light is all you need. Place clear candle holders over a floral cloth for pure bliss.

15. Bold Wallpaper

guest room ideas bold wallpaper

Source: At Home With Ashley

Consider a bold backdrop of wallpaper of a bright color to act as an accent wall. Include fun patterns and textures that blend with your wallpaper so it’s not the central focus.

16. Picture Wall Burst

guest room ideas picture wall burst

Source: Sinnen Rausch

Give your wall decor a splash of pink and a display of monochrome pictures, flowers or an encased camera. This model rests on a mobile picture wall, so can show your guests the incredible sights of your city.

17. Aesthetics and Expression

guest room ideas aesthetics and expression

Source: Style by Emily Henderson, Photographer Zeke Ruelas

Your guest room is apart of your home and it should be a true extension of your own life. Share your favorite pieces of art and culture to grant your guests a stay they won’t forget.

18. Classy Storage

guest room ideas classy storage

Source: Sawdust Girl

Deliver a luxurious experience for your guests with an array of storage containers. This design complements your other guest bedroom ideas, without using a chaotic barrage of colors.

19. Mountain Cabin Brochure Holder

guest room ideas mountain cabin brochure holder

Source: Sadie Seasongoods

Your guests would love to have a neat way to hold all their travel booklets in one place. Grab your stencil supplies to turn an ordinary piece of wood into a vintage brochure holder.

20. Indigo Impact

guest room ideas indigo impact

Source: Style by Emily Henderson, Photographer Zeke Ruelas

Blue and white definitions offer the ideal foundation for an elegant guest room. Highlight the pleasant tone of your home with your cherished souvenirs on top of the drawers.

21. DIY Bedroom Art

guest room printable art

Source: Shutterfly

Print out bedroom artwork that you can swap out based on the season. Try even a “Welcome” sign that you can update with your friend’s name or date of stay that they can take home to commemorate their visit.

22. Vintage Clock Hack

guest room ideas vintage clock hack

Source: Pillar Box Blue

Turn back time on the design of your clock with this antique look. Tidy up the edges with a sharpie and paint against a map graphic to solidify this model. Your guests will ask where they can buy this clock as you’ll proudly claim it as your own work of art.

23. Peaceful Leisure

guest room ideas peaceful leisure

Source: Elise Joseph

This classic guest room design comes with a relaxed, down to earth feel. Stack your favorite artwork and books near the bed to complete the look.

24. Cute Custom Canvas Basket

guest room ideas cute custome canvas basket

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Stitch a custom print design on the fabric of canvas cloth for a convenient laundry basket. This adorable bag is perfect for your guests to place their clothes — all while making everyone’s lives easier.

25. Stencil Treasure

guest room ideas stencil treasure

Source: Kreativk

A stencil pattern is a great way to reimagine a dry mirror. Head to the thrift store to craft this creative piece and top off the rest of your spare bedroom ideas.

26. Seasalt Revival

guest room ideas seasalt revivial

Source: Pizzazzerie

Spruce up your guest room with a dash of fresh energy. Sea salt paint livens up any room because of its flexible hue scheme. Leave a bright red bow with all the essentials for your guests to take their breath away.

27. Homemade Love

guest room ideas homemade love

Source: Elsarblog

Bind strips of old magazine paper onto a blank canvas for this heartfelt artwork. Hang this lovely trinket anywhere in your guest room. Your guests will smile the minute they walk in and see this.

28. Whimsical Twine Wrapped Letters

guest room ideas whimsical twine wrapped letters

Source: Wedding Star

If you’re ready to craft these bright and punchy colors grab your glue gun and yarn. Dream up your unique message and use twine to witness your imagination come to life. Create the initials of your guest to go along with a thoughtful note written on a card.

29. Retro Glam

guest room ideas retro glam

Source: Sawdust Girl

Put together a collection of hooks on your guest room wall for a gorgeous way to keep your guests’ hats and bags together. This attractive metallic style adds a unique dimension of glamor.

30. Bed and Breakfast

guest room ideas bed and breakfast

Source: Hey, Let’s Make Stuff

This bright and lively guest room idea look evokes a quality bed and breakfast tone. Thanks to the blue, teal and white highlights around the guest room, your guests will feel right at home. Add in a matching tray to complement this elegant style.

31. Modern Twist

guest room ideas modern twist

Source: Eliza Rose

Transform a plain white wall with wonderful geometric shapes and designs. Use tape and a trio of colors for this modern upgrade.

32. Hello Sunshine

guest room ideas hello sunshine

Source: Homemade Interest

Wrap string around the nails of a wooden board for a colorful splash of sun. This clever string art design branches out to form its rays. Your guests will obsess over this stunning design.

33. DIY Air Plant Terrarium

guest room ideas diy airplant terrarium

Source: My Handmade Lifestyle

You can finish this trendy DIY project overnight. Gently fill up the glass container of your choice with aquarium sand and an air plant. This will give your guest room a blooming aura full of life.

34. Wooden Frame Marvel

guest room ideas wooden frame marvel

Source: Jessica Rayome

Hang two wooden boards to display a convenient world map for your guests. This classic look is a neat way to add warmth to your guest room.

35. All Natural Body Butter

guest room ideas all natural body butter

Source: Homebaked Bliss

Gift your guests with gorgeous body butter so they feel fresh and alive. They’ll absolutely adore the rich feeling it gives their skin. It’s a pleasant addition to your guest bathroom.

36. Patchwork Fabric Mirror Frame

guest room ideas patchwork fabric mirror frame

Source: Pillar Box Blue

Upcycle fabric scraps for a striking pop of colors around flowers and your mirror. The custom pattern is up to how you decide to recraft your cloth.

37. Plant Pressed Serenity

guest room ideas plant pressed serentity

Source: Alana Jones-Mann

No need to throw away old leaves, they’re ideal for a DIY design. Invite calmness and peace into your guest’s living space. Press old leaves or flowers within a floating frame for a stylish guest room wall.

38. DIY Candle Delight

guest room ideas diy candle delight

Source: Homebaked Bliss

Sprinkle fantastic touches of candles to your guest room for a fun new look. This DIY is easy to do and it’ll brighten up your room right away.

Your guest room is a reflection of your entire beautiful home, but it doesn’t stop there. Incorporate these ideas into any room of your house — like a bedroom or guest cottage. They’ll complement your overall decor and open the doors for a home makeover.